Like them all. The EDC01 is much less brighter than any of the lights suggested before and OP wants a bright light! Does anyone know if the plastic Rovyvon (A1X) is good? The main way this will be carried is probably a keychain, for which there is a split ring included. These beamshots are always with the following settings:  f8, ISO100, 0.3s shutter, and manual 5000K exposure. Output doesn’t hit the claim when considered to FL1 standards, but at initial output the specs are met. It is charged via micro-USB, which has a push-in rubber cover. An appealing keychain light. Press J to jump to the feed. Paperwork (If mine came with a manual, I’ve misplaced it. How long is the expected battery life? Just picked it up a week ago and can’t stop playing with it. Thanks to RovyVon for sending them! Have a look, and see if the improvements are compelling! Quite similar to the Rovyvon, and probably without PWM on low modes. The plug is a little harder to manipulate than most I’ve used, but it works just fine. The clip lives best on the side of the light without the switch, but it can be fitted on either. And the light can’t be disassembled, so it’s not easy to change the LED (I won’t say it’s impossible.) The RovyVon lights have been popping up over and over, so I reached out to RovyVon on amazon about some review units. Great for hiking, though! RovyVon Aurora A5 Nitecore TIP 2017 FW3A (18350) Emisar D4 (18350) Acebeam TK16 (16340) RovyVon Aurora A23. I was actually looking at their line-up seeing if I could justify getting more one or two of those smaller lights. Highly recommend this one in blue. 4 In him was life; and the life was the light of men. Or, under that perspective, an Emisar D4 in 18350 tube would almost be a better option…. Over 700 lumens at startup is ridiculous for this tiny light! GITD is cool (A5/7/x), blue sounds nicer (A7/x), I prefer the smaller size of previous gen over the larger battery capacity of the new X gen (A7). I recently bought the A23 black for a pocket light! The body is fully plastic aside from the bezel, which appears to be stainless steel. But for the same price, I was able to put an imalent LD10 onto my Keychain. The clip is very useful on a ball cap. What can I say about the TIKI LE that I haven't already said about the RovyVon Aurora series. I find myself using my zerbralight all the time on moonlight mode. I should have listened to what you said though and stayed away from the XP-G3. RovyVon sent over an updated A3 light – the A3x. I like the improvements in this Aurora line, and I think this is still a compelling little light. I have the A7 and I'd get it again, I really like the blue GITD body, Sounds like a case for /u/barry_baltimore. This is a single mode white light, too. The side light was too low to test on my calibrated tube, but I did test the output a different way. So if your battery is 1300 mAh out of the box, it might drop to 75% of that (about 1000 mAh) after 200 charge/discharge cycles. Here are some examples: The lantern is quite useful this way, too. I love that it has secondary and tertiary emitters. It’s hard to beat the feature rich-ness of the Aurora A5! Have a look, and see if the improvements are compelling! I am seeing a little bit of (fairly important) discrepancy between the manual (what I want) and what my light has with regards to UI. (I would love to see a lower option for the side.). I weigh it at 11g. Have you explored the reprogramming of this light? Emisar D4 (18350) How to Post Images on BLF  //  Many knives for sale (USA only), How to move a thread //  WTS Brand New Timex Expedition Vibe Shock Camo Watch (USA only). Weight: 19.5g. Very good point, it’s to big for a keychain. A site for things that interest a flashlight fan! I’d hoped to get a sampling of various iterations, but in the end RovyVon agreed to send the GITD version, the Aurora A5. I like aluminum flashlights because they dissipate heat well, so I would go for the (Upgraded) A3. I reset the runtime at about 6 minutes, and near-high output was achieved again. They aren’t the most essential but they do come in handy. I like XP-G3, but there are plenty that prefer Nichia 219. “LiPo Battery Life Span. Also, on my sample, the USB cover pops out way too easily unless you fiddle with it quite a bit. What about the nitecore tip se, any good? There is, in the form of a micro-USB port in the side of the tail. Also available is a stainless steel version, which is the A2x series. The red emitter is between the two white side emitters. There’s a glut of 10180 lights I could mention here. RovyVon sent over an updated A3 light - the A3x. I know the Nitecore Tiki is about half the price of a Rovyvon but its mushy button turns me off. RovyVon sent over an updated A3 light - the A3x. But I mean if budget was a bit higher you could get a emisar D4v2 with a shorty tube its hilariously small for a light that packs 4k+ lumens. [Giveaway] RovyVon A5 Aurora, sponsored by RovyVon! A lot of the newer Nitecore Tips don't have lockout, which in my opinion, is pretty important. ), aluminum versions, and some soft-coat aluminum, too. That is definitely worth the increase in size, especially in something with such a small, non-replacable battery. It is charged via micro-USB, which has a push-in rubber cover. Also the 16340 lights are small enough for hanging on a keychain.