Egede LE, Acierno R, Knapp RG, Lejuez C, Hernandez-Tejada M, Payne EH, Frueh BC. VA also has full-time suicide prevention coordinators at each of its 145 hospitals. Researchers with VA's Center for Health Equity Research and Promotion (CHERP) in Philadelphia are looking at the usefulness of pharmacogenic testing in treating major depressive disorder with or without concurrent PTSD. The Veterans in the study were clients of two legal assistance groups that worked with medical teams at local VA hospitals and clinics to identify issues that might affect Veterans' health, such as evictions, disputes with landlords, divorces, or difficulty in obtaining benefits. 2017 Nov;222:57-62. Additional information on substance use disorders can be found on our Substance Use Disorders topic page. According to the researchers, this ability can be expected to last for an hour or two after the current is applied. VA investigators are also looking at the co-occurrence of mental health issues and physical disorders—for instance, depression in those with spinal cord injury, or substance use disorder in patients with chronic pain. A qualitative analysis of how online access to mental health notes is changing clinician perceptions of power and the therapeutic relationship. Copyright © 2003 - 2020. A 2014 study by researchers with the VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System and the University of California suggests that giving oxytocin in a nasal spray may help patients with schizophrenia. The goal of VA mental health care is to support recovery and enable Veterans who experience mental health problems to live meaningful lives in their communities a… CES® exhibitor Google launched a new website aimed to help veterans, their families and allies find local resources to help with mental health concerns and other challenges. It includes aspects like social knowledge, empathy, and emotional processing. The Improving Rural Veterans' Access/Engagement in Evidence-based Mental Healthcare CREATE aims to improve treatment engagement for Veterans living in rural settings who use mental health services at VA community-based outpatient clinics. In 2017, an international consortium, including several VA researchers, looked at the genomes of more than 2,000 patients with bipolar disorder. Veterans and their families can also chat online with trained counselors at The Virtual Hope Box contains items that serve as reminders of positive life experiences or reasons for living, as well as simple tools to help with coping, relaxation, and distraction. Get more resources at All of the participants were also given training on social cognitive skills, including the ability to identify facial emotions, social perception, and empathy. Center researchers focus on preventing mental illness in Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans and providing treatment and rehabilitation for those with mental illnesses. They also had significantly greater improvements in social motivation three months after the trial. From information about how to engage in meaningful conversations with veterans to options for how to get involved in veteran community programs, the site’s resources build awareness about veterans’ lives and some of the mental wellness challenges faced by veterans, giving everyone the tools to best support the diverse community of veterans. Insights into 'beautiful minds': the secrets of occupational high achievers with schizophrenia, Smartphone app helps Veterans control unpleasant thoughts, Injectable antipsychotic leads to cost-savings for Vets with schizophrenia, Exploring precision medicine for depression. PACT teams for seriously mentally ill Veterans—People with serious mental illness die many years prematurely, with rates of premature mortality two to three times greater than the general public. Patients and their health care providers can collaborate to personalize by selecting audio, video, pictures, games, mind exercises, and inspirational quotes. This treatment is different from electroconvulsive therapy, formerly known as shock therapy. Ensuring consistency between what occurs during appointments and what appears in clinical notes, as well as highlighting patient individuality and strengths in notes, may help engender patient trust and avoid negative consequences in mental health care. Veterans who were unmarried or diagnosed with a drug use disorder were more than twice as likely to become homeless. 2017 Sep 14;8:1513. Authoritative and informative resources on the website for families, friends and allies help create a strong support network for veterans and helps these supporters navigate their own concerns when caring for a veteran.