Dress up in neon clothes, and skate around to the music. Thomas Barwick/Getty Images. or a friend and go for a relaxing, low-key meal that's all about celebrating you. There's something special about going to a store to pick out a present versus adding something to your online shopping cart. Have a picnic and bring along a few balls to toss around. Visit your favorite restaurants and dessert shops, go for a pub crawl, or spend the day shopping at the local boutiques. You can also plan this idea for someone else if you are flexible on your budget. Hi-Speed Indoor Go Cart Racing. Here's What You Need To Know. We suggest picking one that serves bubbly for an unforgettable celebration. Jump on the pool float trend for maximum coolness. Not the best bartender? 19. Request a delivery from Cocktail Courier so all of the ingredients for your favorite beverage are already measured for you. By James Ian from Travel Collecting. Where else can you go bar hopping in a KISS-themed SUV ? You'll spend the day enjoying some sips (if you're 21 or older) and soaking up those beautiful rays. Unless you’re celebrating a milestone year and someone is throwing you a party, it may seem like a ton of effort to plan things to do on your birthday. Or if you want real fun, then go to a big amusement park with lots of friends and family. Your usual go-to may be heading to a nice restaurant with your best friend's entire squad, but this year, you're looking for things to do on your best friend's birthday besides brunch or dinner. UK. For the full birthday experience, book a … This is a great idea on how to spend your birthday as it involves a lot of exciting activities. Oh, and don't forget to make a wish. Find the most relaxing spa in town and check yourself in for a full day of pampering (Chillhouse is worth checking out if you're in New York.) Places to Go for a Birthday Party Amusement Park. A trip to the movie theater can be fun for the birthday boy or girl or friends. The winner gets a dinner cooked by the losers. Bowling is such a simple, but fun, party idea you may forget about it. For anyone who's feeling nostalgic, you might want to find a roller rink for your BFF's party. 20 Have a game of golf against your friends; 20 Go Ice Skating; 19 Go to M and D's theme park in Scotland for the day; 19 Have your own french Marie Antoinette high tea with costumes and great food! There's no better way to do a birthday than diving feet first into a ball pit, am I right? If you want to spend a weekend away with your girls, round up the troops and book a hotel. If you decide to head to a venue that's hosting a pool party, consider rounding up a group of people to rent a cabana. Make sure your birthday celebrations are above par with a round of crazy golf for you and your friends. Therefore, depending on the budget and the days that you can take off from the office, a vacation on the birthday is the best possible gift one can give to himself. This way you can sing/scream to your heart's content, without having to embarrass yourself too much. Want a mental detox? Many wineries also offer subscriptions to their products, so you'll always have the perfect wine on hand. Mud baths, massages, facials: It's all on the table. Make sure you have some movie theater quality snacks on hand to complete the evening. Afterward, go to a pizza place and then at the end, gather a few friends for a sleepover around your house with lots of popcorn drinks etc. If your bestie has a summer birthday, you might want to plan a pool party. You can choose an attraction to go to … Lounging by the beach is the perfect thing to do on your birthday. Your best friend's birthday is basically just as exciting as your own. Go for islands, mountains, different continents, etc. For teen girls, a home sleepover can prove to be a big hit, and boys will enjoy being amongst a few friends, munching snacks and playing video games to celebrate their birthday. Find the most relaxing spa in town and check yourself in for a full day of pampering ... Make Prime Dinner Reservations. and watch a great movie. Bowling is such a simple, but fun, party idea you may forget about it. Mix up fruit smoothies, and really seas the birthday. 1. Sometimes, it's fun to hit the road and get out of town for the day. Your local roller or ice skating rink will often have package deals you can specifically... Movie and Eating Out.