As even those unfamiliar with the helmet would understand, green represents a mentally aware cyclist, red lights indicate drowsiness, anxiety and other potentially detrimental mind states, while flashing lights signal a case of two-wheeled road rage. Ismail. Every basketball nerd’s dream come true, the Slam Force Net may have invented a new statistic that could change how the NBA Slam Dunk contest is judged forever. If nothing else, it could be a great way to identify which co-workers to avoid on busy days. MIT Department of Chemical Engineering. Process Fundamentals The focus of this sub-group is to explore new pathways and institutional arrangements for delivering skills, training, and education based on new technologies. Browse the projects and programs below to see what MIT researchers are working on around the world. The wristband then displays by color (once again, red is scary and green is good) which messages, meetings, reminders or phone calls caused the most stress. Accessibility Watch the video. No, it’s not a Smart Car. Rather than trying to verbally describe a situation, event, or even a person whose name you might not recall, Ghosts of the Past projects video from a previous event against a backdrop image of the very setting in which it occurred. Some in this list are potentially world-changing or life-saving breakthroughs, while others are just fun to look at. (M.A. Just imagine the possibilities for expressing road rage. Accessibility. I have broadly separated my projects into areas/industries that I have felt they are chiefly concerned with. Resilience Across Scales is a research theme that encompasses the work of a few Media Lab Principal Investigators and their research grou... By Ken Nakagaki, Joanne Leong, Jordan L Tappa, Joao Wilbert, and Hiroshi IshiiOverviewProject HERMITS explores a way to greatly... We are engineering a better healthcare system for people with diabetes and limb loss such that we can physically bridge gaps to... InspirationSleep is a forgotten country of the mind. Imaging fluorescent disease biomarkers in tissues and skin is a non-invasive method to screen for health conditions. (P. Battacharjee, C.L. 15 MIT Research Projects That Will Make You Say ‘Whoa’ Transportation, healthcare, fashion and more get the MIT treatment By Colin Neagle , Assistant Community Editor, Network World Beyond serving as a seeing-eye-dog, the EyeRing can also act as a personal shopping assistant, telling users the color and price of the clothes they are about to buy, and even the value of the dollar bills in their wallets. Projects | August 3, 2020 Regions and Industries. These incredible projects showcase the level of talent and ingenuity at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology. UROP cultivates and supports research partnerships between MIT undergraduates and faculty - whether you join established research projects or pursue your own ideas. 2010-2020 (recent) 2000-2009; 1990-1999; News; Courses; Members Only; Research Projects. )  Official Commalla website: ​Special Announcement: Call for Letters of Intent to Operate the Space Sustainability RatingThe Consortium Designing the Space Sustainabi... With(in) is a multi-stage project that includes an exhibit, installation, qualitative exploration, and visual storytelling.This is a...  Antenna-based topography that may serve as a platform to build musical instruments. Start your journey using the tools provided on this site. Accessibility Science Impact Collaborative. Donate to the Lab. J-WAFS Solutions provides initial start-up funding to identify technologies intended to improve food supplies or meet needs for clean water, and to move those technologies into commercialization. Going one step beyond the MindRider, FEEL is a wristband that can identify the exact reason you might be too distraught to ride a bike. Music Building. Lee, Y. Yang), Molecular Simulations of Nanostructured Materials Virtual and augmented reality headsets are unique as they have access to our facial area, an area that presents an excellent opportunity ... (Note: This project was previously called ECHOS. J-WAFS awards seed grants of $100,000 per year for up to two years for innovative research that has the potential to have significant impact on issues of water and food supply. J-PAL Southeast Asia. The Augmented Product Counter goes deeper than just displaying price and product information, and displays an interactive interface to compare products, read reviews, and even video chat with a remote expert. Cambodia. Kuppa, (J.L. I have broadly separated my projects into areas/industries that I have felt they are chiefly concerned with. Grodzinsky, G. Stephanopoulos, B. Tidor), Electrospinning and Polymer Nanofibers RELATED: The Future of Human Computer Interfaces, The Geek Atlas: Terrific Tech Shrines That Every Geek Should See. MIT WotF task force researches trends in several industries in terms of technology adoption, changing skills requirements and overall changes to work and jobs. It seems useful for informing drivers which bicyclists they should be especially careful around. Fabric Hub; PPSM; ChemE; MIT; Home; Research.