Variables such as spot size and laser power will also affect any particular system design and can be chosen based on the desired results. Black leuco dyes containing isobenzofuranone are prepared in various compositions that can include activators, radiation absorbers, non-leuco colorants, and/or a variety of carriers.

As with the dispersion, the activator can be admixed within the solution or coated onto the substrate either before or after the solution is coated thereon. Absorbance was 0.3 at a final hemoglobin concentration of 0.27 mg/liter. The data readable side, or data side, of the disk contains a spiral track of variably spaced depressions, called pits, separated by undepressed surface called land. Register, Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford.

Liquid crystal inks have crystalline properties. The use of the term leuco dye is a common paradox. Although, the specific activators and absorbers discussed herein are separate compounds such activity can also be provided by constituent groups of a leuco dye which incorporates the activation and/or radiation absorbing action within the leuco dye molecule.

In the past, commercial labeling has been routinely accomplished using screen-printing methods.

Thermal contact can include close proximity between an absorber and a leuco dye, which allows for heat transfer from the absorber toward the leuco dye and/or activator. Such tapes can easily indicate the temperature. Any suitable carrier such as a surfactant can be used which is compatible with the particular black leuco dye chosen. The mixture was rendered to a fine paste and screen-printed onto a substrate at a thickness of approximately 7 μm to form an imaging medium. In one embodiment, consideration can also be given to choosing the activator such that any light absorbed in the visible range does not adversely affect the graphic display or appearance of undeveloped leuco dye. In packaging, different types of tapes have distinct applications. For example, as shown in FIG. In a further aspect, spot sizes of 20 by 50 μm can provide a good balance between resolution and developing speed. Such inks are useful when an exact indication is important. The company introduced packaging for its canned beverage. More particularly, the present invention relates to using black leuco dyes for labeling of a substrate. Leuco dyes illustrate if something is too hot, too cold or if the temperature is alright. You can know the package temperature instantly. FIG.

Alterations and further modifications of the inventive features illustrated herein, and additional applications of the principles of the inventions as illustrated herein, which would occur to one skilled in the relevant art and having possession of this disclosure, are to be considered within the scope of the invention. Of the three leuco-dyes studied, only benzidine yielded a completely linear calibration curve, but its relative instability and reported carcinogenicity are serious disadvantages.

In recent years, the significant increase in use of optical disks for data storage by consumers have increased the demand to provide customized labels to reflect the content of the optical disk. You can achieve the same effect using thermochromic tapes and labelling on the packaging. These supplied in a variety of forms under their brand names Chromazone (reversible) and Kromagen (permanent). The mixture was screen coated onto one side of a CD and dried under a vacuum at 45° C. The leuco dye was then developed on the CD substrate using a 45 mw laser at 780 nm for a 280 microsecond exposure time.

HEWLETT-PACKARD DEVELOPMENT COMPANY, L.P., TEXAS, Free format text: And, although you least expect it, tapes could add the intricate level of detail to push your brand apart. The height difference between pits and lands creates a phase shift in the reflected beam that may be measured and translated into usable data.

Activator to leuco dye weight ratios of between about 1:4 and 4:1 typically provide adequate results and a ratio of about 2:1 may also be used.

The leuco dyes used in direct thermal paper are usually triaryl methane phthalide dyes , such as Yamamoto Blue 4450, or fluoran dyes, such as Pergascript Black 2C. For example, when an absorber is heated by interaction with electromagnetic radiation, the heat generated by the absorber should be sufficient to cause the leuco dye to blacken through reaction with the activator. The singular forms “a,” “an,” and “the” include plural referents unless the context clearly dictates otherwise. You do not currently have access to this article. Those skilled in the art can adjust these variables to achieve a variety of resolutions and developing times.

The present invention relates generally to labeling a substrate using specific black leuco dyes. Connah’s Quay

As used herein, “graphic display” can include any visible character or image found on an optical disk. We’d like to know. laser otherwise than by burning, and characterised by the material used, Thermography ; Marking by high energetic means, e.g.

One example of a halide-containing isobenzofuranone leuco dye is the tetra-halide composition 1 (3H)-isobenzofuranone, 4,5,6,7-tetrachloro-3,3-bis[2-[4-(dimethylamino)phenyl]-2-(4-methoxyphenyl)ethenyl], which has the following structure: Upon heat-induced oxidation, protonation, ring-opening, or the like, in the presence of an activator, the above-recited isobenzofuranone-containing leuco dyes can form black dyes having a high optical density. label, leader, photograph, PRINTING; LINING MACHINES; TYPEWRITERS; STAMPS, PRINTING, DUPLICATING, MARKING, OR COPYING PROCESSES; COLOUR PRINTING, Duplicating or marking methods; Sheet materials for use therein, Thermography ; Marking by high energetic means, e.g. The same emitter and diode combinations could be used to read and write data and then the disk could be inverted and a black image could be developed using the leuco dyes of the present invention. Get the latest public health information from CDC: The leuco dye had been previously milled to an average particle size of less than 5 μm in a water slurry and dried to approximately 50% solids. PATENT EXPIRED DUE TO NONPAYMENT OF MAINTENANCE FEES UNDER 37 CFR 1.362. As the predermined amount of heat is provided by the electromagnetic radiation absorber, matching of the electromagnetic radiation frequency and intensity to the absorber used can be done to optimize the system. In describing and claiming the present invention, the following terminology will be used. It is to be understood that the above-referenced arrangements are illustrative of the application for the principles of the present invention. A leuco dye (from the Greek λευκός leukos: white ) is a dye which can switch between two chemical forms; one of which is colorless. We'll look at both of these in turn. Manasterski A, Watkins R, Baginski ES, Zak B. It takes about a 5ºF (3ºC) temperature change for the LD to change color. The resulting composition was cooled and ground into a fine powder. ); ENTITY STATUS OF PATENT OWNER: LARGE ENTITY, PATENT EXPIRED FOR FAILURE TO PAY MAINTENANCE FEES (ORIGINAL EVENT CODE: EXP. No system tested eliminated completely the known inhibition by plasma of the peroxidase activity of these leuco dyes.

We mix numerous Leuco Dyes with colour developers and a series of fatty acids, esters and alcohols that each have defined melt points to provide a range of materials that respond to different temperatures producing a variety of

The leuco dye compositions can be applied and … This process is effectively shown in the photo-microgh. Reversible transformations can be caused by heat, light or pH ; resulting in examples of thermochromism , photochromism and halochromism respectively.

The optional colored coating produces a background color that is visible underneath the solution layer., T: +1 847.998.8580
That’s the exact sentiment Coca-Cola Turkey played on. Thermo chromic inks These are very high temperature uses Leuco Dyes change color with changes in temperature.

Additives, such as colorant, can be added to the carrier in some embodiments.