This loss of biodiversity reportedly poses as serious, and urgent, a threat to humans as climate change but it has been less discussed. Biodiversity loss also threatens the structure and proper functioning of the ecosystem. The term “biodiversity” describes the variety of life on earth, whether it is the diversity of genes, species, ... EcoLogic collaborates with rural and indigenous communities to find solutions that are ecologically and economically sensible and that strengthen local organizations doing the same. When ecosystems are broken, often through biodiversity loss, these can trigger catastrophic events - sometimes locally, sometimes (as with climate change) globally. Causes of Biodiversity LossAccording to most sources, the major directcauses of human-induced biodiversity lossare1. Biodiversity loss solutions Causes of Biodiversity Loss. Fortunately, India’s farmers and tribes are nothing if not innovative and they do have local solutions. Conservation biologists note that these problems could be solved using a mix of public policy and economic solutions assisted by … Is science doing enough to help protect the environment? ... Loss of Biodiversity - Duration: 7:25. Biodiversity loss must be stopped or otherwise our future generations will find it extremely hard to survive. The underlying causes of biodiversity loss, such as a growing human population and overconsumption are often complex and stem from many interrelated factors. Today, the European Commission launches a new Knowledge Centre for Biodiversity: a one-stop shop for science-based evidence to protect the natural ecosystems that provide us with food, medicines, materials, recreation, and wellbeing.. The loss of genes and individuals threatens the long-term survival of a species, as mates become scarce and risks from inbreeding rise when closely related survivors mate. The Living Planet Report shows that we need effective conservation in addition to more sustainable production and consumption in order to bend the curve of biodiversity loss. Solutions to biodiversity loss. 2. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. Incentives are required to protect species and conserve their natural habitat and disincentivize habitat loss and degradation (e.g. Why do you think this has been the case and, given increasing public concern after last year’s report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and widespread public protests this year, do you believe this could change? If biodiversity will be exploited systematically with maximum use and less harm for the nature then it will be the best way for the conservation of biodiversity. Biodiversity Loss Solutions Gabbie Domian. Biodiversity is getting degrading due to the unwise activities of humans. Human should be very conscious about the conservation of biodiversity. The more people know about biodiversity loss, the more they will be prepared to help reduce the losses. We must reduce anthropogenic environmental change by reducing drivers of biodiversity loss … Various Threats to Biodiversity and Their Solutions 1.Habitat loss and deforestation. Here are some possible solutions on how to halt biodiversity loss. the introduction of non-native (alien orexotic) species5. Biodiversity loss - Biodiversity loss - Ecological effects: The weight of biodiversity loss is most pronounced on species whose populations are decreasing. Solutions to Stop Loss of Biodiversity (How to Prevent Loss of Biodiversity/How to Conserve Biodiversity) The reduction in land and soil degradation and formation of regulated protected areas and national parks, in addition, are among important solutions to the loss of biodiversity. Loss of biodiversity undermines ecosystems' abilities to function effectively and efficiently and thus undermines nature's ability to support a healthy environment. The firm brings together exceptionally well qualified environmentalists, ecologists, natural scientists, sociologists and natural resources management specialists with vast experience in applied science.