Homemade potato skins are always a good idea, especially when you add fondue into the mix. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano.io, How to Make Old-Fashioned Christmas Eggnog, What to Make for an Intimate Christmas Dinner, Santa-Approved Christmas Cookie Decorating Ideas, Quick, Tasty Ground Beef Recipes You'll Love, 30 Instant Pot Recipes for Easy Weeknight Dinners, Where Veterans Can Eat for Free on Veterans Day. Expert advice to identify and eliminate household odors. When you've got a combination like cheese and potatoes, you know something good is waiting for you at the other end, and this versatile potato side dish is no exception. Advertise on MrFood.com Get the recipe for Sweet Potato Ricotta Pierogies ». When you need to get dinner ready fast, the humble spud comes through to round out any meal. Blend roasted potatoes and onions with chicken broth to create a creamy base for corn and bacon. Enjoy as a snack on their own or on the side, Jazz up potatoes for no-fuss entertaining, Create a tasty, spicy vegetarian dish with mushroom and curry in less than half an hour, Serve these potatoes as part of an Indian buffet, or as a side dish for grilled meat, Give your new potatoes a twist with this fabulous recipe, This freezable soup is a delicious way to use up a glut of courgettes, A classic combination of flavours for a midweek family meal. Four cups of half and half and a stick of unsalted butter. Our speedy recipes include sides and mains like soup and curry.

I have just downloaded it, but sure as can be,lots of recipies that i am definately going to try, we are potato fans. Is it really better than using a credit card? Sweet roasted fruit is the perfect complement to any holiday menu: try with ham, turkey or even roast beef. Here's the perfect answer, A simple vegetarian soup flavoured with spicy chipotle chilli paste and served with coriander and crème fraîche, Using yogurt makes this a healthy potato salad perfect for summer. ", "Quick and yummy. The combination of salty and sweet always makes for an incredibly addictive dessert, and that's exactly how we'd describe our Potato Chip Fudge (page 28). Presenting a new way to party together—virtually. Golden roasted sweet potatoes add a burst of earthy flavor to this super-easy crowdpleaser. You might never go back to mashed potatoes ever again after you try these easy roasted potatoes.

These fried favorites can be topped with applesauce, scallions, cracked pepper, or pretty much anything else you can think of. Make this recipe in just one pot, A simple, low-calorie spring main that uses the season's finest ingredients and is ready in just 20 minutes, A soup that's ready in 20 minutes - yes, it's that quick. Pro tip: Par boil spuds, smash and then roast for perfect potatoes with crispy edges and creamy centers. We especially love our breakfast potatoes recipe for Loaded Layered Hash Browns (page 1) 'cause it's easy to cut up and divide between everyone in the family, allowing you to take as big of a slice as you'd like! Our Chocolate Potato Cookies (page 27), for example, are a great talking point when you bring along a batch to your book club meeting.

You only need four pantry staples (plus a little salt and black pepper) to make these savory, golden-brown fritters. Trust us though—it's worth every single bite. I didn't have enough sour cream so I added some mayonnaise. Yukon golds are also great for any fried potato recipes (looking at you, French fries! Sweet potato recipes have plenty of nutrients for you too, which is part of what makes them such a wonderful addition to your dinner palate. Put a tasty potato side (or main dish!) Try out these unbelievable candy recipes with the free Quick & Easy Potato Recipes: 30 Scrumptious Recipes for Breakfast Potatoes, Potato Side Dishes & More. Press Room Unsubscribe Serve them as a party-starting app or as a side dish for dinner. It will be flagged for our moderators to take action. Nothing's better than a plain baked potato (said no one, ever). Crème fraîche is the creamy key to brightening up this summertime classic. Serve this casserole at a holiday brunch, or enjoy some breakfast-for-dinner tonight (and eat the leftovers tomorrow morning).

Get the recipe: Colombian Chicken and Potato Soup. You'll probably need an extra napkin (or five!) RELATED: The Easiest, Fastest Way to Microwave a Sweet Potato. Say goodbye to cluttered stove tops and mountains of dirty dishes and hello to the most comforting of sides with these flavor-packed mashed potatoes. Get the recipe for Spinach & Gruyère Potato Casserole ». Get the recipe for Sour Cream Mashed Potatoes ». They also pack plenty of serious health benefits, like potassium, vitamin C, and fiber. ", "Five stars for this method! Good Housekeeping participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. I had never put water in my eggs before, and they turned out so light and fluffy. We've incorporated the corned beef and eggs right into the recipe itself, so you don't have to make any other dishes. Why trust us? Later, mayo! Speaking of potlucks, don't you just get tired sometimes of always putting out the same ol' bowl of chips and dip? Quick potato recipes. The best potatoes for mashed potatoes, for example, are Yukon golds. Carbs on carbs are certainly a good thing. Thank you so much. Mashed potatoes without milk never tasted so good. 20-06-2019. Thank you for the recipe And when you really want to "wow" 'em, be sure to check out our selection of potato dessert recipes. Dip it in some sour cream, and you'll be eatin' good. Pork chops may be the center of this dish, but the roasted potatoes cooked with caramelized onions and caraway seeds are the real stars. Add eegs, breakfast sausage, bell pepper, onion, and a hit of hot sauce, and you've got peak comfort food perfection. I have not made this yet so I cannot rate it. You'll really get to stretch your cooking skills and branch out into a whole new kind of food.