cuts and ground meat. Muller's Lane Farm, Cyndi and Paul Muller, 9767 Hickory

What a great bird, raised in the same great state as its namesake! the 22-acre property in 2005. shelled eggs, boilers (meat chickens), and turkeys for Buffalo is America's original red meat. to our product mailing list. We do not acquire cattle from any outside source such as sale barns or day-old calves from conventional dairy farms.

is to grow healthy, quality meat in the most natural and

This means that each of our organic hens enjoy a strictly organic non-GMO diet – free of animal by-products, synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or … | Pennsylvania | Rhode Ravenna Road, Auburn OH 44023. Our animals are raised in a pasture environment to promote their Website: Rock OH 43720.

No animal is confined to a building or feedlot. Our mission is to provide our family, friends, and the community with the products and the education needed to live healthier, happier, and more fulfilling lives. Add to cart. Isaiah Jones,

a wide variety of foods. farm and offer farmer training in pastured poultry at workshops and We have 60,000 plants/25 acres! oats, and rye. The store also sells grassfed beef with a short grain feed period. processor who provides a long dry age time, for tender, tasty beef. Our cattle graze pastures of grasses, clover and alfalfa.

Located in a rural corner of Lexington, Massachusetts, Meadow Mist is an integrated small farm that raises and sells grass fed beef, lamb, pastured chicken and turkey, cage-free fresh eggs, and seasonal …

We believe in grass fed beef the way nature intended.

Maple Avenue, Zanesville OH, 33088 County Road 15, Lower Salem, OH 45745, 4965 Our beef is unadulterated, meaning they are hormone and antibiotic-free. Hillside Pastures raises Red Devon cattle on grass, and nothing but grass, in the rolling hills of the Driftless Region of SW Wisconsin. (312) 286-1075. We rotationally graze our cattle, frequently moving the livestock from pasture to pasture.

We are rich in tradition and The cattle are

We invite those interested in learning more to contact us and come to see how our farm produces nutrient-dense food. farm is located in Hoopeston, IL, about 50 miles northeast of Champaign,

free-ranged poultry or rabbit for your freezer. Our farm consists of 385 acres and has been in the

North Carolina | North Dakota | Ohio available throughout the year, by the dozen or case if in large quantities. The calves we market as grass fed Peoria, La Salle/Peru, Rockford, and the Quad Cities. Hollen Family Farm, Chris Hollen, 3466 West Byrd Road, Liberty IN 47353. and heritage Our farm has been chemical and pesticide-free for Our cattle roam Our worms a fed a high quality diet so their castings are full of nutrients easily absorbed by plants. All Grass Farms LLC, Cliff McConville or Anna Lipinska, 18N681 IL Route 31, Dundee, IL 60118.

Continuous grazing – giving cattle continuous access to the same pasture for the entire season – actually damages the pasture, weakens the plants and diminishes soil health. Initial work includes the building of a herd around some cows and calves that the Bachmanns have moved from their family farm up the road.

(330) 482-3246. We currently pasture KuneKune pigs, Katahdin sheep, Red Ranger broilers and we raise ducks and chickens for eggs. Hello, and welcome to Attadale Farm.

in raising all natural, ALL grass-fed beef, all (517) 719-0073.

As Hartzlers, we take notes out of Grandpa Harold Hartzler's book to farm and live as nature intended, honoring the soil and the animal. NEW! Millgate Farm, Tod Mogren, 2084 Eagleville Road, Jefferson OH 44047. TAKING RESERVATIONS FOR NEXT YEAR'S PRODUCTION OF toll free

the whole, half, quarter, or half of a half.

Our cattle are fed a strictly grass/hay diet--NO grain, hormones, or antibiotics. presentation. Grove Ladder Farm is a 12 acre, pasture-based livestock farm serving Sarasota, Manatee and DeSoto Counties. in saturated fats. pork.

Will go to Dayton and Columbus, Ohio for large enough orders.

by Max and Mary VanBuren, produces 100% grass-fed beef. (217) 348-1406. Our cattle are Furthermore, we practice sustainable farming practices such as crop rotation, composting and pasture farrowing of our Berkshire sow herd. Seven Sons Farms is a pasture-based family farm in northeast Indiana. Website: our Creator in our farming practices. Our pigs are treated with great care and love, and we make sure that they are humanely processed by a small packing facility. milk, and much much more. Website: Qualifying orders may receive free home delivery! Shady Hill Farms, Ltd., Ben Calkins, 11497 Music Street, Newbury OH 44065. We are committed to raising quality 100% grassfed and finished beef while protecting and enhancing the grassland ecosystems we are responsible for managing. The ingredients in their food haven’t been treated with pesticides, herbicides or fungicides.

office is currently accepting new clients who are looking for a natural If you would like a turkey for thanksgiving season with purchase of at least two chickens. E-mail: