Founded as a cola brand in 1967, Adirondack bottled its first liter of seltzer in 1984. Club Soda. This one tastes like memories of rooting through my mom's purse for candy and only finding an old Luden’s Throat Drop. Simply Balanced was the one brand that dared to give you a hint of grapefruit’s bitterness. This is NYC-bred through and through, and it takes a tremendous amount of pride in that (just look at the website). Hell, they even kind of look the same. But which of LaCroix's closest competitor's flavors is best? And no club soda has ever been a contender for anything ever before. A post shared by POLAR SELTZER (@polarseltzer ... and Yeti Mischief. For some people, the bitterness will be a turnoff, but for grapefruit enthusiasts, they will gladly welcome the sour taste. Perfect to use as a zero-calorie, zero-sugar substitute for grapefruit juice in a Paloma cocktail. It’s a timeless classic. Take a sip, and let us know. For the taste test, I sampled 33 different seltzer waters in several flavors from brands such as LaCroix, Polar, Perrier, Waterloo, Coca-Cola’s Dasani, Pepsi’s Bubly, Alta Palla, and Target’s Simply Balanced. Bubly grapefruit came up short again by not having enough flavor. Who knew that grapefruit was such a hot flavor? The everexpanding fizzy water market has brought in major soda players like Coca-Cola and Pepsi. Rating: 7, Simply Balanced has a cranberry citrus flavor that will really delight cranberry enthusiasts. It’s not the bright, sweet flavor that apricots have. Rating: 6, LaCroix Apricot is okay, but has a strange aftertaste. Rating: 8, Cherry Bubly is an okay cherry flavor, but it really has zero pizazz especially for a fun flavor like cherry. All rights reserved. It really has a great balance of the citrusy lime flavor and a vanilla cream taste that isn’t a fake flavor. Paul Sacca has written on a myriad of topics ranging from breaking news to movies to technology to men's interests for nearly a decade. Rating: 7, Dasani Tropical Pineapple doesn’t put you on a Hawaiian beach, but it does have a sweet, yet tart flavor. It's very Ron Swanson, which is very 2013. Since then, sparkling water flavors like mandarin orange and wildberry have eclipsed the cola. Rating: 6, Polar offers a cranberry lime seltzer, again Polar goes the safe route with a mildly flavored seltzer that is not overpowering or tastes like a Yankee Candle. It's aggressively au naturel and named for the whitewash of a breaking wave. Taken from a "secret" spring nestled in the heart of Arkansas' Ouachita Mountains, Mountain Valley has that same outdoorsy vibe that Adirondack captures. New Englanders have long loved the stuff, and the rest of America is slowly seeing the light on account of Polar aggressively shoving their product on the same shelves as LaCroix at a marginally lower price point. Unless you live under a rock in a particularly drought-plagued area, you’ve probably noticed that canned sparkling water is everywhere. Like a more successful and less eccentric cousin of Pomegranate, Raspberry Lime is a no-nonsense harbinger of tingly, fruity vibes with minimal undertones and off notes. The flavor vanishes abruptly, leaving you wondering if you even drank it in the first place. Pros: Excellent taste; really embraces its roots as a true New York seltzer brandCons: Maybe you hate New York. Lime is a safe go-to that's reliable, albeit a little bit boring if you’re seeking out a more memorable Polar experience. Water is delightful, but sometimes you want some flavor, but you don’t want the calories, carbs or sugar as found in other beverages such as soda, sports drinks or juice. If you remember when you had to pick out all the watermelon Jolly Ranchers by hand like an asshole because the watermelon-only option hadn’t come out yet, then this is the flavor for you! Rating: 7, Waterloo has bold flavors, but they seemed to shy away from really capturing the essence of grapefruit in this beverage. If Polar shunted the rest of their flavors in favor of a more streamlined approach, Triple Berry would definitely keep the lights on. Rating: 3, Waterloo’s mango seltzer tastes like real mangoes without having to cut around an annoying pit. We work hard to keep things uncomplicated, refreshing and endlessly creative. It's super-refreshing and not at all subtle. Polar offers Ruby Red Grapefruit seltzer, like the other Polar flavors they are not overly flavored but not offensively flavored either. Seriously, the brand has over 120,000 Instagram followers and has been hashtagged over 161,000 times. So if you’re Team Pear you’ll enjoy this seltzer water. You’re in for a quick flash of orange with a long, creamy finish, the latter of which may rub the typical seltzer connoisseur very much the wrong way. It was the summer of 2007. Pros: Only 10 calories per bottle; very simple ingredients; subtle flavoringCons: Maybe too subtle for some people. But it’s the beverage with the most aggressive hold on LaCroix’s coattails. A real coconut flavor, almost a toasted coconut vibe, which makes it sweeter and better. The flavor doesn’t taste like a mango and doesn’t even taste like what mango candy tastes like. It's fun to try new things! One such brand is Polar. Vintage was introduced in the '80s as "the original New York seltzer" and it carries clout among sparkling water fans as a cheap, legit alternative to any trendtastic beverage that might run the market. The market for lemon-flavored nothing is pretty saturated, but Polar’s offering stands above the rest with a tart effervescence that’s present just long enough to cancel out the salty dishwater flavor that ruins offerings from more popular brands like LaCroix and San Pellegrino. The brand is famous for its super-weird but somehow delicious white chocolate flavor that continues to stun water drinkers and scientists alike. Pros: It's an OG.Cons: It's an OG… so there's a good chance you've tried it and still like LaCroix better. We went on the hunt to find what the best brands and most delicious flavors of sparkling water are. But what are the best seltzer water brands and flavors? Rating: 9, Perrier overly lemony flavor, almost candy-like and sometimes tastes like a lemon cough drop.