Cool sites to check out: Madison is a football town. For a quieter pace, Gainey Ranch and McCormick Ranch win the day. The East Raleigh-South Park Historic District is a collection of African-American neighborhoods in the area. The town has a small town, close knit community feel, and the residents of Apex appreciate that. Developments to watch: Little Rock is building its first high school in 50 years, a massive, much-needed 40,000-square-foot building. Industrial spaces have been taken over by hotels and modern business spaces. Copyright © 2020 . To help job seekers, Zippia examined major and mid-sized cities to find the best cities to live and work […] There is great demand for more housing and housing options in the Apex neighborhood and presently, over 25 new neighborhoods are under construction. Or the Big Dam Bridge at the Arkansas River, the country’s largest exclusively pedestrian and bicycle bridge. Key Stats: Median household income: $89,644 Median rent price: $1,131 High school graduation rate: 95 percent Crimes per 100k: 1,237 Holly Springs isn’t just the safest place near Raleigh, it’s the third safest place in North Carolina.But this is just one reason Holly Springs is a great place to live—particularly if you have a family. The River Market has the culture, events and vigor of a far bigger city. When you hear the jazz, look around and see the other families enjoying the city, it’s easy to see that Little Rock is a city worth getting to know. His creativity was showcased at their regular beer pairing dinners and a continuously changing seasonal pub menu. Amarillo is one of the most business-friendly cities in the country, allowing it to compete above its weight for economic growth. Apex is a neighborhood considered one of the most convenient places in the Research Triangle to live. Scottsdale was once known as a safe suburb with world-class golf. ), but more young people are choosing to vacation there and even call it home. Chapel Hill is a neighborhood nestled in wooded Piedmont. Hot neighborhoods: Amarillo is a safe city, where it’s hard to go wrong picking a home.  Union Special Baguette with House Butter In 2020, The News & Observer’s Greg Cox once again awarded Plates Neighborhood Kitchen with a Best Restaurants medal and with a Four-Star review . Developments to watch: A massive development is planned for Old Town Scottsdale, bringing much-needed office space and residential housing to the area. Of course, there is always something going on at the River Market, from farmers markets to concerts and other events. Click here to sign up for our free newsletter. Population: 255,310 Median home price: $466,000 Median earnings: $49,876. Sioux Falls is also home to truly superb schools at all levels.  Roasted Brussels Sprouts & Cauliflower Raleigh is the largest city in the flourishing North Carolina Research Triangle. And it’s not done growing yet. More than that, Cedar Rapids is a city experiencing a renaissance. Others can leave you grappling with a stagnant career and struggling to get by. Not only is it surrounded by jaw-dropping nature, it also has an above-average amount of public nature space. In addition, David was the lead Chef of the team that created the menus at Trophy Pizza on Morgan Street and State of Beer, and most recently was Executive Chef of Mama Crow’s in the newly-formed Transfer Co. Food Hall.  Roast Turkey Breast and Leg Confit However, in the past decade, Little Rock has evolved from a nice, Southern town where your dollar goes further, to something a bit more hip. Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article. The city is also growing into its own, and the downtown has grown into something pretty neat, bordering on downright cool. Raleigh is a part of the Research Triangle. The giant, nighttime farmers market hosts live performances, street food and local vendors. The Research Triangle makes up the Census Bureau's Combined Statistical Area. For housing, The Ace is building more affordable units in Madison. Below are some gems of Sioux Falls. Grow your savings faster with banks offering rates that are significantly higher than the national average! The neighborhood is now filled with cafes, bars, and breweries such as the 11th Hour Brewing Co., a 20-barrel brewhouse. Of course, it’s not all beer and football. There’s Extreme Beer Fest, Omaha Beer Fest, Omaha Beer Week, Brew Haha Benefit for Habitat for Humanity and a plethora of local breweries to attest to the fact Omaha likes a good beer. Despite these, the city offers a strong job market and affordability that makes folks in the coastal cities weep with envy. Established in 1789, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill the nation's oldest public university is a prominent resident of Chapel Hill. Dallas is still far from Manhattan, but the city has been growing far denser and more urban in the past five years. Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, this year’s event is exclusively family-style takeout. Because of the University, its historical significance in American history and the natural beauty of the area, Chapel Hill is a very desirable community to live in.