Paste as plain text instead, × To him, the wells of his prison are invisible, and believes himself to be free. However, I feel like Kali is an elegant and refined set of carefully curated tools, whereas Parrot is like a someone just threw everything, including the kitchen sink, into a box because they could, without taking the time to test, thoroughly debug, and check whether or not the tools were redundant or even necessary. This is an awesome thread. When comparing BlackArch vs Parrot GNU/Linux, the Slant community recommends Parrot GNU/Linux for most people.   Your previous content has been restored. Clear editor. Linux,Android,OS X, Hackintosh, Ethical Hacking, Learning anything I can and The F.Y.G.S. all in all kali is the way to go as it is easier to use unless your a parrot die hard fan in which all power to you. What are the best Linux distributions for penetration testing? If you're pentesting, then the security of your own OS isn't important. I have used both and think Kali is the way to go. Most, if not all, of such reviews say wrong things about the project or refer to very very old and experimental releases of 5+ years ago when the project was still experimentan and under heavy development. What are the best Linux distributions for hacking? 3. It focus the MATE desktop which makes it unique compared to the more general distros. A year or so ago I ran ParrotSec as a daily driver because it had security tools and secure enough for a regular OS. Neither Kali or Parrot require huge amounts of resources, but Parrot needs lower specification hardware when compared to kali, meaning it can be run on low powered laptops. I think Kali isn't best as Parrot and Parrot isn't best as Kali, twice have good functionalities and the most important thing, theirs works! I have a spare windows laptop, so will have to go for it. In the question“What are the best Linux distributions for Misanthropes?” Parrot GNU/Linux is ranked 16th while BlackArch is ranked 37th. If you have had a chance to look at Parrot OS prior to reading this ‘Kali Linux vs Parrot OS’ blog, you might know that Parrot OS provides a plethora of tools when compared to Kali. all just my humble opinion if there is one in there. It is used for cloud pentesting, computer forensics, hacking and privacy/anonymity. Parrot OS vs Kali Linux ParrotOS. What are the best rolling release Linux distributions. R3DRUM, I decided with a regular linux distro, running some security tools that are not extensive from docker containers if I do not feel like switching OSes and I have the ability to boot to Kali bare metal if I need to for the heavier tools. Display as a link instead, × Haters spread a lot of fake news about the project. i mainly use kali. When comparing BlackArch vs Parrot GNU/Linux, the Slant community recommends Parrot GNU/Linux for most people.In the question“What are the best Linux distributions for Misanthropes?”Parrot GNU/Linux is ranked 15th while BlackArch is ranked 37th. Having completed my Gentoo phase about 15 years ago (even going as far as performing a phase 1 install)....I think I'll pass . Parrot OS vs Kali Linux: Tools Provided. Parrot OS vs Kali I took the PWK course from offensive security, and ran Kali as my daily driver, with a standard user and everything set up to be better for daily driving than stock of course. Also thanks Rkiver for the link. RE: Parrot OS vs Kali Linux vs BlackArch 06-24-2018, 09:08 AM #15 imho kali is just shit os with tons of skiddy tools, just pick your own os and download only the necessary tools needed The following 1 user Likes r0biba 's post: 1 user Likes r0biba 's post Then my laptop began having issues with much of the tools until I figured out it was Firejail that was added on a version I updated to. (04-10-2018, 03:15 PM) Synthx Wrote: Well, I can tell you that Kali isn't secure. Thus, when I speak about Debian based, it implies that the code containers adhere to Debian development models. Upload or insert images from URL. Parrot OS vs Kali Linux : Well, if we mention the Linux OS then let me clarify that it’s one among the well-known OS among developers and Security hackers. × Posted by. Which do you think is better, Kali or Parrot? Archived. Personal i use Arch Linux, And i just install what packages i want to use from Git. When evr i think of kali i think of Mr.Robot. These were the reasons I prefer Parrot sec over Kali linux, but i like and use both of them as I said Its never about which operating system or tool you are using,it all depends on your skills. What is the best Linux distro for the most up-to-date packages? Parrot OS: Parrot OS is similar to Kali Linux, and is an open-source Debian-based operating system. pentesting. lol wth is that profile pic... i looked and nearly spat coffee everywhere lol... scared the sh1t out of me, looks like a butthole whit worms crawling out of it. all in all kali is the way to go as it is easier to use unless your a parrot die hard fan in which all power to you. I did not like the parrot interface vs what kali is. BlackArch is just normal Arch with tons of tools preinstalled, Contains many more tools than ArchStrike and far easier installation than ArchStrike.