Despite this marriage, Antony carried on a love affair with Cleopatra, who bore him three children, further straining Antony's relations with Octavian. Not being sure of the conspirators plot, he gave them a fair chance to justify their unjustifiable assassination. [1][2] His father and namesake was Marcus Antonius Creticus, son of the noted orator by the same name who had been murdered during the Marian Terror of the winter of 87–86 BC. Antony convinces the people that they would “beg a hair of [Caesar] for memory, and dying, mentions it within their wills, bequeathing it as a rich legacy unto their issue” due to the treasures willed to them by the deceased Caesar. Meanwhile, Antony recovered his position by joining forces with Marcus Aemilius Lepidus, who had been assigned the governorship of Transalpine Gaul and Nearer Spain. A member of the plebeian Antonia gens, Antony was born in Rome on 14 January 83 BC. For the finale, the whole city was summoned to hear a very important political statement. Thus, Antony tried to secretly outflank the Liberators' position through the marshes in the south. The south position was anchored to a supposedly impassable marsh, while the north was bordered by impervious hills. During 33 and 32 BC, a propaganda war was fought in the political arena of Rome, with accusations flying between sides. There, Canidius forced the Iberian King Pharnavaz II into an alliance against Zober, king of neighboring Albania, subduing the kingdom and reducing it to a Roman protectorate. On 2 September, the naval Battle of Actium took place. Antony, as Caesar's faithful lieutenant and incumbent consul, was chosen to preside over the ceremony and to recite the elegy. Antony, however, objected to the assignment, preferring to govern Cisalpine Gaul which had been assigned to Decimus Junius Brutus Albinus, one of Caesar's assassins. [40] Caesar then sailed to Egypt, where he deposed Ptolemy XIII in favor of his sister Cleopatra in 47 BC. [citation needed] Such a force was twice the size of Marcus Licinius Crassus's army from his failed Parthian invasion of 53 BC and three times those of Lucius Licinius Lucullus and Lucius Cornelius Sulla during the Mithridatic Wars. In either case, his situation as ruler of Rome would be weakened. Octavian's general Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa captured the Greek city and naval port of Methone, loyal to Antony. A group of senators resolved to kill Caesar to prevent him from seizing the throne. ", Their names are unknown, but it is known that all of them were killed by Nero, thus descent from this line is extinct. In addition to significant financial resources, Cleopatra's backing of his Parthian campaign allowed Antony to amass the largest army Rome had ever assembled in the East. Despite a temporary alienation later in life, Antony and Caesar developed friendly relations which would continue until Caesar's assassination in 44 BC. Pompey had deposed Aristobulus and installed Hyrcanus as Rome's client ruler over Judea. [15] Antony achieved his first military distinctions after securing important victories at Alexandrium and Machaerus. [138] The Romans hoped to use Herod as a bulwark against the Parthians in the coming campaign.[139]. Additionally, the two legions they commanded defected to Pompey. With the help of Antony's brother, the consul of 41 BC Lucius Antonius, Fulvia encouraged the senate to oppose Octavian's land policies. Mark Antony became an ally of Julius Caesar. Concurrently, Shakespeare sews in the underlying theme that solid virtuous principles can’t always co-exist with political success. Advancing south, Sosius captured the island-city of Aradus on the coast of Phoenicia by the end of 38 BC. [128] The Parthians faced no opposition and proceeded to the town of Gindarus in Cyrrhestica where Ventidius' army was waiting. Serving under Caesar, Antony demonstrated excellent military leadership. Though the Triumvirs rejected Sextus' initial request to replace Lepidus as the third man within the Triumvirate, they did grant other concessions. [130][131], Ventidius feared Antony's wrath if he invaded Parthian territory, thereby stealing his glory; so instead he attacked and subdued the eastern kingdoms, which had revolted against Roman control following the disastrous defeat of Crassus at Carrhae. According to, As Cleopatra's guardian and level boss (of Lust) in the Xbox 360 game, This page was last edited on 29 December 2020, at 02:21. After the assassination of Caesar on the Ides of March in 44 BC, Mark Antony fled Rome, fearing for his life, as a supporter of the assassinated dictator for life . In 95 BC, Parthian Shah Mithridates II, installed Tigranes the Great as Parthian's client-king over Armenia. With this military purpose on his mind, Antony sailed to Greece with Octavia, where he behaved in a most extravagant manner, assuming the attributes of the Greek god Dionysus in 39 BC.