Already have a plan or want to customize a plan? Points of interest include the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Indian burial grounds at Mound City Group National Monument, Perry’s Victory International Peace Memorial, and the Pro Football Hall of Fame at Canton. Modular home construction can be used to build a home of practically any size and in any style. Ohio manufactured homes are engineered specifically for the unique characteristics of the environment, with a focus on energy efficiency and minimal long-term maintenance. Want to compare Ohio modular home prices? If you’re planning on purchasing a new modular home in Ohio, take a minute to make sure you have all the information you need to make an informed buying decision. It’s because Impresa Modular is the only national modular home builder in the country. Typically, the day following delivery, we start the installation process. We currently provide our homes to over 40 states. © 2020 It’s because Impresa Modular is the only national modular home builder in the country. It is intended to help home buyers gain a basic price range for factory built pricing in Ohio. The carriers are then sent back to the factory. This is a small sample of the modular homes available in Ohio. When Speed is Important and Quality Counts, Modular Homes – Flexible Design, Beautiful Homes. What this means is that we don’t have to wait to start building your home until the site work is done and the foundation is ready. We currently provide our homes to over 40 states. The simple fact that your home was built in a factory means it was built with a precision that just can’t be achieved when building outdoors in the elements. We have an extensive selection of modular home plans and a consultant for your area who is waiting to help you with every detail along the way. With a current population of just over 11.5 million people, the average sales price of a home in Ohio is $170,000; in comparison, the average price of a modular home in Ohio is $55 to $75 per square foot. Home pricing can vary widely across the state. Therefore, the average price of … We start building your home when we are ready, not your site. Our modular homes information is free and unbiased. However, we schedule the construction to coincide almost perfectly with the completion of your foundation. Not only did the factory construction of your home allow us to build it faster, we were able to build it better. ©2008-2020 Express Homes Inc. dba Impresa Modular All Rights Reserved. Interested in building in Ohio? Compare that to the average price of a modular home in Ohio is $55 to $75 per square foot, you can save upwards of $117,000. When you partner with Impresa Modular to build your new custom home, you can depend on the fact that our experience is working hard to provide your custom home at a value that simply can’t be beat. These prices can vary widely depending on your specific building site so you should contact a modular home builder for a precise home quote. We can complete your home with any interior or exterior finish you desire. We can build your home in Ohio in virtually any style you want from a basic ranch home near Akron, to a coastal home on Kelley’s Island in Lake Erie, to a chalet style home overlooking the Grand Lake. Here are the average home prices for the most popular spots: Hamilton $140,200, Columbus $120,500, Cincinnati $113,400, Parma $103,600, Canton $88,200, Akron $62,900, Toledo $58,600, Cleveland $52,800, Dayton $52,000. Modular construction means your home is built in modules and delivered to your home site. Your myAccount login will give you access to home pricing, plan comparison, listing your favorites, and more. The state’s fertile soil produces soybeans, oats, and corn, nursery and greenhouse products. Contact Us. Let's get started! Your home is still stick built, however it is stick built off site. You should contact a local OH modular home builder for the most current and accurate pricing. In as little as a single day we use a crane to lift all of the modules of your home off of the carriers and gently place them on your completed foundation. Cleveland is home to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. We can provide homes in as few as two modules to as many as 16 modules, or even more. Skilled craftsman worked on your home under nearby supervision and quality inspectors (not just code inspectors) were there each step of the way to insure your home was built properly. Thinking of buying a new modular home in the state of Ohio? One of the main reasons for the increasing popularity modular homes enjoy is their flexibility—modern modular construction techniques enable prefab home builders to build just about any type of structure, from small single wides to modular. Ohio is one of the country’s leading industrial states, ranking third in manufacturing employment nationwide. Your home was built indoors. We use the flexibility of modular construction to build beautiful custom homes. All Rights Reserved. We aren’t just saying that, it’s true. Modular home builders and retailers like Rona Homes, Skyline Homes and Apex Homes offer a variety of beautiful floorplans and designs, specifically architected to withstand all conditions and save the consumer money in the process with a focus on energy efficiency and loss … Impresa Modular has the experience in planning, designing, and building modular homes that no other builder has in Ohio. The exterior is then completed and you are ready to move in. Within a few weeks your home is connected to the utilities onsite and the locations where your modular homes sections opened to each other are completed. Please remember these OH modular home prices and details are subject to change. The Buckeye state awaits you, with plenty of rivers, Appalachian Mountains in the south to Lake Erie in the north. Get free quotes & answers from your local modular home builders, Explore Modular Home Plans Cape Cod, Ranch, Two Story. The median price of homes currently listed in Ohio is $139,900. All logos, trademarks and brand names that appear on are the exclusive property of their respective owners and are not property of Modular Today. If you would like to have a modular house price quote customized for your personal building situation please visit our Ohio modular home builder directory or complete the form for a home price quote.These sample prices include a permanent foundation, connection to municipal sewer systems and municipal water systems. Check out some of our most popular articles about home types, construction methods, and financing. Modular Today is an independent reviewer of modular homes and pre-fabricated buildings. Tourism produces valuable revenue for the state. Its floors never got wet from the rain, in fact, all of the materials used to build your home were stored inside and kept dry until they were needed. Bordering Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio is known for its cozy towns and beautiful scenery, but it’s also becoming known as one of the most popular locations for new modular homes in the country. That means within days of your home site being ready, we deliver your modular home on carriers to your land. Impresa Modular has the experience in planning, designing, and building modular homes that no other builder has in Ohio. This means we have experienced building virtually every type of home, in every type of location, and have worked with almost every material and finish imaginable. The roof is quickly completed and the attachments are made to your foundation. Our team has basically seen and done it all, literally. Here is sample modular pricing for Ohio home buyers. We aren’t just saying that, it’s true. Every home building project is different with its own unique building specifications, building lot considerations, local zoning requirements and many more details that need to be customized.