As seen in FIG. Furniture Zigzag Springs Upholstery Supplies for Sof... Furniture Hardware Sofa Seat Cushion Spring, Furniture Upholstery Double Cone Coil Springs. connecting one end edge of each of said sheets to each other along a first end line. Then wrap or layer fillings around this spring unit. Place your wrapped spring init your calico case. Another objective of this invention has been to provide a pocketed coil spring assembly in which the height of the unit is not limited by the domino effect causing tipping of the assembly upon compression of the unit. These steps of inserting rows of coil springs and attaching the sheets together in alternative planes occurs sequentially until an appropriate length of the assembly is obtained. Within each block 18 are a plurality of coil springs 20 arranged in a linear row 19. While we have described only two embodiments of the present invention, one utilizing bands of coil springs and the other utilizing individual coil springs, we do not intend to be limited except by the scope of the following claims: © 2004-2020 2 or a fully collapsed position of FIG. Innerspring construction for mattresses, cushions and the like and process for manufacturing said construction. This direct connection of the springs to one another in both faces of the spring assembly in every row transverse to the pocket strips is a costly, labor-intensive procedure. 2 is a fragmentary enlargement of one corner of an assembly such as that depicted in FIG. The invention of this application which accomplishes these objectives comprises a pocketed coil spring assembly comprising a plurality of transversely extending integrally connected fabric blocks. In particular, it concerns a method and pattern of assembly of the pocketed spring coils in a "square" array, i.e., with each spring coil disposed in two rows at right angles to one another, which is maintained by a novel pattern of interconnection of the pocket material of adjacent strips of springs. 1; and. This is how to make the ultimate cushion for comfort and long life. 6A two substantially rectangular sheets of fabric, an upper sheet 24 and a lower sheet 26 are placed in substantially parallel orientation with the upper sheet 24 being slightly above the lower sheet 26. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. 4 illustrates one coil spring 20a within each pocket 68, but alternatively a pocket 68 may contain more than one coil spring 20a. 3). J A Milton, Be the first to review “Pocketed Spring Interior”. This type of hinged pocketed coil spring assembly gives the assembly flexibility and enables the assembly to bend in at least one direction. Prices include VAT but exclude delivery costs. In U.S. Pat. FIG. But when folded accordion style about the lines of attachment 86, 98 located alternately in the top and bottom planes of the assembly, the orientation of the springs in adjacent rows is reversed, thereby creating the alternate row orientation of the springs illustrated in FIG. F6E-parent. Privacy Policy Another kind of band is disclosed in British Patent No. Pocket Spring units. 4,358,097 the bridging portion 62 of the interconnecting segment 56 has a V-shaped nose 66 midway between the endmost portions 64 of each interconnecting segment 56. This opposite orientation of the hinged connections allows the assembly to be folded accordion style along the lines of attachment to form the accordion type assembly of the present invention. SafeClean Spray. inserting a first row of coil springs between said sheets such that the first end turns of said first row of coil springs abuts said end edge. 6C and abut the first line of attachment 86. Pocketed coil for sofa set and cushions * Cushions for sofa set * Pocket sprung cushions * Pocket sprung seat cushions * Pocket sprung seat cushions 1. The sheets 24, 26 are connected together along transversely extending lines of attachment 28 which function as hinges connecting adjacent blocks. 4,358,097 or that disclosed in British Patent No. No 5,669,093 entitled Pocketed Coil Spring 4, according to the practice of this invention, all of the knots of the springs in a single row would be oriented on one side of the row (at least in one of the top and bottom planes, but possibly in both) and the knots of the springs in the adjacent rows would be oriented on the opposite side when viewed from the end of the row. This is very objectionable and has heretofore precluded commercialization of the spring assembly except in very low height and substandard height mattresses. £34.74 per eac (excluding VAT) 7 available. © 2004-2020 The remainder of the sheets are maintained in a spaced parallel orientation to each other. Alternatively it can be sandwiched between foam and polyester or even rubberised hair and cotton felt. When the constituent material is thermoplastic, as indicated, the joining technique employed in making the assembly, as well as making the pocketed spring strip itself, may be thermal welding, a localized or spot attachment of adjacent strips being made at or near the end convolutions of the springs along the seam between adjacent pockets in that relatively slack reach of the pocket material provided by the diverging outlines of the barrel-shaped spring coils resulting from the smaller diameter of their respective end convolutions. We have the experience workers,80% focus on the Pocket spring territory for 5 years,our every process have the QC to check the quality,from the materials to the finished products. England, Company name: J A Milton Upholstery Services Ltd. Ellesmere Business Park, Ellesmere, Shropshire, SY12 OEW, UK. 2. Call us on 01691 624023  |, Pocketed Spring-Cushion Interior 17.5 x22.5 x4 inch d. £35.82 each (excluding VAT) £41.69 per eac (including VAT) generation, Pocketed continuous wire multiple coil spring bedding product, Method for providing pocketed coil strings having a flat overlap side seam, <- Previous Patent (Ink-jet head manufac...). 4″ springs wrapped in white dipryl lining. In this way, the rows of individual knotted springs would be balanced to achieve the same beneficial results heretofore described relative to the continuous row of pocketed springs. However, one problem with this type of arrangement of blocks of pocketed coil springs is that if the coil springs within the blocks are tall enough, the blocks of coils springs have a tendency to fall over to one side like dominos when the unit is compressed. Privacy Policy Pocketed Spring-Cushion Interior 17.5x 22x3inch d(44.5x56cm).