This is the browser communicating with OKCupid to return a list of questions containing that term. Womyn, or other feminist spelling revisions. It did not happen (F***ing, D***ed Facebook, Ruining Socializing and making Reunions considered outdated and obsolete). In a serious relationship, do you feel it's important to keep your significant other informed of the details of your day-to-day life? Are you squeamish about sharing food or beverages with the person you're dating? Which do you take? You decide to: How willing are you to meet someone from OkCupid in person? Do you enjoy dark, violent, or disturbing music? I would rather be mutually honest with my wife in the matter. Do you believe in an afterlife/life after death/resurrection? Do you like to be the center of attention? But within reason, especially from the real life actions of an Internet Troll or Cyber-Bully. Would you be willing to go shopping for sex toys? This is because we also take into account the importance level that both of you have selected. 254 Do you consider yourself to be an honorable person? Do you have a checklist of mandatory traits that you absolutely require in any significant other? He/she is completely naked and floating three feet in the air. I would support it if it was towards Recovery, not the sad act. A risk-free surgery performed immediately could provide normal male or female sexual and reproductive function. It's situation dependent. Do you have (or are you getting) a degree from one of the 8 ivy league universities, MIT, Stanford, Duke, U Chicago, or Caltech? How do you feel about age differences in relationships? Do you find British comedies entertaining? Can you write a web site in HTML (without using site building software)? Would you ever consider having a friendship based primarily on sex, with no intentions for love, romance, or long-term commitment? Ever since OkTrends revealed that "whether someone likes the taste of beer is the single best predictor of if he or she has sex on the first date," I've felt weirdly judged by this question. Action figures, dolls, or model vehicles. Edit: As of at least May 2020, this method no longer works. If your partner were to provide you with a meal, which would you appreciate more? The odds of improvement are nil. Do you only date people with athletic and toned bodies? Which would you choose? Would you date someone who was looking for true love - but no sex, at all, ever? Which would you prefer your ideal match to be more into? Yes, even if they were slightly overweight. Would you date someone, knowing that they had a VERY close family member (parent, sibling) who was openly gay? Please feel free to skip any questions that don't apply to you! Maybe, but there is no way to really know. Would the fact that a partner insisted you were perfect (had no faults) and refused to acknowledge your shortcomings, bother you? Mainly because of being lonely from being single and PUBLICALLY [sic] Invisible. A show that you desperately want to see is in town for today only. Someone you are interested in sometimes becomes very emotional over forms of art (movies, music, poetry.) I prefer instrumental or non-vocal-driven music. Seems like most people do care if you’re likely to cheat (surprise), how you feel about faith, and if you think the earth is at risk of melting, or if it’s just a big conspiracy theory created by the liberal coastal elite — who will be under water in +/- 50 years. Would you be willing to date someone who plays video games almost every day, for at least 2 hours? You discover that they have a room-mate the same sex as you. If things got more serious, the cheating. Which type of education would you prefer for your children? I don't know why this would ever matter, but sure, let's knock all the non-take-out-eaters out of the running. You find this: On average, how do your friends compare to you, age-wise? Is it okay to answer your cell phone while out with a friend or on a date? Do you know something I don't, OkCupid? (album, has been updated with 158 questions). Better go with both, I think? Do you believe that money can buy happiness? If I go with grammar, am I betraying feminists everywhere? How do you feel about government-subsidized food programs (free lunch, food stamps, etc.)? Tourist attractions or entertainment venues. No. I sincerely wish it was not acceptable for Men to be topless in the first place. Ugh, I'm really never going to find someone. Have you ever entered into a relationship out of desperation? If it were legal to do so where you live, would you smoke marijuana? because 95 percent of people like pizza. What do you do? Imagine you are on a first date and accidentally discover your date is packing condoms. 352 Are you annoyed by people who are super logical? You're in a relationship/marriage and feel that you and your mate aren't having sex frequently enough. How many live plants do you have in your home? They're busy doing whatever it is they like to do, and you're bored. We suggest answering between 50 and 100 to get started. If you found out the person you're dating cannot achieve orgasm without being slapped hard across the face, would you be willing to satisfy them in this way? If possible, would you prefer to date someone a lot more attractive than you, or about the same? The women are portrayed in a good photographic light. When would you prefer to settle a disagreement? Have you ever driven a motor vehicle over 100mph (161kph)? My relationship is open and I would have been honest with my wife. Ivan P Pavlov (1849-1936) won a Nobel Prize for his work in. Is it okay to live with someone you're dating, even before you're engaged or married? Do you enjoy intellectual debates on topics like politics, religion, science or philosophy? Consistent proper English: We are not at school! From CWCki. I do not usually use an alarm clock to wake up. To you, which adjective best describes hopeless, unrequited love? Hypothetically, and if the lack of either wouldn't affect your health, which would you give up? When swallowed as a pill, it will completely and permanently eliminate feelings of guilt for prior events. Have you ever written a screenplay or stage play? I dislike all of the above video game types. Which do you pick? 420 Which is worse: starving children or abused animals? Do you often make jokes that offend more uptight people? Do you believe in some kind of a spiritual, cosmic force outside the realm of most modern religion? So it wouldn't split people into meaningful groups and it would waste time when a more meaningful question could be answered. It really wasn't necessary to list all of them. Do you hang out with the same group of friends almost every time you go out? Perhaps these questions are where the real conversation begins.