Mindfulness-Based Strategic Awareness Training: A Complete Program for Leaders and Individuals is the first book to link mindfulness training and positive psychology to the leadership, strategy and management issues faced by individuals and organizations. And for any leader and manager it is a key reading for making wise business and marketing decisions that create value.—Bernd Schmitt, Ph.D., Professor, Columbia Business School, New York. And it has existed for a whole bunch of years, interwoven all by many religious and psychological traditions. Juan Humberto Young integrates mindfulness practices, positive psychology, and extensive business experience to design a practical training program that improves personal and professional decision-making. Early childhood is a critical time for brain development, and learning skills for managing emotions and stress early on can set kids up for a lifetime of success. endobj In Masters of Mindfulness, 11 top researchers and proponents of mindfulness discuss what modern science and contemporary research have revealed about this ancient practice and the many ways in which it can benefit your life. The book also provides practical guidance and tools for adjusting teaching style and content for special populations, from chronic pain patients to trauma survivors, from health care professionals to clergy, and including many others. This master-class-in-a-book is designed to guide teachers of mindfulness-based interventions (MBI) in continuing to develop more competence while raising global standards of practice and pedagogy. A handbook for self-development, combining the best of mindfulness, coaching and CBT. He has worked with large corporates, SMEs, entrepreneurs and private clients - many of them looking to manage the enormous stress and increasing complexity in their work and personal lives and make sure they achieve their potential in an uncertain world. Mindful Master is the tool you need to downsize your thoughts and focus only on what matters. DR COLINDA LINDE has been a clinical psychologist since 1993 and is the current chairperson of SADAG. This book provides readers an ideal way to find happiness, personal balance, and professional success.—Peter H. Huang, J.D. << Download Master Of Mindfulness Book For Free in PDF, EPUB. In Mindfulness you have the tools to mine these riches for yourself. /FirstChar 32 /Subtype /TrueType /Type /FontDescriptor We are using paypal for our auto-payment gateway. They have then taken various fields of real-life application and unpacked each field in terms of those three elements, creating neat steps for easy recall and practical use.The fields of application are: Emotion Regulation; Handling Stress & Building Resilience; Complexity & Decision-Making; Creating & Sustaining the State of Flow; Authentic Being & Relating.It's jam-packed with clearly marked scientific references, key concepts, real-life examples, exercises to do while reading, and uniquely crafted meditation and other practices to save for later-all supported by a plethora of online material. The book features cool, mixed media illustrations with real kids’ drawings and stories about how mindfulness can help in different stressful situations. Mindful Artist: Sumi-e Painting opens with an introduction explaining the links between mindfulness and sumi-e and how they enhance one another. It even covers some of the brain science behind why mindfulness helps kids to feel better, stay in the present moment, be kind, and make good decisions. In today's ever-changing organizations, leaders need clarity and flexibility to adapt and succeed. Centuries ago, Buddhist monks used black ink and brushes to practice mindfulness and create gorgeously harmonious works of art called "sumi-e paintings." Take your kids on a guided relaxation with "I Can Breathe Like A...A Mindful Breathing Book for Kids!" endobj She specialises in CBT for anxiety disorders (panic, social phobia), and works extensively in the areas of stress management, work-life balance, sleep issues, assertion and mindfulness.