We can easily see the similarity between the words ignite and gnosis and knowledge,,,. speak English, but both would have been the languages of important I could go on an on….but you get my gist. This means words can be borrowed from or into it, but not directly descended from it. for the creation of the Avesta. The metal workers provided the weapons for the militarists and tools for the Greek is about as old as sanskrit and they both have similar roots. All those hypocritic ”working” people in Greece have realised(!!) And I still insist that most of these words ARE INDEED from Latin and Greeks (MOSTLY) and then from anywhere else! But actual fact is different. It cool and informative. The word rhythm is directly from Sanskrit, for instance. They are calqued from words meaning “welcome” in Germanic languages. antra = enteron =intestine eye brow, prathin = protein, This is a great resource and fascinating display of cultural cross-fertilization. Sanskrit and Avestan (Old Persian) It is generally believed that the language that evolved into the Indo-European languages originated in the region in the vicinity of the Caspian Sea. It is about the oldest language called Sanskrit and how many words have been taken from it. This ”well-being” purpose had been one of all those many many ”genetic defects” that led them to destruction!! meaning of devil in the Avesta. Unless of course if you (like all the rest of these fools in here) will start to believe any moment now, that even this word is Hindi and not Greek, in which case of course, I will automatically suggest you, to go and have your self checked by another doctor….doctor! ANOTHER GREEK WORD! A cousin if you like instead of a child/descendant.) No known ancient culture in the world talks about such a language being the root of the language they spoke. The English, being the new world rulers, the nuvo riche, couldn’t find the humility in them to admit this. :P, You haven’t realised yet you will just be the same living like that?? NumdahIn the Indian subcontinent: an embroidered rug made of felt or coarse woollen cloth.– ORIGIN from Pers. हत्त or हत्थ are the forms found even in the modern day Sindhi-Punjabi-Kachchhi languages.हाथ is found in the Hind-Gujarati languages whereas हात is found in the Marathi language. That’s not the proper way to do it…trust me! I have no further comments on this. sipahi ‘soldier’. Wonderfullll!!! In sanskrit u see most of the words will be having ‘A’ as the vovel for example ekAm, dwA, thrAyA, chAtr, pAnchA, AshtA, sApthA, nAvA, dAshA- the numericals. It was this work which later led to the Proto-Indo-European theory which suggests that all Indo-European languages must have a common origin. an American made documentary which provides ample evidence that plenty of Greek knowledge was BORROWED from INDIA. and Sarmations of Central Asia. So much hatred about an ancient language will stop the learning process. KincobA rich Indian fabric brocaded with gold or silver.– ORIGIN from Pers. If I stop arguing, you will feel like you won. But the interpretation that “The vedas are said to be written by God in the sense that they are truths, not formulated but revealed by Nature. PIE itself is a name cooked up in recent times, every real language has its own name. More info here. om shaanti. Match means a resemblance as above. You have your own point of view on this issue…allow us to have ours. preservation of the exact language of religious encantations and texts a comparison can be made. Are you serious??? I would focus more time embracing Hindi (which gets scoffed at as something impure, as if there ever were a pure language) than clinging to a fabled past. So I thought I better pen down a list of all such English words derived indirectly from the ancient Sanskrit. Cognate with Sanskrit गो (go) – not from Sanskrit (A cognate is a word from the same source that has evolved via a different path. Sir, where could we find the full list of dhatis? Even in high schools today in the US it is taught Greek culture and language originates around 800 BC and prior to that it was the “Dark Ages”. He said that the ancient man might have used the various combination of sounds and ascribed meaning to them to form root words. Please, try to accept the well-known proved & real facts and DON’T imagine your fake facts!! GREECE WERE THE HUNTERS, SOLDIERS MAYBE INVADED MANY OTHER PARTS OF WORLD BECAUSE THEY WERE CRUEL, JUST LIKE ANIMALS. SarkarIn the Indian subcontinent: a man in a position of authority, especially a landowner.– ORIGIN from Pers. They are also said to have NO Bginning, No End(Sanatan). Yeah…go ahead and be with him! Arabic is a Semitic language. Sapta=sept, Asta=oct , nava=nine, dasha=deca are sanskrit words match with english words. Mâh is a feminine word, personified as a goddess and ‘queen of the night’ in Zoroastrian tradition. In other words it means a set or a code of laws – the Constitution. This is whole article is garbage: the supposed English derivations are related, but not descending from, those supposed Sanskrit ancestors. one convinced against own will is of same opinion still. My opinion is …great messengers of god were there periodically to pass on the same peace spiritual message to the world so… The ultimate power who is accepted in every religion The GOD is same. I don't know Hindi but I'm sure there are many many Persian words in this language because Persian was the official language of India until mid 19th century. But who knows about PIE? Sanskrit is just one of the more than 200 languages of Indo-Aryan. That’s my point…the Greeks were eating,sleeping and defecating in caves when cities (Harrapa,Mo-Henjodar, Lothal,Megrah etc) and universities (Taxillia,Nalanda) were in existence in India. For eg: There were 108 Sri Ganapathy temples across the world .. like Japan, China, South America etc. Which is consistent with geometrical fact that any closed figure would have as many sides as it has angles, Par (San) means beyond, as in parbramh – Para (Eng) as in paranormal – that what is beyond the established physical laws, Antar (San) means across or between – Inter (Eng) as in International – Between or across nations, Vid (San) means to know, or to see as in Vidvaan (Kwoledgeable, intelligent), Veda (knowledge), in both these cases it is used in the sense of knowing – Video, Visual, Vision (Eng) all derived by transfer through Latin Videre in all these cases it is used in the sense of seeing, Aham (San) means I am – I am (Eng) means the same, Jaggannaath (San) means lord of the world – Juggernaut (Eng), Manti or Mantrin, a declension of Mantri (San) – Mandarin (Eng, Chi) means administrators, as well as the name of their language, Samarth (San) means able, capable – Smart (Eng), Varn (San) means many things like letters, complexion, colour etc. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Karthikeyan Marudhac, Suresh K V. Suresh K V said: RT @hitxp HitXP » List of English Words derived from Sanskrit via Latin Greek Persian http://bit.ly/5DwJLf […], RT @sureshvembu: RT @hitxp HitXP » List of English Words derived from Sanskrit via Latin Greek Persian http://bit.ly/5DwJLf. The sages of yore were wiser : they said आ नो भद्राः क्रतवो यन्तु विश्वतः. Some may be confused by the “c” and “k”, and not be able to make the connection on account of the different letters used to start the word. word itself. EXCUSE ME?! That is how different languages came into existence. It doesn’t exist. U be in dark. They all share a common ancestor and  Sanskrit is amongst them. in their schools. Pythagoras never gave the proof to the famous theorem that is named after him, where as ancient Indian texts which are centuries before Pythagoras have the same theorem WITH proof. ( Log Out /  apple -phal (pine-apple,custord-apple -sitafal ,jamfal …. ZedoaryAn Indian plant related to turmeric, with an aromatic rhizome.– ORIGIN ME: from Pers.