Both termites and carpenter ants shed their wings and burrow into the wood when they reach a new location, leaving behind tell-tale piles of wings and small bits of sawdust-like particles around holes. The designs are typically customizable but simple enough to be factory-made and then transported to your site. Little non-issues if ignored can turn into large headaches over years. Under Home Type, consider checking Lots/Land. Not like air is coming thru wall, thanks again Vicki, It looks like my question did’t go thru. How long is too long? Either keep the items you already have, buy used ones, or save up for new stuff as you go along. Is the location prone to natural disasters? It’s important for a log home to have an overhanging roof to keep the rain and other elements away from the logs and the foundation. Home » Build » 15 Questions to Ask When Selecting a Home Builder 15 Questions to Ask When Selecting a Home Builder When planning a new home, people often are wrapped up in the exciting decisions, such as which floorplan suits their needs or what cabinet finishes they prefer. And there you have it, folks! If you notice bowing or the doors sticking when opening this may be the result of not enough space left for settling. Having a shallow overhang is not great because as the water runs off, it will hit the ground and splash back on the lower logs of the cabin. Once you land on a location, search for it on Zillow. You want to buy a log home, but, you don’t really know what you are looking for and how to check if the cabin is in good condition. If you’re moving for a job opportunity, you may be able to work out a relocation package with your new company to cover your costs. An even tinier option — the Stanley model from Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses, built on an 8-foot-by-2-foot trailer with a foldable front porch. We talk often of the perimeter of your home having proper drainage, and it is crucial that no logs are touching soil or grass. Staining is not as important on the interior as it is on the exterior, but I still recommend it so you should therefore also be checking for water and mold. Inspect stairs to ensure they are level and still properly connected to the home. if so, who with? That way, you won’t be tempted to steal the amount from your down payment. Log cabins. Sometimes, logs may look completely fine from the outside, but have hidden rot on the inside. All rights reserved. You should make sure that the gutters are in good condition and are clear from debris. Different stains and coatings are designed to protect log surfaces from UV damage, while some also prevent destruction from wood-loving insects and pests. Vertically installed plumbing pipes and rigid conduit may accumulate stress in two or more storied homes if not properly installed for shrinkage. Cabins might seem like a luxury, but with careful budgeting and lifestyle adjustments, you’ll find they can be an affordable way to acquire property and vacation time. If you suspect that logs are rotting, the only solution is to replace them which can be very costly. If that’s not possible, don’t put down any lower than 10%. How many owners has the cabin had? Be sure to research what damage-causing insect is in your area, as well as any tips on how to prevent infestations. With the benefit of porches and decks also comes a downside. I’m on a learning curve here. That's why many houses feature deep overhangs and eaves. Once you choose a home, you can use log home supplies to keep it protected from the elements and even more beautiful than the day you bought it.