Presented by onX Hunt. During the cold closing days of elk season, Steve ascends thousands of feet into the Bitterroot Mountains of Western Montana, seeking a legal bull. "Yukon Giants-Northern Alaska Moose Part 2". Of course, they don’t. If he manages to bump into one, he’ll prepare what was supposedly Boone’s favorite meal: elk liver.

This year will be all about change. Goldman asserts, “Ultimately we have no choice. "Up at the Cabin: Prince of Wales Island Black Bear with Paul Neess".

Featured meal is boiled javelina with cactus pears. "The Northern Rockies: British Columbia Grizzly Pt. BELLEVUE—El Gaucho Bellevue's new executive chef, Michael Jordan, spent years working closely with celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse before opening Rosemary's Restaurant, a 12-year favorite of Las Vegas locals until its sad closure in 2011. On an angling expedition along the Rewa River in Guyana, Steve and his Macushi guides catch exotic species such as black piranha and vampire fish. We learn about the history and culture of Nunivak Island as Steve tries to stay warm while chasing Muskox 30 miles offshore in the Bering Sea. Featured meal is willow-spit roasted whole duck. In the third and final leg of his Guyana journey, Steve and his party portage their boats around rapids to bow-fish for pacu, an herbivorous piranha. Finally, chef Lukas Leaf joins them and cooks whitefish cakes out on the ice. Steven Rinella crosses the border to call in and chase some big Gould’s turkeys.

Along with two buddies, Steve is dropped deep into the Tok backcountry. Last year was a milestone year for Planta (850 Commerce Street) with the March 2018 opening of its South Beach location and subsequent stream of clientele showing up at the hot spot for its meatless menu. The two hunters travel far from civilization in a raft to search for the massive moose that call the area home. Presented by Eskimo Fishing Gear, S2-E02: Mark Kenyon and Doug Duren Get to Work on the Farm, In this episode, Mark Kenyon is joined by everyone’s favorite guitar-picking Wisconsinite Doug Duren to revisit the plan he proposed during his 2019 visit to the farm. "The Greatest Draw: Alaska Dall Sheep Pt. With a flavor-first mentality and no misconceptions about the American palette, he recognizes that “Americans are very meat-heavy people.” But in appreciating the benefits a vegetable-focused diet has yielded in own life, Goldman hopes his role at Planta will help inspire change, elaborating “…there’s a lot that goes into that meat — energetically, spiritually, and scientifically. Steve and his buddy Ryan Callaghan continue to search for grizzlies but don’t want to go home empty-handed. "Welcome to the Jungle: Adventures in Bolivia Part 3". Steve and his buddies Ryan and Mark have better luck splitting up as they continue their quest for a Sitka blacktail deer at the start of the rut. In this episode, Mark introduces Janis to dark house ice spearing, a hallowed tradition for winter food gathering in the upper Midwest. Steven Rinella returns to his boyhood stomping grounds in Michigan’s Muskegon Marsh to bow-fish for sucker, bowfin, and gar. Chef Dominick Pepe of French brasserie and steakhouse Boucherie adds the Pat LaFrieda name next to several cuts of steak: He says diners respond positively to seeing the meat … This time around they’re hunting whitetail deer in Wisconsin on the famed Duren farm with Doug Duren and Steve as their guides.

After early success on their moose and caribou hunt in Alaska, wild game has eluded Steve's party, so he and Janis decide it's time to take action. In addition, Steve and Remi hunt for coyote with the intent of roasting a whole animal. Not only will this be one heck of a hunting adventure, it will be a mind-opening, life-changing event. The behind-the-scenes special of MeatEater continues. He tells Eater, “People underestimate the sophistication and talent of Miami’s culinary scene.

Bad hunting protocol, poor meat quality, it’s all a wives’ tale. Along the way, he demonstrates the rich bounty of wild foods that can be found in this freshwater paradise. Last time Joe Rogan and Bryan Callen went out with Steven Rinella they were soaked head to toe and came home meatless. Steve returns to southern Arizona to stalk one of his favorite quarry the elusive Coues deer.

The clock is ticking after a missed shot on a small bull and Steve and Brandt are desperate not to return home empty-handed.

One boat, five fisheries, ten anglers, unlimited bad ideas. "The Best Start-Wild Game Breakfast Cooking Special".

On this Mexican adventure, Steve will be hunting with friend and expert Jay Scott. Matt Mead before heading out on a sage grouse hunt. Steven Rinella heads to a friend’s big-country ranch in Northeastern New Mexico to stalk the fastest and most wary big game animal in the US: the pronghorn antelope.

Tromping through Southeast Alaska rainforest, Steve and Barbara discover a mutual fondness for an unconventional hunt. On a spring hunt in Florida Steven Rinella got his hands on a wild barred hog. I". They sit at the edge of the hole, holding long handled tridents and waiting for fish to swim through. Kevin Murphy and his band of Kentucky small game hunters introduce Steve to the finest Kentucky has to offer. To help Steve in his journey, First Lite's Ryan Callaghan has offered up one of his best spots as well as his keen spotting skills.

Hunting a powerful living relic from a bygone era, Steven Rinella heads into the mountains of the Sonora Desert on a wild, free-ranging buffalo hunt. Steven Rinella heads to West Texas in search of javelina. Plain and simple: Steve gives the “how to” on breaking down a whole whitetail deer. Using the hearts from a wild boar, mule deer, caribou, moose and elk, Steven Rinella shares five of his favorite methods to prepare this underappreciated, nutrient-rich muscle.