Try the Challenge ». Click that and a black window will open, in that window type ipconfig /all, This will list everything you need to enter. I have connected the phone to a Ring Central softphone via my PC, to Skype via a separate PC and to my android smartphone via BT. A slight delay and them it began auto muting again. To make it easy on resetting your Plantronics headset, I'm going to break it down by headset series. I recently changed to a Lenovo X1 Yoga that has the FN F4 mute mic feature as well, and the Savi USB interface is connected to the Lenovo (USB-C) dock. The machine that I am having the issue with is a Windows 7 machine without the latest windows updates. If you hear the words “Mute On” or “Mute Off” then there is an additional control layer on top of the default behaviour. I have sought solutions with Plantronc Tech Support and Ring Central Tech Support  to date they have found no solution. Dynamic EQ, microphone frequency response 100 Hz–8kHz optimal for wideband voice telephony (up to 6,800 Hz), hi-fi stereo output from 20 Hz–20 kHz (C720 only), enhanced digital signal processing (DSP), noise-cancelling microphone, A2DP; C710 (monaural)/C720 (binaural/stereo) Mein Headset hat bis gestern/vorgestern noch funktioniert, seit heute gehen allerdings nurnoch die Kopfhörer und nicht mehr das Mikrofon. 1st Post. I am hoping that expanding my source of help may find a solution. Yes, Plantronics TAC is aware of the issue. Ich glaube, das... Dieses Thema im Forum "Windows 10 Support" wurde erstellt von Patti1996, 3. Halo, habe das gleiche Problem. I have another computer I can hook it up to as a test and see if it experiences the same issue. I think this is either a software or firmware issue. Selbiges passiert auch beim Microsoft-Headset. This thread is locked. Have you gone back again to Plantronics TAC about this since you got the replacement unit? The softphone via headset sends and receives calls without issue and mute works as it is intended. I can run the same softphone and the Plantrioncs HUB on another PC with the same OS (Win7 - full up to date) and have no issues. I have tried changing all the settings I can to "off" in the Plantronics HUB, including the mute reminder. I have a new Savi W740-M that was ent to me as a replacement from Plantronics in hopes of solving my problem. This is why I am reaching out to a larger audience in hopes that I am not the only one experiencing this. I would think if this was a hardware issue with two separate new units there would be a much bigger issue. Track users' IT needs, easily, and with only the features you need. (das Headset hat einen USB Anschluss) Just started mid-day one day last week. Windows Mixed Reality Spezifikationsanforderungen : Ich habe heute in meinen PC zwei Lüfter ersetzt (Die alten waren mir zu laut) und den Computer etwas gereinigt ((nur mit Wasser )und dafür ein paar Komponenten entfernt und wieder eingesetzt) Aktuell verbaute Komponenten: I get the same issues with my Plantronics Legend UC. Micros... Headset/mikrofon: Hallo erstmal, VoIP . This is delivered by your headset manufacturer. Checked and reset all settings for above. This is built in to the firmware on the headset itself. Hier geht es um Windows 10 Anleitungen, Tipps und Tricks bei Problemen. Switched to USB directly on the laptop and still continued to have the issue. Since the Savi 740 worked fine for several months on this same PC and the problem persists regardless of the drivers, sound card or USB port, I am going to assume that it is not a hardware problem. The problem is that the unit "auto-mutes" randomly. The sensors in your headset fully calibrate while charging. Mein Mikrofon schaltete sich während dem Telefonat ab. I talked yesterday to a contracted IT specialist that is affiliated with neither Plantronics or RC. If you hear the words “Mute On” or “Mute Off” then there is an additional control layer on top of the default behavior. Win 10 professional / HP / Plantronics Legend UC . Plantronics wireless headset - mic not working on Windows 10 I can hear thru the headset but when in a Skype meeting or trying to make a skype call my microphone does not work. In all cases the auto-muting continues to occur randomly. I have a laptop, running Win 7 Enterprise, and in a docking station with the Plantronics Savi connected to the docking station. The Dell has the FN F4 feature to mute the mic, which was typically enabled (i.e. I am currently looking for windows updates on the Windows 7 machine that I can apply and see if any of those resolve the problem. If you want to mute … Based on this I would think the problem lies some where in the latest firmware. Die Sensoren in Ihrem Headset werden während des Ladens vollständig kalibriert. This is delivered by your headset manufacturer. I turned off the PC mic mute and no more auto-mute. By randomly I mean it may occur once in 15 minutes and then occur repeatedly every 2 to 3 seconds for an unspecified number of times. I have also checked all updates for the Savi, the soft phone and the PC with no effect. This headset mute button/function works perfectly on EVERY other application I've tried on this computer. I was looking in the Plantronics Hub software for the ability to disable this bit couldn’t find it. While this mic mute is enabled, no matter what the interface on the Savi (PC, Mobile, or hard endpoint/phone), when I answer or make a call, the Savi is always muted. I then connected the headset to a different PC also, this one is a labtop with the same type i3 Intel processor. I installed the current app (v from Ring Central and the current HUB (v 3.8.51571.43789) downloaded from Plantronics. Great find, but odd given my scenario. by This is my first post and it is with questions concerning an issue no one seems to have experienced before. Dec 2, 2016 at 19:24 UTC Also, and more importantly, I hope to find a solution. I am now in the process of buying a separate sound card to install. I am guessing this is an uncommon issue as there has been not additions of comments since January. interested in knowing if others are also having continued issues. Habe einen neuen Dell mit Windows 10 PC. Todate they have not found a solution and have pointed to the PC or softphone as possible issues and in turn RC and MS point at Planronics. Schaue hier wie man das Update erzwingen kann. Mute option is something very rare in headsets as Plantronics Blackwire C720 has this option, which is used to mute the call by just pressing the button once. Funktioniert unterschiedlich lange, mal 10 sec mal 1 Minute immer unterschiedlich, und dann zack schaltet es sich stumm. In Teams I try to stay on mute when not talking, so am frequently on and off mute. C710-M (monaural)/C720-M (binaural/Stereo) Zertifiziert für Skype for Business und optimiert für Microsoft® Lync® * Laden Sie die aktuelle Version der Plantronics Spokes-Software herunter, um eine Anrufsteuerung über Headset mit diesen Softphones zu erhalten.