This is quite evident by the hordes of lanky preteens I’ve seen sauntering around over the past few years. To receive your pension contributions back, you must visit a pension office in person up to a month before you leave to apply. Proof of residency (utility bill, statement, etc. Korea is a hiker’s paradise, so if you’re interested in checking out some of the beautiful national parks in South Korea, I recommend bringing a pair of good shoes or hiking boots, a set of base layers, a day backpack and any of your favorite work out clothes or hiking clothes. If you have a wifi egg, you may need to return it to the store per your agreement. You can turn it in to your local immigration office before you leave, but you’ll need to hold onto the ‘receipt’ they give you for when you go through passport control at the airport. This gene is responsible for that abominable underarm stank one gets after running to catch a bus in the middle of July, or after the admin at your school decides to hold surprise class observations. Flight Ticket (departure date must be indicated) – flight confirmation/itinerary printed from the internet is acceptable. Menu. Changes in employment or place of residence must be reported within 14 days. South Korea imports many items via sea and there is often a backlog of cargo goods to get through. I’ve personally known several people over the years who simply cannot shop for shoes in Korea. The issue of deodorant scarcity in Korea is such that I’ve had many instances where friends would put in a “deodorant order” for anyone who was planning to visit their home country. It’s a flat 1.3 mil won that is given regardless of the actual amount spent on your journey home. You can expect 700,000 back pending no damages were made to the apartment. Packing for the move to South Korea can be a daunting task, even if you’ve travelled to other foreign countries. It’s common for NETs to leave cash with their co-teacher to cover their last bills that may come in after they’ve left the country. It turns out their feet are too big and/or wide for the limited sizes Korean stores offer. The severance pay we receive is equivalent to one month’s’ salary x the number of years / contracts completed with EPIK. Learn how your comment data is processed. In many instances you will visit a pharmacy and describe your symptoms to the pharmacist. In Korea, pharmacies are quite different from what you might get back home. There are some cases where it is not necessary to apply for the card: The application for an ARC must be made within 90 days of arriving in the country. The very last thing on your to-do list, is to turn in your ARC card. But you’ll have to do some prep before you’re able to do it. If you’re like me, you may have cried at the news or even cursed the heavens for this “roadblock” in your projected life path. The point is, they may have what you’re looking for in Korea, but there’s a good chance they don’t. Try to renew it before leaving with the assistance of a Korean speaker so it’s not a headache you have to deal with from abroad. That’s why we’ve created this list of things to help you get started on what to pack for South Korea. The following documents are needed by anyone making an application: People engaged in diplomatic work or official business and their family members, People whose work relates to national security and their family members, Others deemed not to need registration by the Ministry of Justice, Canadians intending to reside in South Korea for less than six months who hold either a cultural arts, religious affairs, family visitation or dependent family visa. Suggested items include: Contact international moving and shipping companies to obtain quotes for transportation of belongings. It’s all on there and totally possible to make good money back from selling your household goods! That should keep you good for a while. Find a pet carrier. Notify your school or your children's school. An application must be made within 14 days of it becoming necessary. To stay in South Korea for more than 90 days, individuals must apply for a foreign registration card.