There are two types of variations which include continuous variations and discontinuous variations. As blood is red & Death is in Evitable All people are same, there is no difference in philosophical point of view. Ah, but when discovered, it is well worth it. Haven't seen a blog in 3 months! Faith is not the blind devotion to scripture, nor is it the constant questioning of scripture…it is the understanding of scripture. ( Log Out /  Give 5 examples? Create a free website or blog at Why Should We Study Indigenous Ideas? Ask a Question. It is listening and learning from the message, even though you may sometimes question the author. It is the English translation of Daoism... What Are Two Examples Of Cultural Diffusion? In the end, philosophy is all about asking questions- there can always be new discoveries. Free will, therefore, is both a great blessing and a fearful curse. Step on a... What Are The Two Types Of Software And Give Example? Many of the posts are responses to homework assignments. Rene Descartes -'I think, therefore I am' means: If you can personally Identify your own existence, its proof of your existence. I was totally engaged by the images and was moved by the text. One need not dig very deep to pick up on some of the philosophical underpinnings of Indigenous beliefs. The Lord has endowed to man the liberty to run the course of his own life. Regarding the nature of man, my personal definition has changed drastically throughout the years, but right now I feel safe in my stance: mankind is ultimately a constantly-growing species, constantly seeking new knowledge, constantly trying to better themselves. I Need 15 Examples Of Diffusion! For example, Jesus is always a highly-debatable topic: some say he was a prophet, some say he was the Messiah, and some say he never even existed at all. The “grandfather” paradox, the ontological paradox, and many more: all of them raise very important questions. After all, everyone agrees to it. Oh Andrea! It is letting the word of God into your heart, despite the doubts you may have towards its authenticity. Change ). At first glance, many of my core philosophical beliefs seem religious in nature. It refers to what happens when aspects of one culture,... What Are Two Examples Of Continuous Variation? God’s greatest gift to man was free will- the ability to determine the course of his own actions. It has become part of my life, and it’s too hard to change now; To successfully solve the first problem, we need to realize that what we frequently believe in … Taoism is an ancient Chinese religion/philosophy. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. If philosophy is all about asking questions, science is all about getting the answers. What Does The Saying "What Does Not Kill Me Makes Me Stronger" Mean? All of God’s children, from now until the end, have the ability to do great good and great harm. Genuine faith recruits the soul, even through all the skepticism that will plague man. This brings us a step closer to receiving I loves it! Roy Tanck's Flickr Widget requires Flash Player 9 or better. My Philosophical Beliefs This week's prompt is the first reflection for the course titled, "Curriculum Theory , Development and Implementation." My core values and beliefs about nursing include respect for the patient, advocacy for the patient and family, and collaboration. Software is the set of instructions which guides the computer hardware through their jobs. Time travel paradoxes are fantastically interesting philosophical debates. ~Gwyneth. It kind of makes it worth it to stay up late at night figuring out new ways to do things in order to receive the feedback like you gave! A good friend of mine, Adam Moore, once told me the following. How much philosophizing must have preceded the development of complex concepts such as the Great Spirit or Great Mystery in some Native American cultures? I mean, it’s worked out pretty well so far, right? We committed ourselves and completed our first sequence in the program. This is reflected in works which explore the nature of beliefs in order to better understand how such systems, both on the level of personal philosophies and culture, interact to … What makes some people lucky and unlucky? Faith means listening to the words without fear, without doubt that the mouth that spoke them was nothing more than a work of fiction. The multidimensional nature of education is well accepted. What would happen if you went forward in time five seconds, and in those five seconds, stopped yourself from going forward in time? We’ve come a long way in a short time, as man’s existence can be compared to a single breath in front of the timeless nature of the universe. The definition and nature of faith has always been an important subject throughout history. With just a few decades under our belt, we’ve gone from black-and-white TV’s to color TV’s to satellite TV to digital TV to HDTV. Every scientific attempt, therefore, is not some blasphemy. Here are some related questions which you might be interested in reading. The fact is believing is seeing.... How do afro-asian narratives reveal peoples's belief, attitudes, self-concepts, philosophy in life and social ethics/standards? Instead, scientific discovery should be cherished and encouraged- only by truly understanding the wonders all around us can we truly come closer to God. “Faith is not the mere knowledge of scriptures. Time travel, for instance, has always interested me. Andrea - this is awesome! As philosophy continues to reinvent itself in order to get to the core of understanding, so shall I continue to reinvent myself in order to get to the core of my being. Instead, Jesus preached for us to have faith that God is our Father, that He loves us more than we could ever know, that He is ready to bring us into a brighter future than any of us could ever have imagined. In truth, much of what I believe in, philosophically speaking, is a combination of religious beliefs, scientific fact, modern-day reasoning, and a slight bit of imagination. ( Log Out /  Free will is ours for the taking, even though God will always be watching over us and trying to guide us onto the path of true greatness. Is anyone out there? Can You HELP? We miss knowing what's up. You rock, GF! Didn't find the answer you were looking for? I believe faith is understanding and hearing the word of God, even though some argue against the very existence of Him. Create a free website or blog at To deny the great philosophies of Indigenous nations a place next to prevalent Western and … When you read in a dark place, your eyes will get blurred..... What are some examples of afro-asian countries, their beliefs, values and traditions?