Well you can see advantages of Biotechnology in nook and corners of the world. Biotechnology also has a number of risk and disadvantages : Given that the introduction of foreign genes to the diet, and therefore, to the human body can be dangerous, a potential risk could be the transfer of potentially allergenic proteins, that is, capable of determining, in some hypersensitive subjects, food … This may result in diseases getting immune to antibiotics and drugs. Disadvantages of Biotechnology in Food Genes inserted in the genetically modified food may get immune to the pesticides and insecticides with time. In the process of producing these genetically produced varieties of plants, some genetic materials can be introduced into the farmland which can result into the growth of new breed of unnatural plants. Disadvantages of using biotechnology in agriculture In the first place, there is a knee-jerk reaction against genetic manipulation. By ethics, people mean that we are disturbing the ethical nature of the world. If we saw ethics when we were living in trees, we wouldn’t have had such a sophisticated life. In the case of certain people, the immune system may not tolerate the desired genes inserted through genetically modified food. The main disadvantage that is posed against Biotechnology is ethics. Consider vegetables with a built-in herbicide, or grains containing mega-vitamins, or maybe harvesting decaffeinated coffee directly from the tree. From the drugs we use to the GM bred grains we eat. All of these biotechnologically enhanced plant foods have been created to improve, change or dramatically enhance the natural genetic makeup of these plants. While we have genetically modified our crops and breeds for centuries, there is some hesitation about the more intrusive albeit more targeted way biotechnology does this. A biotech farm usually gives these promises like below : • We absolutely need genetically engineered crops to feed the world and meet the demands of ever growing population. Disadvantages of Genetically Modified Foods To Humans Allergic reaction Allergic Reactions. Abuse is the primary disadvantage that biotechnology can provide. In humans, the number one most common side effect of consuming GM foods is allergic reaction.This allergic reaction happens when a certain protein/allergen present in the GM crop enters the body and stimulates an immune response. For that reason, certain areas of study in biotechnology, such as human cloning, have been restricted or outlawed outright. Biotechnology has seemed to have improved the conditions of living, yet with all its promises it has its wide disadvantages too. But i feel that is absurd. Food processing is a process by which non-palatable and easily perishable raw materials are converted to edible and potable foods and beverages, which have a … Disadvantages of Biotechnology. Biotechnology also has an important role in food processing whereby it helps in targeting the microorganisms in the bio-processed foods thereby improving the quality and safety regarding the consumption of such products. Growth of unwanted new breeds of plants; Biotechnology helps in the growth and development of pesticide-resistant crops. • They are termed as miracle crops. When the concepts of this field of study are misused, it can have a devastating effect on people, society, the environment, and even our planet.