The phoenix itself is vastly more powerful but the main reason I rate it so highly is the White Hot Room's existence, which suggests that the phoenix force is a multiversal constant, not quite abstract in nature but something even beyond that. Dormammu swears he will burn them in the Flames of the Faltine. Immemorial Holding every atom of the 616 universe in its hands and cutting away an entire timeline so that it could never come to pass. Height In the old Marvel Comic continuity, he's the one who ate the original universe Galen who became Galactus was from. 1 Fanon Wiki Ideas So Far 1.1 Battle Record 1.2 Possible Opponents 2 History 3 Death Battle Info 3.1 Feats 3.2 Flaws Asriel Dreemurr vs. Dormammu Dormammu vs Darkseid Dimentio vs Dormammu (Abandoned) Exdeath vs. Dormammu Dormammu vs Giratina Dormammu vs Jedah Dohma Dormammu vs Lucemon Dormammu vs … Dormammu The Phoenix force, which usually manifests itself in the shape of a great bird of fire, can bond with a high level telepath. It was said to be undetectable by those within (The FF) and would have taken them months to reach the side-walk in front of the structure should they attempt leaving. Defeats the Ancient One (the Strange of the timeline). The Phoenix Force. Achievements Phoenix Force (20g) – Defeat Scott Summers Death and Rebirth (50g) – Defeat Scott Summers on Very Hard Sign Up Login. Listen. Literally controlling time and space for an entire universe? Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links. Strange with a gesture. The Guardians in this timeline included a Phoenix Force host, and Herald of Galactus. Ruler of the Dark Dimension Rachel Summers is an Avatar, and tapping into it has knocked down Galactus, and stopped the energy blast of a Shiar Warship that was supposed to destroy a hundreds of miles of radius. After colliding with the mountain the Dread Lord began to fall towards the ground, but he managed to regain his composure and fly back into the air towards the father of Raven, brushing the rubble off of his face while doing so. Dormammu summons the great black magicians from across the universe. In 1666, he made his first attempt on Earth by causing the Great Fire of London and using the life-force of its victims to link the two dimensions via Stonehenge. Death Battle Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Superhero battle match: Phoenix Force versus Dormammu. Strange / Ancient One himself. Helping jumpstart the Marvel multiverse? Best described as "something worse than a demon", Dormammu is presented as the most powerful and malevolent of the Faltine. Could be wrong of course on that note though but don't think it matters much considering the relative power levels. Bound Zom's hands in the chains of living bondage. This was done by taking the combined assault of all the Guardians and Strange,and redirecting it at Dr. Phoenix (Rachel Grey) vs. Dormammu. Even then he was not defeated, and only sends him hurtling into another dimension. Dormammu would lose more often than not to Phoenix. Example. The Dark Phoenix Saga storyline revolved heavily around the phoenix force. He's been bested by lesser beings more than once in his own realm while he had the Flames of Regency. The battle, however, does end in Eternity's favour. Seals the Eye of Agamotto, which by his own admission, is one of the most powerful and unique mystical artefacts across all the worlds. Death itself had to show up to have a talk with him about messing with the Phoenix: Full-power Phoenix Force is one of those things that's apparently right under the LT in big heap mojo. Click me to find out about our funding drive. He is most powerful in the Dark Dimension, able to use the environment itself as a weapon. We've seen mere hosts of the phoenix hit Universal (either through tp or tk or just be setting everything on fire or SOMETHING) multiple times iirc. Dormammu is a demon who was born ages ago as one of vastly powerful trans-dimensional entities of pure energy called the Faltine, he and his sister Umar create corporeal bodies to increase their powers by sacrificing their parent Sinifer. Dormammu, maddened by rage, challenges Eternity himself. Battle is located in Dormammu's realm, I would say Phoenix but it would be closer in His realm though. With a gesture, casts the Crimson Bands of Cytorrak across New York. He is Doctor Strange's arch-enemy. Dr. Doom: "The Phoenix Force, is now mine." Unless Dormammu has prep to do something like he did in GOTG, he's going to fall to Phoenix. Age In 1888, Dormammu played a role in the starting the string of murders done by Jack the Ripper. JavaScript is disabled. To handle Dormammu, Earth's Mightiest Heroes would need to become increasingly creative. Distorts the astral form of Dr. Still not seeing what puts him above or at LT's level. Background Info Yeah...Phoenix Force is a multiversal force, and if I remember right Dr. Phoenix Force vs Dormammu. You must log in or register to reply here. Who will win in a fight between Phoenix Force and Dormammu?