The perfect gift idea for the aspiring chef in your life or the cooking-curious, Lodge Cast Iron sets provide the essential pieces anyone needs to stock a complete kitchen. Shop now, Shop our NEW Winter Series Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Ovens. Unlike non-stick pans, cast iron was meant to last forever - even when rust takes hold. 3-Step Cast Iron Cleaning Method. While you're shopping, become a Pan Fan today and sign up for our newsletter! Since cast iron is so vulnerable to rust, it’s best to limit your pan’s exposure to water as much as possible. Whether you inherited vintage cast iron covered in rust or forgot to dry your skillet after washing, we'll show you a few simple steps that will restore your cookware to like-new condition. For now, feel free to continue reading. Bake a cookie in the oven. Completely dry your cast iron skillet with a paper towel or lint-free cloth. If you have a Lodge Rust Eraser, use it at this juncture to easily remove surface rust on cast iron cookware. For stubborn, stuck-on ... Dry. Preheat your oven to 450–500 degrees F. Place aluminum foil on the bottom rack of the oven to catch any excess oil. From cast iron skillets to carbon steel pans and enameled Dutch ovens, choose Lodge. Scour the rusty sections with steel wool or the Lodge Rust Eraser. To dry it completely, place the skillet on the stove and turn on the heat for a few minutes. To remove any loose flakes, lightly scour the cookware, then season it by rubbing the pan with a thin layer of oil, placing it in the oven upside down, and baking for one hour at 450-500 degrees F. Line the bottom rack of your oven with aluminum foil to catch any excess oil. While you're shopping, become a Pan Fan today and sign up for our newsletter! Previous positions include pastry chef at a AAA Five Diamond property. Cook fish over a campfire. This step may remove portions of the seasoning, but that's okay because we're preparing to re-season the pan. Cast-iron skillets are naturally prone to rust. To remedy stickiness, place the cookware upside down on the top rack of the oven and bake at 450-500 degrees F for one hour. Restoring Cast Iron: Here is how you can restore and care for your cast iron cookware: 1. Dry it off with a clean dish rag. How to Restore and Season a Rusty Cast Iron Skillet, cast iron cookware is made of a mix of pig iron, steel, and alloys. Our collections showcase intricate designs and special features, making them perfect for entertaining and collecting. If you use too much oil, your cookware may become sticky. Even a well-seasoned pan can rust if it's left in the sink to soak, put in the dishwasher, allowed to air dry, or stored in a moisture-prone environment. (Psst: Master cast iron cooking with our guide.). Caring for cast iron is easy. It's made of rubber and silicon carbide—essentially sandpaper without the paper—bound together into a solid brick for easy handling. Restoring cast iron is really not that difficult. Start here, with our favorite cast-iron skillet recipes, Skillet-Roasted Lemon Chicken with Potatoes, Basil-Butter Steaks with Roasted Potatoes, Blackened Catfish with Mango Avocado Salsa, The Surprising Ways You Never Thought to Clean Cast Iron. You’ll want the skillet to be lightly greased. If you accidentally leave your cast iron cookware on any heat source for too long, food, marinades, and sauces can burn and get stuck to the surface. Rinse and hand dry thoroughly. After cooking, allow the cookware to cool, then use a pan scraper to remove stuck-on food, scrub with a nylon brush or nonscratch pad, hand dry, and add a generous layer of oil. If you have a Lodge Rust Eraser, use it at this juncture to easily remove surface rust on cast iron cookware. The skillet can leave dark stains!) Disclosure. Seasoning and Rust FAQs. The piece was a large 12 gallon pot, overturned and rusted on the inside. I tried to season my pan and now it’s sticky and gummy. Use a pan scraper to remove stuck-on food. It’s going to take a little bit of elbow grease and a hard abrasive tool to remove the rust. Scrub in small circles, focusing on the rustiest parts first. No worries! Kris made donuts and topped them with everything from bacon to sprinkles. While you're shopping, become a Pan Fan today and sign up for our newsletter! Get the pan wet, add a little soap, then go to town with your scrubber (depending on the level of rust, a tough sponge will do). Why should you choose cast iron? Take care of it, and it'll take care of you. Prior to cooking, add about a teaspoon of oil to your skillet and heat it gradually on the stovetop or in the oven to help reduce sticking. It can also appear when cooking liquids, boiling water, using soap on newer cookware, or cooking acidic and alkaline foods such as beans and tomatoes. Scrub and wash your pan. 10 Products That Can Clean Your Cast Iron—Fast! Kris decided to remove rust from the kettle using a wire wheel brush and a mixture of vinegar and water. To season it, he rubbed it with coconut oil and hung it upside down from a tripod over a gas burner in the yard. It's the perfect kitchen tool for beginners, home cooks, and chefs alike. Do Not Sell My Personal Information – CA Residents. Any lingering moisture will evaporate right off. Delicious recipes the whole family will love. Buff off any residue or rusty bits that remain. Apply a very thin, even layer of cooking oil to the cookware (inside and out). From the people who know cast iron cookware best, Lodge Cast Iron show us how we can restore a rusty cast iron skillet to spanking brand new. Cast Iron cookware doesn't have to only be functional; it can be beautiful, too. The reason to be gentle while cleaning is to preserve the seasoning. Sear tantalizing grill marks on juicy steaks with our cast iron grill pans. The iron itself is virtually indestructible. It only takes a few simple steps to have your rusted cast iron looking brand-new. Be sure to dry thoroughly and add a layer of oil afterwards.