Hope all is well and you all are safe during this time. I didn't bomb the exam but I definitely did not do well. This exam is used by all police agencies in New York State … Bring the Waiver and completed Affidavit and Written Exam with you to your qualification, along with your identification. Anyone get the notice to appear for the agility test June 17th? I scored top grades for troopers and had to defer until the class this fall but thought I'd take erie county anyway. In June of 2019, the NYS Civil Service Exam for Entry-Level Law Enforcement Officers was updated to a new set of test topics. For purposes of qualifying under option (D), fifteen (15) credits is the equivalent of six months work experience. Applications must be postmarked by the last filing date of July 1, 2019 or be physically brought into the Human Resources Office at the Government Center in Goshen by close of business July 3, 2019. Orange County is an equal opportunity employer and minorities are encouraged to apply for this and all other exams. Hey ladies and gents, I currently work with some PDs out here and was able to get some info. The last exam took the entire 6 months. From the departments I have spoke to they each said they’re looking to pick up 10+ so with that I’m hoping the demand is high enough we receive them by December. June 10, 2019 - Goshen, NY - Orange County is now accepting applications for the Police Officer/Deputy Sheriff Civil Service Exam. If not currently active, must provide proof of honorable discharge. Does anyone know when we'll find out our grades for Orange? For more information, please contact Tom Faggione, Legislator, 13th District, Orange County Legislature, 225 Main Street, Goshen, NY 10924, 845-551-5784, tfaggione@orangecountygov.com, 845-551-5784 - email: tfaggione@orangecountygov.com, Serving the residents of the city of Port Jervis, the Town of Deerpark, and the Town of Mount Hope, Orange County Legislator Tom Faggione's Latest News and Notes, 11/26/20 - Blessings to you and your family this Thanksgiving 2020, 11/01/20 - Election Day is November 3, 2020 - General Polling Locations, 10/30/20 - Legislator Faggione endorses Chele Farley for Congress, 10/29/20 - Legislator Faggione endorses Guertin and Hasin for Supreme Court, 10/27/20 - Legislator Faggione endorses Carol Klein for Orange County Family Court Judge, 10/26/20 - Legislator Faggione endorses Hyun Chin Kim for Orange County Court Judge, 10/26/20 - Legislator Faggione endorses Mike Martucci for New York State Senate, 10/25/20 - Legislator Faggione issues 2020 Election Endorsement List, 8/21/20 - Election Day 2020 News and Notes for Orange County, 8/17/20 - Orange County Rules Committee tackle several topics in their upcoming August meeting, 8/07/20 - Faggione Supports Area Law Enforcement Agencies, 8/06/20 - Legislative Session - August 2020, 7/02/20 - Legislative Session - July 2020, 6/04/20 - Legislative Session - June 2020, 5/20/20 - Rules Committee Meeting of the Orange County Legislature, 4/22/20 - Rules Committee Meeting of the Orange County Legislature, 4/03/20 - Legislative Session - April 2020, 3/31/20 - Small Business Relief due to COVID-19, 3/18/20 - Orange County Important Links and Contacts, 3/13/20 - OC Clerk Announces Amended Services due to COVID-19, 3/12/20 - OC reports first positive test for Coronavirus, 3/10/20 - OC Exec. endobj All individuals who meet the minimum qualifications are encouraged to apply for the exam as the window of opportunity to apply is limited.”. I don't know much about it and there isnt much information on it. Most users ever online was 26,947 at 08:36 PM on 12-29-2019. 'V��/*6�o�b. If this is your first visit be sure to check out the frequently asked questions by clicking here. Preference in certification may be given to residents of municipalities in Orange County. If you do not live in Orange, but live in Rockland County what are the chances you’ll be considered ? 3 0 obj I'm in the final steps for New York State Police as well but I figured It could not hurt to take the Erie County Police Officer Exam on the side. Still a while until we get results but here’s what I got so far; I will be asking other departments as I respond to scenes with those jurisdictions. I have a question on the top it says something about November, are we meeting at that November location at ECC in orchard park? (D) An equivalent amount of training and experience as defined by the limits of (B) and (C) above. endobj You get vet/disability points? I don't know much about it and there isnt much information on it. takes steps to address potential of Coronavirus, 3/05/20 - Legislative Session - March 2020, 2/20/20 - Orange Works Job Fair February 25th in Port Jervis, 2/18/20 - Faggione Supports First Responders Privacy and Protection, 2/18/20 - Faggione Opposes Thruway and Bridge Merger, 2/06/20 - Legislative Session - February 2020, 2/03/20 - Legislator Faggione's 5th Annual All American B-B-Q March 22nd, 1/27/20 - Faggione Named to NYSAC Intergovernmental Committee, 1/10/20 - Faggione Named Chairman of Legislative Rules Committee, 12/19/19 - End of Year Session of the Orange County Legislature, 12/13/19 - Healthy Orange Program to receive $90,000 in Funding, 12/10/19 - Legislator Faggione Opposes Dangerous Bail Reforms, 11/14/19 - New York By Rail Highlights Port Jervis, 11/13/19 - Special Session of the Orange County Legislature, 11/12/19 - Orange Works to host Job Fair November 22nd in Port Jervis, 11/12/19 - Transportation Council Seeks Public Input on Plan, 10/29/19 - MTA Seeks Artwork for Port Jervis Station, 10/25/19 - Faggione Supports School Bus Safety Law, 10/02/19 - Legislative Session - October 2019, 09/13/19 - Faggione opposes State Plate Plan, 09/04/19 - Faggione opposes Albany Unfunded Mandates, 09/03/19 - Legislative Session - September 2019, 07/02/19 - Legislative Session - July 2019, 06/17/19 - Orange County Legislative Rules Committee Agenda - June 2019 Meeting, 06/10/19 - Applications being accepted for Police Officer/Deputy Sheriff Exam, 06/03/19 - Orange Works Job Fair June 25th in Port Jervis, 06/01/19 - County to host Hazardous Waste Clean Up Days, 06/01/19 - Police Officer/Deputy Sheriff Exam slated for 2019, 04/10/19 - Orange County Legislative Rules Committee Meeting - April 2019, 04/09/19 - Town of Mount Hope Spring Clean Up - April 2019, 04/09/19 - Town of Deerpark Bulk Clean Up - May 2019, 04/02/19 - Legislative Session - April 2019, 03/19/19 - Public Hearing on County Comprehensive Plan, 03/05/19 - Legislator Faggione's All American B-B-Q April 28th, 02/27/19 - Public Hearing on County Comprehensive Plan, 02/22/19 - Faggione votes Yes to CSEA Five Year Contract, 02/21/19 - Chief Worden Named to Police Advisory Board, 02/06/19 - Faggione Secures Funding for Playground.