One Above All vs The Living Tribunal. 17 wins (27%) One Above All One Above All: power stats. Brand spankin' new user =). Not enough for The Living Tribunal. How is TOAA a 'stupid idea'? A better match up would be LT vs. Michael and Lucifer. Posted 4 hours, 29 minutes ago" ... um how about NO.. Some way or how even defeat his opposite. __ oh oh, Does the LT have TOAA repellent in the belt? Isnt the TOAA just an in-Multiverse avatar for the Writers themselves? I see a lot of mistakes in many of these answers. Honestly no one can really say for sure since TOAA has only shown up like once or twice ever. TOAA wins. I think it takes this. TOAA precedes The Beyonder by 20 years in the editorial history of Marvel; TOAA’s first appearance was in 1962, The Beyonder’s in 1984. "Ok, ok, how about we also give him Batman's utility belt. cause you know he's the one above all. No, The One Above All (not the Celestial with the same name) is basically the god of the Marvel Universe, Marvel’s supreme being. Its function is to safeguard the Multiverse (the total sum of all universes) from an imbalance of mystical forces.It may act to prevent one universe from amassing more power than any of the others, or from upsetting the cosmic balance in some way. The One Above-All wins and i don't need to explain it. The Living Tribunal The One Below All has nothing even suggesting he's equal to The One-Above-All apart from name. Win awesome prizes! not much, he defeated one of the most powerfuls, other than that about it, we gonna use assumption rather than feats, Mephisto is scared of him and when dr strange as to remove him he just said nope. Based on what? Who will win in a fight between One Above All and The Living Tribunal? Who you think will win? It's interesting how we view and scale characters. Original Living Tribunal is used. This thread was over before its inception. You are putting a character in a paper against the one the draw's it. The Living Tribunal was a vastly powerful humanoid cosmic entity who has existed as long as the universe itself. One Below All is in his Abstract Form. With all that stuff I'm sure he has a chance to win now." Team Darkseid (Soulfire) vs Team Thanos (Heart Of The Universe) Lucifer Morningstar vs Team Beyonder. Created by remy94. Who will win in a fight between One Above All and The Living Tribunal? LT is literally but a fraction of what TOBA is. He's called "The One Above All" for a reason. Win awesome prizes! The One-Above-All & The One Below All vs Team The Living Tribunal. Or Galactus and his heralds are like TOAA and LT. It's been done 1,000,000,000,000 times already. Summary. Both are bloodlusted.2. Living Tribunal vs The One Below All # # Ok, ok, how about we also give him Batman's utility belt. Superhero battle match: One Above All versus The Living Tribunal. he killed metatron and destory all life in the 8th and 9th cosmos. Clint_Barton 1 y 1 mo 24 d . 17 wins (27%) One Above All One Above All: power stats. @nwname: Immortal Hulk, basically when he had Hulk as a host, ran through the multiverse and left himself as the only being left alive in all of it, when the next multiverse was created he did the exact same thing all over again, @professorrespect: Oh i thought it was something else, @nwname: ye I intended to do that, it's subtle bait. One Above All vs The Living Tribunal. "The Living Tribunal + GL ring + Captain America's shield + Thor's hammer might have a chance here. The best he's got is a statement from Mephisto saying TOBA is stronger than him. Clint_Barton 1 y 4 mo 13 d . WHO ARE YOU?!?! Who will win in a fight between Team The Living Tribunal and The One Below All? ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 2 wins (50%) One Above All vs The Living Tribunal. By implication, TOBA could be able to beat LT considering the only thing stopping it was TOAA's Green Door keeping it away. the problem TOBA appear so little but we have to assume his more power for 2 facts his the opposite of TOAA and he killed everyone expect galactus and franklin richards and we're gonna assume he killed all the cosmic beings including TLT.