Founding member of the Justice League International and the second Justice League of America. Active. Later, the Flash arrived and they moved to an abandoned building to work on analyzing a mysterious alien box, when it suddenly activated and more Parademons arrived. He has even replicated an entire universe and just as easily destroyed it. List items After this, members Superman and Wonder Woman began a romantic relationship.[5]. Though the League managed to overpower most of the Squad, Waller activated the aces up her sleeve and used the Enchantress and Killer Frost to ultimately defeat the heroes. And having broken into the Ultra Penitence Prison; Batman and Deathstroke freed the prisoners held within, creating Entropy, until in the center of the prison they released... Brainiac 2.0.[19]. As a result of an experiment that bonded him with the alloy taken from the alien known as the Silver Shield, he became the all-powerful Captain Atom. Three teams would use the name Justice League in the early 1990s: Justice League America (led by Wonder Woman), Justice League Task Force (led by the Martian Manhunter), and Extreme Justice (led by Captain Atom). Lineup changes were rather frequent. NEXT: The 10 Most Powerful New Gods From New Genesis, Ranked. Though Jessica used her Lantern ring to overpower and destroy the entity, she felt, after the fact, that she wasn't ready to be a part of such an impressive team. When Aquaman returned with the rest of the League, he forced Ocean Master's surrender and reclaimed his throne as king of Atlantis to stop the war. He naturally possesses super strength, super speed, telekinesis, telepathy, as well as a vast knowledge of magic. Active. This incarnation lasted until the mid-1980s. Before she became a member of the Justice League, she was a member of the Global Guardians. Active. This universe included several reboots and retcons starting with Crisis on Infinite Earths in 1986 and culminating in the Flashpoint storyline, leading to the New 52 in 2011. After realizing the creature was extraterrestrial in origin, the two heroes went to Metropolis to seek out Superman. Guy Gardner may be cocky and a major pain to deal with, but he is also one of the strongest heroes in the cosmos. The Justice League is an organization comprised of the world's greatest superheroes. The JLA series, by Grant Morrison, was a return to the "Big Seven," with Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash (Wally West), Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner), Aquaman and J'onn J'onzz. This name would quickly be changed to the widely more recognized name "the Justice League", coined by author David Graves. Characters in bold are current Justice League active members. Fate, is one of the founding members of Justice League International, as well as one of the strongest sorcerers in the DC universe. RELATED: Ranking The 10 Most Powerful DC Cosmic Characters. In the following issue, the JLAers suggest voting on him as an honorary member but never actually do and instead welcome the actual Hawkman back to the League following a brief leave. A portion of the Justice League was forced into action when Aquaman's half brother Ocean Master declared war on the surface world by attempting to drown Gotham City and Metropolis. DC Comics had the first fictional universe of superheroes, with the Justice Society of America forming in the Golden Age of Comic Books in the 1940s. Retconned as founding member post-Flashpoint. Entertainment Quiz / Post New-52 Justice League Members Random Entertainment or Comic Books Quiz Can you name the Post New-52 Justice League Members? After an alien scarab fused itself to his spine, Jaime Reyes became the third incarnation of the Blue Beetle. If he wanted to, he could easily dominate the will of every sentient race and rule the entire cosmos. While he may lack experience, he is by far the strongest of the Blue Beetle so far. Non-full members and staff are also listed below. With Aquaman leading the charge, the Justice League fought to take down the gods and stop them from also turning Earth's citizens into sea monsters. DC Comics had the first fictional universe of superheroes, with the Justice Society of America forming in the Golden Age of Comic Books in the 1940s. Batman 6' 2" 210 lbs Superman 6' 3" 235 lbs Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) 6' 2" 186 lbs Flash (Barry Allen) 5' 11" 179 lbs Wonder Woman 6' 0" 165 lbs Aquaman 6' 1" 325 lbs Cyborg 6' 5" 385 lbs This issue is also offered as a special combo pack edition, polybagged with a redemption code for a digital download of this issue. Name as many Justice League members as you can in five minutes. Though Rao intended his acts to be charitable, governments across the world worried at being deemed unnecessary by the god. Thanks to the power of her mystical Tantu Totem, she possesses a deep connection with the Red, the source of all animal life in the universe. Later, the Flash arrived and they moved to an abandoned building to work on analyzing a mysterious alien box, when it suddenly activated and more Parademons arrived. In a mini-series written by James Robinson, Hal Jordan forms a more pro-active league with Oliver Queen and Ray Palmer, as well as new members. Some of the first issues of New 52 Justice League had them listed in the back. 257 Pages. In addition to its defensive abilities, the scarab can also instantaneously modify its structure, allowing him to access an arsenal of weapons. Dies in. Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Aquaman attempted to reduce the damage and deescalate the situation. After a few more smaller adventures, Aquaman's fiancé Mera joined the team in his place, as Arthur was indisposed with his own problems. Founding member and later leader of the first Justice League Dark; founding member of the second Justice League Dark. As the Justice League accrued more and more political power with every victory, Amanda Waller organized her own anti-Justice League team to work for the government in the event they were ever needed to bring down the real deal. Though Rao's plan makes a lot of progress, affecting a huge number of the population, the Justice League fight back and attempt to undo his damage. Active. 2 issue #23 to secretly be a member of the. After the death and replacement of Superman, the Justice League regrouped, adding the new Superman and two Green Lanterns Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz to their roster. Active in adventuring. Profile Quizzes Subscribed Subscribe? Together, they operate as a team dedicated to fighting crime and injustice, and act as Earth's first line of defense from terrestrial, extra-terrestrial and inter-dimensional threats. Revealed to be working for Felix Faust in. Art and cover by JIM LEE and SCOTT WILLIAMS. [1], Some time later, the Justice League would accept their first new member - the Martian Manhunter. Quiz by TheUnrealInsomniac. The New 52 - Red Lanterns // DC Comics The New 52 // The New 52 - Justice League International, Art and cover by JIM LEE and SCOTT WILLIAMS, 1:25 Variant cover by CARLOS D’ANDA / 1:200 B&W Variant cover by JIM LEE, On sale MAY 16 • 40 pg, FC, $3.99 US • RATED T. • “THE VILLAIN’S JOURNEY” begins here! The Justice League, back to their normal selves, reformed as the core seven founding members when they encountered the Kryptonian god-figure Rao, having arrived on Earth with his disciples.