In ion exchange water softeners, hard water is passed through a bed of softening material called resin. How often a water softener regenerates or recharges is controlled by the control valve of a water softener system. How often a water softener regenerates or recharges is controlled by the control valve of a water softener system. These minerals cause the embarrassing stains in your sinks and showers as well as scale buildup in your pipes and water heater. Newer water softeners may have the ability to complete recharging in a matter of hours. Hardness is measured in grains per gallon or mg/L or ppm. Possible increase in water hardness. Q. $27.89 Buy on Amazon. Hard water contains minerals such as calcium, magnesium and manganese. For example, if you have guests staying at your home and are using more water than normal, your unit will need to regenerate more often. Higher efficiency in the water softener recharging process is seen in newer water softeners. It measures 20-5/8 x 17-1/4 x 42-3/4 and weighing 111 pounds. Morton, Worth Its Salt. Water softener recharge washes out and removes minerals that get collected from the water supply. With softer water, you can enjoy a more welcoming home. Filtered water is softer, purer, and more refreshing water that just feels better; water that is softer on your skin and clothes and also makes cleaning easier. © 2020 How do I know how hard my water is? What is hard water and how is it measured? This process might occur once a week, as an example. If there is a demand for water while the system is regenerating, untreated water is available through an automatic internal bypass feature. A leaking faucet or toilet valve. Time-initiated regeneration is controlled by the clock on the control valve. This recharging process gets measured in time metrics, such as, minutes or hours. Q. A brine solution is created in the brine tank with salt which helps discard away the hard minerals. Morton offers a 10 years warranty of their softener tanks but only 12 months on other parts, which gives an idea of … This is typically set to have the system regenerate after a certain number of days and at a time of day with low water usage, usually in the middle of the night. Because of this, over time the beads may get so full of minerals that it may start hampering the ability of the water softener to keep producing soft water. Water Softener is not softening the water. Give McGowan Water a call with questions regarding your water softener or to schedule an annual service checkup today. Robert J. Criswell. How Often Should My Water Softener Regenerate : Water Softener Recharge 101. 4. Culligan HE Twin and HE Progressive Flow Water Softeners, Culligan Medallist Series® Water Softeners, Culligan High Efficiency 1.25 Water Softener, Culligan HE Softener-Cleer Water Conditioner, Culligan Water Dispenser and Ice-maker Filters. A water softener regenerates when the control valve tells it to start the regeneration process. A Morton water softener should last 10-15 years with the correct maintenance, although it is likely that some parts will need to be replaced during that time. Our expert water specialists at McGowan Water can help determine the valve’s settings based on the quality of your water, the size of your resin tank, household water usage, number of people living there, etc. Morton MSD45E Model Water Softener (Demand Controlled) – This device is Morton’s answer to very serious hard water problems regardless the size of the area you are living in. Therefore, it is important to know this metric about water softener recharging in time when using a water softener to treat hard water. Water softener control cycles continuously: Broken or shorted water softener control switch or timer: If the water softener timer or control switch is defective it can cause the softener to remain "stuck" in regeneration mode, causing the water sofener to cycle continuously. For this purpose, a water softener needs to recharge. 3. And the second reason is the salt bridging or salt mushing. Call your city or municipality or you can request a free test strip here. Morton water softeners use the brand’s patented Look Ahead technology. During the process of water softener recharging, it washes away and cleans out minerals that get collected from the water supply. Replace the timer, switch, or if necessary replace the entire water sofener control head. Why does a water softener regenerate?