Why would anyone use wireless if they had the choice. DF Edit: I must add that I isolated … There are a number of inexpensive power line network adapters … I can't find a powerline adapter that doesn't run ultra hot. ). Simplicity. AC WiFi can be significantly faster and more stable in many cases. Poweline no contest. Powerline should almost always win, luckily my apartment is quite new and every room has cat6a socket. You choose. Guy from Comcast recommended I try this since only a mesh router would work in my house due to lots of brick walls. Problem: So I have my router upstairs and my internet connection is poor on my main floor. In both cases, your mileage may vary. If not buy two, well worth it to get a rock steady connection. I'm very happy with my powerline setup. Was better than Wifi in my situation. 100% reliable connection, too. For actually playing games? Can I plug one into a cable outlet and use it as a wireless access point as well? Powerline Ethernet Adapters vs Ethernet. I kind of thought it wasn't going to work, but was hoping it would. Powerline is FANTASTIC when it works, but it might not depending on your home. Powerline is heavily dependent on the quality/age of the electrical system in your domicile. If you have Verizon FiOS, your router acts as a moca adapter already, so you only need one more. I switched to one this year and it's a night and day improvement over wifi. Easily better than wifi if you're running into latency or signal issues. Speedtest results: Powerline - Aztech Gigabit Powerline HD Uses existing power points for network connectivity MOCA - Actiontec MOCA bridge Uses coaxial cable for network connectivity Speed of MOCA bridge is probably limited by my Cisco1811 router's FE WAN port. There's a couple prerequisites, but when you get it going, it's incredible. MoCA can work between outputs on a common amplified splitter but cannot go back through an amplified splitter. Use a moca adapter if there is coax cable close to where you are gaming, it is the best possible way. Sign Up; Forums All Activity My Activity Streams Powerline and wifi can both be unreliable. I use power line... One of the older 200 models.... And it always beats my wireless on latency. I use a powerline adapter and my ps4 download speeds are like 10x what they were with using wireless. I have TP-Link 200s. It’s something most of us strive for these days, especially as more and more technology connects to the internet. Powerline. Which has lower latency? an AC wireless router will do the job, Powerline is hit or miss in almost every scenario. It's very situational neither perform as well as natural ethernet or a fiber connection of sometype. If you have a wireless AC router, then wireless. The bad news is that's still far below what Moca reliably gets. Don't assume that everyone saying "powerline duh" is considering the fact that their homes might be much newer than yours, or that they may be comparing to wireless routers / receivers from a decade ago rather than the newest tech. I have a 30 mbps connection, which ends up being about 3.9 mb per second max speed. For download speeds? © DBnet, LLC - 2001-2017 All Rights Reserved. I love love them. I've been using them for 7 years now for FPS gaming on PC with great results. Ping is alright, nothing amazing, but not bad. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Unless your wiring is trash, powerline is usually better than WiFi. In any case, they're generally very good, though I changed over to using a 50ft ethernet cable due to my SFV habit, just to eliminate that one issue I was having. Super stable connection over 5Ghz AC, indiscernible from a full wired connection. Linus Media Group is not associated with these services. Stronger wireless is better now. Depends on a lot of factors, but Powerline adapters are pretty great and convenient. Currently using a power line adapter right now and its great. AC adapter is autoswitching. I use both in my house. the best thing though is you can just plug a wireless extender to a powerline adaptor for some other devices(none gaming) too. In terms of latency the difference is negligible (in my case, I mean). One of the best purchases I ever made. Jan 20, 2017 #14 If the basement is unfinished and is the entry point / router location then getting cables to the floor above is simple and shouldn't cost much at all. Powerline lol. Are there any in particular you guys could recommend? If I use it for gaming, downloading, or streaming to console or PC, it will never maintain steady speed - often it will drop down into the low 1's or so, and sometimes it will be in the 200 kb per second range. Thinking about buying one from Best Buy tonight and just returning it if it doesn’t work. If I am understanding you correctly this won't work. The problem is that the wiring in the house is really bad so I usually get speeds of 10 megabytes or 15 but that does much better then before when it was 700 kilobytes. We install these all over this area and compared to wireless its insane. I plan to use Verizon Actiontec router as cheap MoCa adapters. Essentially a "wireless Ethernet link". So... sorry to bump this thread, but I figured it’s better than starting a new one. Does MOCA have any security concerns? I have Wi-Fi through my Verizon FIOS router. the wiring in this house is ass, so i have to resort to wifi. Yep, you can turn the wifi on or off. 36 posts; 36 posts; Posted May 20, 2016. Speed wise you should be good above 200Mbps though the closer to a gigabit you are the better. MOCA vs Powerline? What are the pros and cons? You must log in or register to reply here. The bad news is that's still far below what Moca reliably gets. Discussion in 'TiVo Coffee House - TiVo Discussion' started by tomm1079, Oct 13, 2011. JavaScript is disabled. Press the pair button on one adapter. Makes a huge difference. If you have Verizon FiOS, your router acts as a moca adapter already, so you only need one more. My first set was Linksys and my last two have been D-Links. I use a power line with my PS4 and it's fantastic. Powerline adapters. Oct 9, 1999 11,929 12 81. It's so unstable compared to Powerline. Which of these is better for gaming? I use Moca and Netgear Powerline AV 500 adapters (new) like the XAV5001. As I understand it you have a splitter at some point, one output of which goes to your Elite and the other goes to an amp. DSLR has some good FAQ's for the router in case there are any setup issues. They are insanely affordable and as of late REALLY well made. Assuming you're good on that front, they're great for consoles or other single devices in spots that would be obnoxious to run a cord to. Lifestyle Forums - Chill and Destress here! I don't know if that's a typical problem with the technology or specific to the ones I bought. The good news is that the AV 500 adapters have increased my powerline throughput on bad combinations of outlets from 8mbps to 28mbps. Bummer. Older houses or just poorly wired ones sometimes run into issues. Also, you could look at moca, similar to powerline except it runs on coax. If you have more than one router, what about a wireless bridge, or router-to-router setup? I use Moca and Netgear Powerline AV 500 adapters (new) like the XAV5001. I use wireless 5Ghz and get 100mbps down. M. MustISO Lifer. Classified Section (Bargains and Lelongs), DSLRs & Other Interchangeable Lens Cameras, Hydra Distribution Virtual Service Center, 54% OFF Sweet Crepe (27 choices to choose from) + Sundae (3 flavours to choose from), Brand New Moca Power Pack (1700mAh) for iPhone4. Better than a direct wireless connection when gaming and streaming, IMO. My wireless speeds are super slow and the PS4 is too far away for an ethernet cable so we have to use the adapter. A lot. Will update thread when my Mikrotik RB1100AH comes in. General MoCA question - do the cables used all have to be on the same drop/entry point? Works pretty well. In my home, powerline adapters capped out at around 50mbps regardless of which outlets I chose (I tested it extensively), whereas my AC laptop maxes out my internet connection at 250mbps easily. MoCA vs Powerline Network Extension: MoCA technology is not the only way to extend a network using alternative wiring. I was wondering what are the /general/speed differences between moca and powerline adaptors? Plug in the two powerline adapters into wall sockets. So make sure that if you buy powerline adapters you do so from some place you can return them to if they don't work out for your particular location. Powerline is about 10Mb/s slower than wired on my 60Mb/s connection, which is no big deal to me.