Many cacti can thrive in the sunniest, most neglected spots of the yard, but they also do well in containers and part-sun locations too. The plant itself measures 21" with pot 32". Type: Herbaceous perennial cactus. Bloom: White, nocturnal flowers about 2” wide. Cephalocereus senilis $14.99. It has an upright growth habit and will reach approximately 20 cm in 10 years. Prickly Pear Baby Rita. Use a cactus mix or blend of sand, perlite and topsoil for indoor cactus growing. Mammillaria hahniana, also known by its common name ‘Old Lady Cactus’, is a popular powder puff type cactus that is sun-loving and easy to grow. About Us. $9.85. Espostoa lanata "Peruvian Old Man" Growth Characteristics: Size: * 4" pot (pot diameter, not plant height), $4.49. Espostoa lanata has around 18 to 25 ribs and sharp spines but most are hidden inside the thick wooly cover. The Peruvian Old Man Cactus (Espostoa Lanata), also known as the Snowball Cactus and Cotton Ball Cactus, is a plant native to the Andes mountains region of South America. 6" (pot diameter, not plant height), $9.99. Peruvian Old Man Cactus (Espostoa Lanata). Literature included. Easy to care for, they love being outside during the summer and should be kept completely dry during the winter months. STAPELIA HIRSUTA. 'Goat's Horns Cactus' Notocactus werdermannianus forma mostruosa Parodia werdermanniana 'mostruosa' Espostoa lanata "Peruvian Old Man" Approximately 19" Tall: Lophocereus schottii monstrose forma spiralis . Espostoa ‘Peruvian Old Lady‘ "Button Cactus" Growth Characteristics: Often clumping, spherical stems up to 1 inch in diameter. Berry-like fruits are produced with edible dull black seeds inside. Needs good drainage and a deeper than average pot because of its tap root. Quick View. Starfish Flower. Buy live, quality cactus plants in bulk online! The most striking feature of this species is the warm “woolly coat” it possesses, which serves to protect it from the harsh sun common to its native habitat. More common names are "Cotton Ball Cactus; Snowball Cactus & Snowball Old Man" Positive: On Mar 9, 2004, palmbob from Acton, CA (Zone 8b) wrote: Another 'hairy' columnar cactus that is completely covered as a younster, but as ages, you get to see patches of the cactus underneath- somewhat blue-green. out of stock : 4" Pot Size - $ 8.50 6" Pot Size - $18.50. Out of stock. This will allow the pot to evaporate any excess moisture. Peruvian Apple Cactus. PERUVIAN OLD MAN CACTUS (Espostoa lanata) 10 seeds Espostoa lanata , known as the Peruvian Old Man Cactus, is a lovely cactus that is native to Peru and southern Ecuador. The flat-faced flowers are produced from a mass of long wool and bristles that cap the stem. These spines grow long, looking like the shaggy hair of an old man. ERIOCACTUS LENINGHAUSII. We proudly grow and sell a wide variety of cacti, agave, and yucca in the East Phoenix Valley. Old Peruvian Man Cacti from the Andes mountains Old man of the Andes cactus in the greenhouse Peruvian Old-man cactaceae . Sericata) The view on narrow Peruvian street with white buildings, cactuses and concrete floor behind the fence during the sunny day with the sun setting down. This cactus only blooms when a ‘normal,’ non-mutated rib appears, producing trumpet-like white flowers with a delicate scent. If you purchase your old man, or any cactus, for that matter, in the winter, just set it on your patio until spring. Very ornamental species. Older plants will form multiple offsets at the base. $4.50. It is a long-lived cactus that can live to more than a 100 years. Espostoa Lanata is a slow-growing cactus covered with thick white, woolly hair. It can grow up to approximately 4 in. Price £112.95. Paper Spine Grey. We are dedicated to picking the best plants and packing them carefully for you. Buy Trichocereus Bridgesii San Pedro Cactus Cousin TOP cut Cacti for sale LOT 3 $ 95.00 Trichocereus Bridgesii, San Pedro Cactus & Peruvianus TOP Mix CACTI~ LOT-B $ 80.00 2 Rare Trichocereus Altman Huanucoensis Cacti Tops San Pedro Cactus Cousin Lot A $ 110.00 Partridge Breast Aloe. It is similar to the Old Man Cactus (Cephalocereus senilis), however the woolly white hair that covers the branches of the Peruvian Old Man is much thicker. Click on the pictures for full plant details and prices. Peruvian Old Man Cactus, Snowball Old Man Cactus, Snowball Cactus, Cotton Ball Cactus . Espostoa Lanata "Peruvian Old Man or Snowball Cactus" Espostoa Lonata is a columnar, densely, hairy cactus, covered by a warm, woolly coat and well adapted to high altitudes. COLD HARDINESS: If planting outdoors or leaving your container outside, this cactus survives in … Hairy cactus species include Espostoa melanostele also known as Peruvian Old Lady, Cephalocereus senilis or Old Man Cactus, Mammillaria hahniana or […] The post Hairy Cactus Species appeared first on Flowersandflowerthings.