He goes to some places using the knowledge from the game but it isn't exciting reading about it. Theater That's about it. Hate or bullying Show more . Legendary player Marvin transmigrated to the eve of the Great Calamity.

The MC's father was murdered by a slow poisoning. The setting and characters are complex and connected. The Night Ranger was an excellent book, exciting, suspenseful and well written. He is different from other spies/agents in books I have read, because, despite being a violent man, he is also thoughtful and not without conscience(Mitch Rapp...) The story centers around the kidnapping of four American volunteers, which escalates quickly and impending war against Somalia becomes a possibility. Every other character. After transmigrating into a weak noble body, Marvin discovered that he was familiar with the world, this was the game he played in his previous life and… Damn! He becomes a real character and part of the game's backstory. Then again, there's also plenty wrong with the novel, so let's just to the most basic way of summarizing it all: list! There are lots of mysteries and connections that I can't wait to see revealed. As a former top player, he would obviously fight to save the world… Yeah, no. The best part of the story is easily the vivid combat scenes, which relies on a MMORPG sensibility to drive the action. Alex Berenson is one of the rare authors who seem to get better and better each time out. Please do not take that to mean that it wasn't well written because it certainly was. Also, wasnt quite sure what the point of the "make-out" session with the weird lady was all about. It is extremely absurd, and not even an ending: just the story left incomplete. Fantasy Commercial Be the first to ask a question about The Night Ranger. I don't regret reading it. Not as much depth as Berenson usually explores in his work, but a great plot doesn't disappoint his fans. Adventure Oh and I almost forgot, the cheat, it's, still the same usual. Games But unfortunately this one does not do justice to Mr. Berenson's writing talent. I continue to really like these books featuring John Wells.

Maybe to plant the seed that John doesnt have deep feelings for Anne and the return of Exley is nigh? Follow Marvin's journey through this new world. I've grown accustomed to John Wells saving the world, or at least preventing a major disaster, but in this book his exploits focus on the kidnapping of three aid workers in Africa, none of whom are even terribly likable. Night Ranger is no exception. Games John Wells gets a call from his estranged son who he hadn't spoken to in ten years. I like John Wells more and more with each book, as I learn more about him.

twitter e.g. He's never afraid of death even when he's inches from it, and even though we're told he feels pain, it doesn't seem that way. The MC concludes that other people don't gain experience for getting kills, but he literally just assumes that without any testing whatsoever. fortunately you can't just google the chinese raws and find chinese fan translations (english to chinese) of every skill, spell, item, monster, etc in the novel.

Night ranger has a simple premise: expert video-gamer gets thrown back in time for a do-over, and has all kinds of foreknowledge about the game. It'd be fine, but unfortunately the novel adapts the moralist attitude about MC's actions, and it just becomes impossible to take it seriously. Guidall is Wells.

This is the fourth age, The G.o.ds teamed-up and destroyed the Cosmic Magic Pool, The fourth Table of Fate started to gestate in the mortal realm. Even so far that some parts are suspiciously almost identical...) and also to a lesser extent The Amber Sword.

TV Searching novel order by alphabet name A to Z. Thanks! Thanks! Then it gets more complicated: he's thrown into the past of the video game, but not at the starting point of the game but into the back-story era of the game, the time that is usually glossed over quickly during the 'intro/prologue' of the game. Four University of Montana college grads are doing volunteer work in an Africa refugee camp, when they are kidnapped for unknown reasons.

History, FEMALE LEAD MC was trying to develop a gold mine for many many chapters since it's led to believe this is critical to developing his city. Some mook knows instantly the incredibly rare class of the MC (literally only 18 other people in the world with the class), but then a far more powerful, older, guy with far more access to knowledge has no idea what he is like two chapters later. The Night Ranger was an excellent book, exciting, suspenseful and well written. 66M Views. He only had six months before the Great Calamity! Fantasy Written by the . Alex Berenson continues to write engrossing thrillers starring the redoubtable John Wells, who is again called upon to find victims of a kidnapping, but in this case, its young teenagers in Africa. demand on remembering the particulars of lore. Damn! Nanomancer Reborn I've Become A Snow Girl? Author tries to setup the MC to do some nation-building (like "Release the Witch, The Amber Sword"), but it's poorly done.

They're too one-note. However, there should be a clearly drawn line somewhere - there isn't here. Who else?

Things gets complicated as he discovers hidden motives. Like usual the Kingdom Building/Management aspect was completely wasted, which I thought was quite unfortunate considering that Marvin even begun as a noble with his own fief to reclaim. LATEST MANGA RELEASES . It's as if James Bond got involved in breaking up a small-time check-kiting ring in North Dakota. Night Ranger author: Dark Blue Coconut Milk. Also, wasnt quite sure what the point of the "make-out" session with the weird lady was all about. by G.P. War

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Completed Sometimes at least. For all you know by that point you might be dead. High Elves??? At the start of the novel, we were told that Wizards are by far the most powerful beings in the world. I hate to use the cliches associated with reading, "I couldn't put it down", or "A real page turner", but with this book I found myself putting off chores to sit in my chair and read another 50 or so pages instead of doing what needed to be done. I would have loved a confrontation with Thompson that explained the motive for him and Scott. The main character remembers everything about the game down to the fiddliest bit, except when it's convenient for him not to. Time to plan and prepare for the upcoming events, better to use that knowledge to get ahead rather than fight with gods. Out of nowhere, an item in MC's hands will suddenly have a property that it didn't have before simply because author said so. East Africa isn’t his usual playing field. Welcome back. Author clearly forgot about it. No, seriously. In addition, his plot armor is thick, matching greatly his, quite honestly, sub-par intellect. The epilogue did not feel like an epilogue to me..just a continuation of the book.

I like John Wells more and more with each book, as I learn more about him. Mystery, Inspiring I'm concerned that instead of MC having his own objectives, he'll just get quests to follow like a player in an RPG. History Time to plan and prepare for the upcoming events, better to use that knowledge to get ahead rather than fight with gods. It is my favorite Alex Berenson book (I think I have read the first six, but I'm too lazy to check) so far. The Night Ranger is the latest John Wells novel by Alex Berenson. I cannot wait till the next book in the series.

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This means that what could be considered "weak" and "useless" in a game, because there's comparatively better options and/or because something might be powerful in the beginning but fall off later, much more valuable and have their own uses. John Wells is asked to rescue four aid workers who have disappeared and are presumed kidnapped from a Somalia refugee camp in Kenya. You'll know by c15 if it's for you or not. Shes boring. I read it in a day. An element of luck is necessary in these types of stories as it provides a buffer for MC to go from nothing to something and not die in the meantime. No, seriously. The wording is also weird its like reading a childrens book. Great descriptions, a nightmare situation--we get the story of those being held by terrorists as well, an action-packed but issue-filled plot. Lots of unanswered questions and the ending felt abrupt. You can see where I'm going. MC is a super-magnet for powerhouses of the world because he needs them 99% of the time to save his ass because of some idiotic thing he did. Most of the major plots like: His Grandfather???