We reserve right of cancelling any order without intimation. Cut off the small and weak plant with a pair of scissors. MG Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka SKU: TG-VS-233 Category: Vegetable Seeds Tags: Cucumber Seeds, Long Melon Kakri Seeds. Plants by Location: Indoor | Outdoor | Balcony | Living Room | Bedroom | Plants for Bathroom | Office | Kitchen Garden | Roof Garden | Enterance | Fragrance Due to its cooling effect this is very popular during summer months in most part of the country. We deliver living items only in Delhi NCR. Buy 7 units of any Vegetable Seeds  , and on that get 1 unit of Vegetable Seeds Free, Buy 70 packets  of Vegetable seeds and get 10 packets of Vegetable Seeds Free, Delivery Mode : The fruit contains cooling effect therefore it is mainly eaten in summer season. Whenever I see the bhaji wala pushing his cart filled with snake cucumbers it always lights up my day. Use a watering can to lightly shower the seeds to initiate the germination process. GROWING MEDIA : 2 part  Garden soil + 1 part Cocopeat + 1 part Vermicompost. Complete home garden kit contains 1-Seeds  (Bhindi, chilli,clusterbean,spinach,methi,bottlegourd,tomato)2-Magnesium sulphate (500g)It's a Co.. Home garden seed vegetable kit  contains :1- Bhindi Seed2- Palak Seeds3-Coriander Seeds4-Methi Seeds5-Tomato Seeds6-Onion SeedsThis is a combo pa.. long cylindrical fruit in shape Watering down the plants with a strong stream of water followed by an application of diluted neem or castor oil on the pest-affected parts of the plant will help to get rid of them. It belongs to the family of cucurbitaceae and its botanical name is Cucumis melo. We are having tie-up with almost all the major transports , Once we receive the order , we dispatch the material immediately to the transport , and book it on to pay basis, and once we receive the LR copy , we forward the same to you , For material more than 250 Kg we can send the material by GATI also at very reasonable rates, This product qualifies for an attractive Scheme, Please check up the scheme for this products , Please visit the schemes section for more details. Whatsapp Message : 9829088836 (11 AM to 7PM)Monday to Saturday, 55 kalyan colony Long Melon also know as yard Long Cucumber is an open pollinated plant that is closely related to cucumbers with a similar flavor. Due to its cooling effect this is very popular during summer months in most part of the country. In the extremely hot tropical summers, it is commonly eaten to fight heat and also flushes out toxins. Plants images are for recognition purpose only. STORE: Mashrita Nature Cloud, Opposite Krrish Provence Estate, Gwal Pahari, Gurgaon - Faridabad Road, Near Police Chauki, Gurgaon, Haryana. Add to cart. River bed cultivation, a kind of vegetables forcing is being used in India where cucurbits are grown in the river beds during winter season. Top eating quality when harvested at 12-18″ long. Items can be delivered by us with minimum delivery charges. The Long melon is a favored recommendation for diabetics. Organic fruits and vegetables in bengaluru, Organic Fruits and Vegetables in Big Bazaar. This covering will suppress weeds and help keep the fruits clean and disease free. wholesale.krushikendra.com offers a huge bouquet of 200+ payment options including all the major. Living and non living items are dispatched within 1 to 15 days. Pests: Aphids, Cabbage Looper, Cucumber Beetles, Cutworms, Flea Beetles, Stinkbugs, Thrips. For the people in the West, the vegetable is as close to Cucumber as it gets but for people in India this is a native variety of the gourd family which even trumps the popular cucumber at its game! Some of them are used in the form of salad, cooked as vegetables, and preserved in the form of sweets. For orders above Rs. However, if you do wish to store them, wrap them in paper towels and put them in the refrigerator. Promise we'd never spam. Long melon is popularly known as “Kakri”. GST No. How does this food fit into your daily goals? Fertilize with compost tea when the fruits set and again 2 weeks later. It also supplies the body with a healthy dose of essential vitamins such as A, C, and B! Long Melon also know as yard Long Cucumber or kakdi is an open pollinated plant that is closely related to cucumbers with a similar flavor. After the second week, the seedlings will begin to grow into a tiny plant. It is summer season crop. To harvest, simply use scissors or sharp knife to cut the fruit leaving a bit of the stem still attached to it. 90 / 2,000 cal left. 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