Minneapolis, MN 55435 New Wave DV satisfies these requirements with the V1131 Quad Channel 10 Gigabit Ethernet XMC Card — doubling port density with plenty of FPGA resources to process data and support for both PCIe and XAUI host connectivity. More >, Two node, transformer-coupled quad-port repeater hub for 1394b AS5643 More >, The RapXG delivers scalable, high performance packet capture and playback. The Technobox XMC to PCI Express® adaptor with Rear I/O support provides up to 8X lanes of connection from the XMC P15 connector to the PCI Express® edge finger.

The New Wave DV V1153 Rugged XMC FPGA Card: Combining Customizable High-Speed Interfaces with FPGA Coprocessing, Phoenix Demonstrates Neutron Radiography Techniques for Product Inspection, Transportable Performance Advances Access at the Point of Need, Antenova adds high performer to its 5G antennas, Compact, Rugged Power System Provides Reliable Charging in Remote Locations RP24 Power System from Elma meets IEC Class II grounding requirements, New 3U OpenVPX Backplanes in VITA 65 and VITA 66.4 Optical Formats, New 6U SBC Incorporates Intel 9th Gen CPU, Aligns with SOSA Technical Standard, Aitech’s C530 Meets Growing Market Demand for NVIDIA GPU-accelerated Compute in AI Applications, The Challenges of the Harshest Environments are met with the latest Rugged Laptops and Tablets, 112Gb/s PAM4 ADC-based SerDes Model in Simulink and IBIS AMI for IEEE 802.3ck, ACEINNA Launches Ultra Reliable and Highly Accurate 1.3°/hr IMU Sensor. More >, Hardware-based full-network stack implementation of FC-ASM. Supporting temperature ranges from -40°C to +85°C and complying with VITA 20 standards, each V1153 XMC card delivers a reliable, long-lasting solution for your rugged embedded needs. Front/backplane 850nm multi-mode optics or electrical ports to Pn6 (high-speed mezzanine connector), TCP, UDP, ARP, ICMP, RoCE v2, Multicast, Broadcast, + more, Software drivers available from NVIDIA® Mellanox®2, Dimensions: 74 mm (width) x 143.75 mm (length), Operating: -40° C to 55° C at 250 LFM (air-cooled), Operating: -40° C to 85° C (conduction-cooled), New Wave DV

+1 952-224-9201. The models are presented "AS IS". More >, Single-node 1394b adapter card with non-transformer-coupled transceivers. The new V1153 rugged VITA 42 XMC interface and FPGA processor card introduced by New Wave Design & Verification (New Wave DV) offers users a unique combination of high-speed interfacing modes and powerful application coprocessing capabilities. Supports full-rate, ½ rate, and ¼ rate operation as specified by the standard. F-18/F-15 compatible interface mode available. Sign up and receive FREE pieces of any part number, anytime! Supporting temperature ranges from -40°C to +85°C, each V1160 XMC card delivers a reliable, long-lasting solution for your rugged embedded needs. Extend cable distances and create scalable tree topologies.

of cookies. Automation is being used from start to finish in many companies, and it shouldn’t be a surprise that ... As computing power continues to increase, air cooled systems cannot meet current thermal requirements for HPC hardware systems. Minneapolis, MN 55435 More >, Complete FPGA design providing Ethernet interface IP, external memory interfaces, DMA controllers, PCIe interface, and software drivers. Download +1 952-224-9201. More >, High density FPGA PCIe Card for next generation data distribution, processing, and networking systems with support for 1/10/25/40/100G Ethernet and 1/2/4/8/16/32G Fibre Channel. The New Wave Design and Verification team has extensive experience designing, building, testing, and delivering electronic systems.