First thing I think about whenever I see this. Saw it in the paper the next day and made sure we watched the episode! MythBusters is a science entertainment TV program created and produced by Australia's Beyond Television Productions for the Discovery Channel. The water continues to rise as you contemplate your options. Employing 220kg of dynamite and a falling dummy, the myth was busted in a very loud and spectacular fashion. (650) 723-2300. It's Adam Savage to the rescue. Their test victim was Kari. If so, imagine driving in reverse while trying to weave in and out of complex obstacles — or how about being chased by someone who's also driving in reverse? There is certainly value in learning some laboratory techniques, Block said, "but when you know the answer in advance, that's not how real science works.". "If I see a study that says 'coffee helps you live longer,' I now want to examine the actual study to see how it was conducted, and whether the results are significant," he said. Attack on the Palestine hotel. Tory held onto the ledge for almost 30 seconds more before falling. Together, the teachers charted out a course that will require students to think their way through numerous scenarios, like the exploding chicken manure, and, in doing so, introduce them to statistics, metrics, modeling and data analysis. The students are not fazed by the task. "If I had a nickel for every time I got hit in the [groin] on this show, I could retire," Belleci said. During Episode 202 of the series, Jamie got on a motorcycle, put the pedal to the metal, and tried his best to get enough speed on land in order to drive across the surface of a lake. Yes, Homer DID save his house from the wrecking ball. Grant Imahara explains to Kari Byron why the MythBusters won't take on the viral video in which a series of cell phones cause popcorn to pop. After she was strapped to the device, every two seconds, a drop of water hit her forehead in the same spot. Lol. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. With the help of FBI explosive experts, they then took it to the extreme and loaded up the truck with the explosive mix. Since the MythBusters are known for going big, there was no way they were just going to do a simple recreation. Special episodes listed here were aired separately to the normal season episodes. For 14 seasons, with a total of 248 episodes, more than 1,000 tested myths, and 900 explosions, MythBusters was the longest running series on Discovery. Guess what would happen if you took a million match heads and set fire to them? As for the myth? Although no one was hurt, the damage could have been lethal. Kari could stop the test at any moment but persevered past the point where many would tap out. The MythBusters showed their favorite places to shop. As it turned out, one of the cannonballs flew over 700 yards, ended up in a nearby neighborhood where it went entirely through a house then through the window of a minivan. According to Tory, the experiment was "one of the most terrifying days on the show." Furthermore, even assuming that there was enough ammonium nitrate in the pile for it to explode, the ignition of such an insensitive explosive would require blasting caps or the equivalent; a stray firecracker wouldn't get it started. After the chase was over, the MythBusters realized that although it's a difficult skill to master, it's plausible. We take all the safety precautions that we possibly can, but you play with fire, you can get burned." The MythBusters tackle congestion questions: testing shockwave jams, if a roundabout is better than a 4-way stop sign, if it's faster to drive than fly when your trip is under 400 miles, and if it's better to change lanes or stay put in heavy traffic. Block and his colleagues are pleased with the reception from students so far and expect to double the class size in the second year (the course was heavily oversubscribed this year). © Stanford University. One of his firecrackers sparks the diesel-manure mixture, causing an explosion, and the shockwave launches Jimmy over the nearby barn, where he lands on a mound of hay, and is able to walk away uninjured. I used to live across the river from where they did this. MythBusters. Think you'll make it? Have you ever wanted to see if you could walk across water? While the show focused on testing popular myths, Adam and Jamie would frequently see if they could recreate outrageous scenes from films, testing the plausibility of stunts from the silver screen. "I took a deep breath and took a whole bunch of water. In a MythBusters episode where Tory and Kari were trying to make goats "faint," Tory got more than he bargained for. For 14 seasons, with a total of 248 episodes, more than 1,000 tested myths, and 900 explosions, MythBusters was the longest running series on Discovery.The show was hosted by both Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman, two former Hollywood special effects artists who wanted to test the validity of myths by conducting what ended up being some seriously dangerous experiments. This is TERRIFYING!”, Master remixer melodysheep turns his talents to making our MythBusters masterfully sing about science.