It will give you many varied options afterwards. Course provides a broad range of employment opportunities in mathematics, computing, operations research and secondary teaching. Homework without a collaboration statement will not be graded. In this course, we'll teach you some mathematics that we think you'll find useful in your study of computer science. We compute a percentage score based on your coursework and then assign a letter grade as follows: A 88.0 – 100% B 75.0 – 87.9% C 60.0 – 74.9% D 50.0 – 59.9% F below 50%. (Applied Mathematics and Computing), M.Tech. KL4�Ѱؤ�4�= ֲ�޷����;�;�5�{69��X��m2�=�w}��Qːk�̇F�����a|�Ь����L��*ʷ���z.V���d�FIA�`�Z��\w0}���>�8Nc3�Jc��j�^�P��0k'�(���c���P:�.tLL�tT2#n�(skr�[=q3��U��KCa���!�q�|��sL�U}��5^[�ѩ�5-ϏW�ꚿ~Zl��im Y ���D��D�B"� �m!�� ��!����Hd#$� ���'ۗ���*Hd5$��Y���D��D��D��D�C" ����&HdHd̞�/a��U��jHd $� $�Y�l�l�l���D6@"!�M����,�=�P�W� �Ր�HdHd-$����Y�l�D6B"� � �Y0{���%�VA"�!�5��6��ZHd$�-$.��E���>1f�1[���D�C" ����&HdHd���l*a��U��jHd $� $�Y�l�l�l���D6@"!�M����,�=١�%�VA"�!�5��6��ZHd$�-$�$�=$�� �l�D6A";@"�`�dJX�j$�Y�l���D�A"�B"�A"�C"�!� ��FHd$�$2f��_�g�=����4?=�������z���������? This is one of over 2,200 courses on OCW. Some problems in 6.042 are tricky and sharing insights can save you a lot of time. F. Giannasi and R. Low, ‘Maths for Computing and Information Technology’, Longman, 1996. (Applied and Computational Mathematics), Ph.D. (Mathematics and Humanities & Social Sciences). This subject offers an introduction to discrete mathematics oriented toward computer science and engineering. Exams are typically tough. Lectures: 2 sessions / week, 1.5 hours / session, Recitations: 2 sessions / week, 1 hour / session. Learn more », © 2001–2018 '#H. » Change a few things up and try submitting again. Attend office hours and send questions to him or her via email. We don't offer credit or certification for using OCW. Whilst Mathematics comprises of a trail of abstract concepts and ideas, computing is a result of more concrete and basic concepts. Mathematics and Computing or Master of Science in Mathematics and Computing is a postgraduate course. Syllabus of Mathematics and Computing as prescribed by various Universities and Colleges. How is M.Sc. Attend lecture! �z�)z����:�C���2��7���]��K��][:�K������Q(��}L7*�EʊU7A�&]µ�;y*�����1��^S�K�=�gjp��LjH�� �:��|[�{V;] ��D"[����}���4�#�����Ӣ`�S��۰�i�"��GI�%x�ᱲ�� �4�+q`.z��u9l�$~��y��u�w&�$���\����(���wP&�FK*a�*�iA����� pT�ѷ�p\��v�f��Bs�ț�F����� ����e4��BjA6��˪!��������}S���l�萅Q�[L���H7S�m���������DڶU�b��� Zx�sR<>2OQ�[��e]u5q0�"q&�#����I�!�h?�pmؙr�n�P2+�:-G^a������=�"ܫ�5xl"����e���]�� l ,�J��w��z�M��e�eQoW�I�7�����۟y��}Oy㓍���Q��0�(�^ư���q���3�0�9���Ƽ�\+U�r�y �D�)T�"]����Ș�ˊ���YωӰ��GuU����P�����Ie \>h�i:�\��Z��*�ؓ�dT�p�P����b�ڬ�Y��:Q�����q�18'����e��}i�$�W�|םr�[rk��J��O���+�(#�m� endstream endobj 17 0 obj 1119 endobj 18 0 obj[19 0 R] endobj 19 0 obj<> endobj 20 0 obj<> endobj 21 0 obj<> endobj 22 0 obj<> endobj 23 0 obj<>stream }��U��jHd $� $�Y�l�l�l���D6@"!�M����>@b�*a��U��jHd $� $�Y�l�l�l���D6@"!�M����,�=Y]�W� �Ր�HdHd-$����Y�l�D6B"� � �Y0{���%�VA"�!�5��6��ZHd$�-$�$�=$�� �l�D6A";@"�`�d���Z���D�@"�@"k!�u�ȶ��v�����zHd$���� �̂ٓ�%,q� H��SIj�@��+��z�!fy@�B`f��ԭ���C0B��R��}��c���d.8(���Y\_��'� ���zx|������ϯ0��Ed1��Q�D��[��ȱ��(�z����A��~�����a>@:Ku�. Collaboration on exams is not allowed. M.Sc. The best preparation is to do your best on each homework and go over your mistakes afterward with your recitation instructor. We want everyone to get the best possible grade within the bounds of fairness. » If you are absent, you get 0 points. H�l��n��E�W��E�$ ��dО��} G��,�� oT��������q�x~����?ͷ���|��o�_�ǹ�U]���7���s=�������Ow���r�c~�Ϸ�,޿/N�����x���e.�c? H�dVkl�>��kgw���?v��{��ڞ]Xk���J0PL)�n��a'`7�d)!A;Uhq�[�� �8,� Y ���D��D�B"� �m!�� ��!����Hd#$� ���'ۗ���*Hd5$��Y���D��D��D��D�C" ����&HdHd̞�/a��U��jHd $� $�Y�l�l�l���D6@"!�M����,�=�P�W� �Ր�HdHd-$����Y�l�D6B"� � �Y0{���%�VA"�!�5��6��ZHd$�-$.��E���>1f�1[���D�C" ����&HdHd���l*a��U��jHd $� $�Y�l�l�l���D6@"!�M����,�=١�%�VA"�!�5��6��ZHd$�-$�$�=$�� �l�D6A";@"�`�dJX�j$�Y�l���D�A"�B"�A"�C"�!� ��FHd$�$2f��_�g�=����4?=�������z���������? All trade marks belong to the respective owners. Attend recitation!