It’ll take more than a week to get the strip out of the newspaper because the comics pages are produced in advance. The Register-Guard is canceling the comic strip “Non Sequitur” beginning Feb. 18. I’m sure he’d appreciate hearing from friends. Do you have to show how tough and angry you are through profanity? Readers? This should never have happened, and this has been heartbreaking. The New Mexican has published Non Sequitur since 1996. Also The Comment that “Eagle Eyed fans spotted my Easter Egg.” This is not an “Nuts, I forgot to white that out.” It was written there and written to not be seen or as an inside joke. I’d love to see a list of newspapers that have kept Non Sequitur despite this incident. Wiley Miller, the author of the strip, failed to adhere to those standards when he included a profanity aimed at Trump in a semi-scribble in the comic. "Mr. Miller made a juvenile and vulgar decision that does not meet our standards for the syndicated content we pay to have in the newspaper and is offensive to our readers, regardless of their political affiliations,” The Post-Standard said. Be yourself: Accounts suspected of using fake Until a choice is made, we are offering “Cornered” by Mike Baldwin. The Herald Bulletin will discontinue publication of the syndicated “Non Sequitur” comic strip after learning Monday that a panel of the Sunday strip contained a scribbled, vulgar message to President Donald Trump. On Monday, multiple newspapers, including the St. Paul Pioneer Press, said they dropped the comic. News-Journal editor Pat Rice went on to describe the process for readers: As readers, you deserve to know how something like this could end up in one of the comics we publish in the first place. The Toronto Star’s response is 100% Canadian. not. Beginning Monday, readers will see the comic strip “Argyle Sweater” in place of “Non Sequitur” on weekdays and Saturday, and “Pearls Before Swine” on Sundays. A syndicated comic strip has been discontinued by a Pennsylvania newspaper after an obscene anti-Trump message was found hidden in one of its panels. You just trust that they’re fine. Thank you for joining the conversation on The Journal has replaced “Non Sequitur” with a strip called “Off the Mark.”. I finally heard back from the Tampa Bay Times. A day later the Chattanooga Times Free Press had decided to drop Non Sequitur: The Times Free Press has decided to discontinue the comic “Non Sequitur” after an expletive was tucked into the version…. Add the Bangor Daily News to the dropping “Non Sequitur” list even though they gave no such public statement (or what they replaced it with), a reader wanted them to bring the strip back (Yeah, good luck with that pal):, This has nothing to do with political beliefs. Shit happens. Raising a Reader! Please log in, or sign up for a new account to continue reading. All those comic strips end up at a company called Reed Brennan, which builds our Sunday comics section and then sends it electronically to our press room, which prints the section about a week before it appears in print and online via our E-Edition at It is beyond the pale for a cartoonist to use the sort of language Donald Trump uses. In place of “Non Sequitur” look for the comic “Pearls Before Swine.”. Julie Anderson, editor-in-chief of the Orlando Sentinel and the Sun-Sentinel, said the cartoonist’s action was “a breach of trust with our readers.”, The Spokane Spokesman-Review (dropped into the syndicated Washington Post story). And NON SEQUITUR is back at the SFNM. It generally has an incise and witty approach to day to day life. Well, that trust has been violated in regard to Non Sequitur.”. The Butler Eagle was not the only newspaper to carry an unexpected anti-Trump message on Sunday. Editors at The Dispatch did not see the words scribbled in fine print before the strip was published. The Sunday comics are sent directly from Andrews McMeel Syndication to the Post-Gazette’s production facility in Clinton, where they are printed two weeks before they are distributed to customers. Vendor: Oni ComicsType: Graphic NovelsPrice: Beginning Monday, readers will see the comic strip “The Flying McCoys” daily and Sunday in place of “Non Sequitur.”. Once she takes office on Jan. 3, she's likely to join a growing if discreet group of lawmakers packing heat. Can you spot the Goose Egg in your next Paycheck. The syndicate that represents the cartoonist, Andrews McMeel, on Monday, issued an apology. …Exhibit A: “Peanuts” was published in many newspapers across the country for more than 18 years after the death (coincidentally 19 years ago Tuesday) of the strip’s creator, Charles Schulz. Beginning Monday, readers will see the comic strip “Wallace the Brave” in place of “Non Sequitur.”. Many newspapers pre-print their Sunday comics sections – including The Spokesman-Review – meaning the Non Sequitur strip will appear in this coming week’s Sunday comics section because it already has been printed. The News & Observer will no longer will publish the “Non Sequitur” comic strip by Wiley Miller, and we want to explain our decision…. ‘Non Sequitur’ is removed from comics pages, Big-box stores face restrictions under New Mexico public health order, New Mexico seeks local law enforcement help with health orders, Krispy Kreme closes Santa Fe doughnut shop, New Mexico sets daily record for COVID-19 cases, deaths, Suspect sought in Santa Fe County homicide, Santa Fe hotels are emptying ahead of Thanksgiving as state locks down, Santa Fe council OKs $2 million to help buy hotel to use for pandemic relief, New Mexico selected for Pfizer vaccine distribution trial, LANL sees first death from virus as caseload climbs, A Santa Fe turkey day stuffed with fear, sadness, Angry Trump supporters protest election outcome at Roundhouse, New Mexico hits record 1,753 daily cases as Santa Fe reports high of 132, Santa Fe mayor received warning protesters intended to remove obelisk, Sixth suspect charged in destruction of Plaza obelisk, Third suspect charged in destruction of Plaza obelisk. Along with their friends and plenty of beer, Andy and Scout are just trying to make it through their 20s, survive late capitalism, and navigate the dating world. On Sunday, our Comics section included a “Non Sequitur” strip by Wiley Miller that contained a vulgar rebuke of President Donald Trump. “We count on cartoonists and syndicated writers to send material that is witty and forthright, while reflecting what we believe are the values of the families that read our newspapers. Do you need profanity to make your point? For twenty-five years Bechdel's path-breaking, CBLDF Case Files – Top Shelf v. U.S. Customs, CBLDF Case Files – Winter Bros. v. DC Comics, CBLDF Case Files – Oklahoma v. Planet Comics, CBLDF Case Files – California BOE v. Paul Mavrides, People v. Kirkpatrick, Criminal Court of NY (1970), People v. Kirkpatrick, NY State Court of Appeals (1973). Our concern isn’t that Mr. Miller made a political statement — plenty of comics, “Doonesbury” and “Pearls Before Swine” among them, are known for their biting, critical observations of politicians and government institutions and policies. Among the papers ending their association with Non Sequitur are: “We apologize that such a disgusting trick was perpetuated on the reading public. The Eagle has a similar process. As at most newspapers across the nation, the Sunday comics that appear in The Spokesman-Review are sent directly to the newspaper’s printing and production facility, where they are typically printed two weeks before they are delivered to subscribers. The Star requires its staff to adhere to stringent editorial and ethical standards. We’ll have no trouble finding a better way to spend the $8,000 we would’ve paid for that strip.”, The Columbus Dispatch (noted as an update in the original report). Non Sequitur is a comic strip created by Wiley Miller (credited mononymously as Wiley) starting February 16, 1992 and syndicated by Andrews McMeel Syndication to over 700 newspapers.It is also published on and distributed via email.. The parents of a deceased British teenager lost their High Court battle attempting to establish that the wife of a U.S. official did not have diplomatic immunity at the time of her fatal crash with their son. and other Tribune Publishing newspapers. Thanks for discontinuing the list. He made an end-run on the in-house standards that we and our readers expect. copyrighted pieces. We were asked to spot the Easter Egg. See our Privacy Policy and Third Party Partners to learn more about the use of data and your rights. Wiley Miller has lost our trust. Those whose opinions could be swayed will see you as a screeching vulgar partisan and pay you no heed. On Sunday, our Comics section included a “Non Sequitur” strip by Wiley Miller that contained a vulgar rebuke of President Donald Trump.