Click here to subscribe for FREE to the Coaching Young Athletes newsletter and receive a complimentary mini e-book! Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. If for no other reason, it’ll be used as a recruiting tool in the future to say, ‘We gave our athletes a chance to be heard and here’s how they were effectively heard,’ and, ‘We paid attention to what they said.’ This will distinguish one university from another, how they respond to this. How do you plan to structure practices to maintain social distance guidelines? Dr. Weaver examines college athletics from the perspectives of university presidents and trustees, athletic conference organization, higher education scholars, and sports finance. Privacy Policy. Top Ten Questions to Ask a College Coach. As part of remaining eligible, athletes must demonstrate that they have medical insurance that covers their participation in college sports. Are there special room and board arrangements for athletes? questions. How much time per week is required for practice? A-players speak the truth and do it with grace and love. Questions to Ask College Coaches When talking with a college coach the first time, you won’t have time to ask all of these questions. If a revenue sport athlete gets sick, are they treated like every other student? 11. Does the school offer the academic program that interests me? The obvious thing is they have scholarships and it gives schools and coaches kind of unilateral control over them. Karen Weaver is a member of the Graduate Faculty in the Higher Education Division at the University of Pennsylvania. You're at the top of your game and schools are clamoring to recruit you to play on their teams. 17. Become a member and gain exclusive access to our database of over © 2020 Forbes Media LLC. Terms & Conditions COVID and the FAFSA: What Students, Parents Need to Know, 10 FAFSA Mistakes that Affect Financial Aid, Losing Financial Aid for Unsatisfactory Academic Progress, Five Classic Games to Play with Family, Friends, Scholarships for African-American Students. 6. A-players show me their character when answering this question. What is the policy for making up missed classes? What are the conditions for maintaining my funding? Coaching an athlete to understand their WHY is a skill and the greatest coaches are masters at asking questions that point an athlete in the right direction. The last question is very important, as no athletic department has publicly stated who will pay for the tests, so it’s important to ask. If you are considering playing soccer in college, we recommend you reach out to prospective programs as part of your college search. If someone in the facility gets sick, what are the plans for them? 1.5 million 14. “If it’s not safe for fans, it’s probably not safe for players,” said a Power 5 quarterback. C-players tell me what I want to hear. However, these questions can serve as examples for things you should be asking the coach and also taking into consideration when choosing which college to attend. I’m just ready for this to be behind us.”. Communicating with a college coach in person, over the phone or through email is a great opportunity to make a good impression, as well as to ask questions that will help determine whether the college is a good fit for you academically, athletically and socially. 15. How frequently? Questions to Ask College Coaches. (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images). Another tool is here. If they are not planning on introducing a ball at the beginning of practices, what’s the plan when they do? Be sure to check with coaches, administrators and current student athletes to get the answers you need. What is the level of athletic competition? What happens if I'm injured and unable to participate in my sport? She spent 14 years in the Big Ten Conference as a coach and administrator. The most important question you can ask is how your medical insurance will be used in any or all of these scenarios. My clients often ask what are the best questions to ask college coaches when they are going through the recruiting process. What is the level of academics? The number one volleyball player in Maldives, Shah answers some of our top questions as he closes the year after a hectic season of competitions and training. If the voluntary workouts are successfully managed, the next steps are to begin to prepare for away trips in the fall. Does it include testing for Covid-19? Be sure to check with coaches, administrators and current student athletes to get the answers you need. How will the staff maintain social distance during practices? The parents are the ones who have power in this situation, and they need to engage. Be sure to check with coaches, administrators and current student athletes to get the answers you need. What are the bus, air charter and hotel travel plans? By clicking, I agree to the How do they plan to manage drills where a ball is passed back and forth? Start asking questions; June 1 is here. I cover the intersection of college sports and higher education, mother, Monnette, on the field for Senior day before playing the New Mexico Lobos at Sonny Lubick Field at Hughes Stadium November 22, 2014. Our goal is to create interview questions and answers that will best prepare you for your interview, and that means we do not want you to memorize our answers.