Thank you so much for offering this art school! This is the best art school I have seen and I will continue to support it and learn from it and my feedback is only positive, I am VERY happy with the Art School. Your brilliant landscape work has really recharged my batteries, as I have retired from clinical medical practice and now paint, compose soundtrack music, teach bonsai and fly a drone like you! Thank you for your YouTube tutorials and the move to setup the online art courses. Thank you. In my opinion this makes your site second to none, as detail is important to learning. Favorite Excellent video tutorials with good camera angles and clear audio! You are amazing and I love your work. Michael’s enthusiasm is contagious and will provide the inspiration you need to want to paint. I’m really excited about starting the school! They tend to skip over “their secret” techniques that you truly need to produce a work of the highest quality. Michael believes that everyone has the ability to learn how to paint.

Thanks to you and what I have learnt so far from you, my art work got me recognised as a professional artist even though I’ve only been painting for a few months now. I must compliment you also on your generosity in posting explanatory videos that carefully explain your techniques. Michael covers everything from the preferred paintbrushes, the paint colours required and how to mix them, through to explaining his own tried and tested techniques to help you achieve his photorealistic style of painting. Essex Art arrives ready-to-hang with Free Shipping & Free Returns. They are the best I have found. I have been painting for 30 years now and have finally reached my high-water mark. 121 Main Road Love your work. I love his art….

Thank you for all the wonderful techniques you share with us. I also feel that your fee is very good value for what you provide. Explore a variety of Michael’s portfolio of oil paintings, which includes stunning landscapes and seascapes. Thanks Michael for sharing your wonderful talents. First off, thank you for coming up with the online tutorials. Thank you!

I have learned so much from starting the first landscape and I cannot wait to move on! Very informative and inspiring. I am enjoying every minute of each lesson. I think you are going to revolutionise and modernise a field via internet. Thank you, keep up the good work. I know Michael hears this all the time, but his ability to teach this very difficult painting style continues to amaze and I am personally amazed at the improvement I am making almost session by session. You can use these as inspiration for your own paintings. This style of painting is perfect for me and I am eternally grateful to Michael and all of you for making this possible.

I love the classes, I am so pleased you started the school. At the Beach Choose a picture for the woman to carry on a beach in a black and white style First off, the website is as fantastic as I hoped it would be! Each full-length oil painting tutorial, which can range from between 3-11 hours, is broken down into shorter videos so that you can easily follow and absorb Michael’s guidance, tips and techniques. Read our most frequently asked questions about oil painting, Michael’s techniques and being a member of the Online Art School. My Partner and myself have just recently discovered you and we love your technique in painting trees and water. I think that not only are you a wonderful talented artist, but you are a great teacher too, you have so much patience to teach how to realistically paint every detail, and you have a calm and soothing voice and mannerisms.

They are very helpful. I really think you did a great job of setting up the school. It seemed that I knew the colours that I could see in the landscape, but couldn’t get them right.
I probably shouldn’t have started all the tutorials at once though…but I am so excited about PAINTING!!! I have gone over your site, well done. I’m really looking forward to the classes. Anyone can paint, we have all been taught to paint at some stage in our school days and yet seem to stop once we leave school and those who still paint or wish to start painting again always need inspiration at some point; well Michael provides inspiration by the bucket full. Thanks so much Mr. Smith. Thank you so much for all that I have learned and now I can paint a photo realistic painting because of your tutorials. Paint your picture with oil paint. Best wishes as far as the business success which I can see is most assured. Thanks again to a great artist and human being.