The rest of the roof support structure seems unaffected - there is some much more minor checking on the back horiz support beam. The latter are progressively shortened to form the characteristic triangular gable end. These really are a waste of money and actually create work down the road, which I'm sure the dealer or builder has not disclosed. It is shaped to look like the building is a log cabin. There is no doubt that a well-designed, real log house is a beauty to behold and for many will remain the ultimate dream home. I am looking to buy a log cabin. Although you might find a real log home to be charming, it doesn’t necessarily mean others will. entirely. 1. This beautiful example of high-quality stone masonry formed part of the foundation of chimney, bake oven, and another hearth overhead, as well as the corner of the building. Below are some of the many homes we have repaired, restored or maintain. Cons of a Log Cabin or Log Home. If you ever do find cracks or gaps within your logs that you are concerned about, contact a local building company and send them pictures of the problem area or have an inspector come out to the property. On 2019-07-17 by (mod) - cracked main support beam? If you have ever stayed in an older log cabin, especially one out in a remote location, you probably noticed a few cracks in the wood. I find most of the comments made to be unfounded and showing a lack of knowledge in the area of log homes. Maintenance has been minimal compared to any wood sided home, and the unique challenges that surround a log home make living in that environment truly special. Or use the SEARCH BOX found below to Ask a Question or Search InspectApedia. Created By: e-Marketing Partner | Copyright 2020 | Privacy Policy, 3. On 2019-08-22 by (mod) - normal splits or checking cracks in a 6x6 post. However, I don't recommend filling checking or shrinkage gaps in wood logs or beams at all. "Fire‐damaged R/C Members Repair With High‐Performance Fibre‐Reinforced Jacket." Thank you very much for the detailed explanation and advice. Generally, builders use the most economical sealers and stains, which offer very little real protection. Moreover, the handle is bent where it comes out of the eye of the axe head, so the end of the handle is 3" to 4" offset from the blade. They are not without their problems, however, and you should carefully consider both the pros and cons of a log home before building or purchasing one. Bolting up a sill from lengths of pressure-treated lumber allowed th crew to remove and replace the old sill a section at a time without jacking the house. Not to mention that the window and door wells will be extra wide. 115 Wight Ave., #397 Moisture in the logs can lead to mold, rot and other major structural damage that can be costly to repair; so, if you do notice cracks you should keep an eye on them. Though the house appears from the road to be stud-frame construction, it is actually a log house held up by immense oak timbers hand mortise-and-tenoned together in a heavy skeleton. Weather conditions can also wear down logs. Where can I buy the round Viga log / beam iron clamps that are shown on the picture to stop splitting? Some insurance companies see log homes to be more of a risk and you’ll be expected to pay a higher price. While taking out walls in the basememt my husband and I noticed these splits and that all supporting posts of the main beam do not line up with all three boards making up the suppprt beam. 1. Thanks for the photo and question Norbert.Normally checking in a post or beam is not a structural worry.However as your treehouse is lag-bolted through a joist into just a portion of the post, AND IF the checking is so deep that it extends more than half way through the post (which is doubtful) THEN you'd reduce the risk of a poor (and critical (single bolt !) Large overhangs can help protect the exterior logs from exposure to sun and rain. As a homebuilder, I can give you my opinion on log homes; they're not worth having. You should investigate further for signs of leaks above this point and to probe the post top to confirm that it's acutally rotted - I suspect the inspector had a good idea. As is a common scenario with old houses, sections of original solid-timber sills supporting the Rohrbach House had to be completely replaced. Any help will be appreciated.thanks,AG, On 2019-03-28 by (mod) - evaluate sagging beams - caused by under-sizing or overloading, not checking. The clamps shown in this reader's photo may not have been necessary and are not usually recommended. Typically, the timbers for a log house were cut, shaped, and erected while the logs were green, and the spaces between them filled with chinking of wood, stones, or mortar. If you live in a rural area where log homes are quite common you might not have an issue. Also, the dark walls are another complaint. So let's see some photos of the other beams and their cracks and also some more Justin photos to show us which of those are carrying the roof load.If we see the same crack patterns in both loaded and not loaded beams that would be diagnostic and would suggest that loading (from those heavy concrete roof tiles) is not the cause.