Expats should not see this as rude, but normal. Site design by Alpine Lane. However, it also makes solo trips, which introverts may be more inclined to go on, really affordable. Korea is a great place but despite its pros, there are also cons that i find disadvantageous to me. Then you have a week off to go home. Oncheon in Korea may not be as deeply engrained into the culture, but they are appreciated and used. Older Koreans especially will not be shy about watching foreigners. Company bosses are reluctant to allow any ‘personal time’ to supplement these holidays. Can I get a work permit for South Korea if I have HIV? But it is not for the faint-hearted. In common with many Far Eastern cultures, South Korean society can be described as both hierarchical and collective. By filling in a form, you’ll get up to 5 quotes from recommended movers. I have four coffee shops within a 5 minute radius of my apartment – they. Sally is currently an English teacher in South Korea with a penchant for travel and people. This is necessary because in additional to waiting for the background check itself, one must then forward that document to the Department of State in Washington DC for Apostille certification. Please contact us if you'd like to contribute. I was offered a teaching position a few weeks ago while still in Peru, and knew it was dependent on the biggest hurdle for Americans working in Korea: the FBI background check. This service is free of charge and will help you select an international moving company that suits your needs and budget. Bending the law is extremely common among Seoul motorists. Although they require you to hand over a physical fingerprint card, they’re one of the few channelers who can provide a paper copy of the results of your check. Despite this, native residents of Seoul are more used to seeing foreigners than residents of other South Korean cities and are generally quite ready to help foreigners feel welcome in the city. And one will rarely get to the top of any field in Korea without the ability to speak at least intermediate English. Saber’s top 5 pros to living in South Korea including living costs, expat community, delivery services, and more! Even sick days are closely scrutinized. We can sign up for races doing bank transfers, accept a decent amount of prize money for winning. When people consider living in South Korea, Seoul is naturally the first city that they think of as a destination. For the most part, though, it’s nice having things work. Sharing the Pros and Cons of Living in Korea, as it relates to coffee, driving, festivals and other such things! Due to the relative isolation of the Korean peninsula, Korean cuisine is also extremely diverse. I’m an optimistic person, and I find more light in an area than dark, and the glass half full instead of half empty. It almost didn’t happen (still might not, if there’s a snag in the visa). Become our local expat expert for your area! I’m back in the US for the holidays and using the time to prepare to return to the ROK. I know I will be ogled by Koreans and sometimes made to feel like a total outsider. This often leads to employees working longer hours than they may be contracted for. Paul is originally from England and he currently continues to live in Changwon City where he has lived for the past 16 years. But, on the other hand, there are some benefits to living in South Korea that hard-working Americans without passports would appreciate – $80 per night for being treated in the Intensive Care Unit at hospital and a $20 per ride to call an ambulance (dirt-cheap health insurance covers the rest). One of the most important, most amazing pro’s in Korea, is it’s abundance of coffee shops. I have lived and worked in South Korea for over 15 years now. We’ll leave you with one more thought from Christian Bergland. Making friends with other foreigners helps lessen the initial culture shock expats may feel. Many apartments and homes have done away with traditional lock and keys, moving towards an electronic lock that requires either a magnetic door key and/or a keypad combo. Even their bottled stuff is iffy. Written by: Amanda // Category: South Korea. Despite this, rentals, especially in Seoul, will cost a lot for a space much smaller than expats may be used to. This is often out of genuine curiosity and not any ill will. Adam is one of the hosts of K-PoD. …and viola! Even in the tiniest of towns, there will always be one or more traditional Korean restaurants to satisfy an expat’s appetite for authentic dishes. Because you don’t have to here. © Living in Another Language 2012-2019. However, for those who are ready to dive into the local culture, delicious food is extremely affordable. Jasmine: not the tea or the disney princess. I’ve been trying to figure out the, I feel like I failed hard this year at Christmas m, We spent Thanksgiving back in North America: Whist, Being a mama may mean I don’t always have time t, Oh Switzerland, you beaut. We spent a coup. He is also the founder of Changwoner Entertainment. There’s nothing like coming off a day of work and settling into a hot bath. Adam goes into his top 5 cons to living in South Korea including home sickness, traffic and parking, respect to pedestrians, and more! I found crumbled (an American brand) feta cheese the other week at one of the two foreign marts on our island. Thanks for dropping by. Ah yes. 4. The farther away from the city an expat moves, the more spacious accommodation becomes. Follow along with us as we travel the world. 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Adam goes over some the difficult changes he had to make when he first came to Korea. This often leads to employees working longer hours than they may be contracted for. US expat David Carruth, a Korean-to-English translator, notes that workers will wait for a signal from a supervisor before leaving the office, rather than watching the clock. There are very low crime rates throughout South Korea. Below is a quick look at what foreigners can expect in regard to their health and healthcare in the peninsular country. Their behaviour could be seen as rude to outsiders, but in South Korea it’s normal. Regardless, if expats are flexible and open-minded, adjusting to the change of scenery should be easy. Coming back will be second nature to me by now. Seoul is also surrounded by a mountain range to the north and many mountains blot the city landscape, so outdoorsy types will easily find activities to suit their needs. Taking sick leave is also frowned upon, as it shows a lack of commitment to one's job. Pros and cons of moving to Busan. Interview with Andrea and Matt - two expats living in South Korea, Interview with Patrick - An American expat living in South Korea, 5 things I wish I’d known before moving to South Korea, Interview with Maggie - an American expat in Seoul, Interview with Rianca - A South African expat who lived in South Korea, Interview with Amy - a New Zealand expat living in South Korea, Interview with Ishwarya - a British expat living in South Korea, Interview with Azra – An American expat living in South Korea, Interview with Simon - One Half of a Canadian Couple Living in Korea.