Angelic Exaltation: Another casual favorite, this high-end enchantment, like its Guilds of Ravnica counterpart Divine Visitation, was never taken too seriously by the competitive crowd, but still grew a small group of passionate admirers. The former, a classic counterspell that originated in Invasion, was more relevant in the metagame, since control decks want to buy time and survive the assaults of aggro more than they want to deal random damage. In practice, the Dodger, however dodgy, remained a role player because of Torbran. Grief Factor: 4/10. Grief Factor: 10/10. I can list a lot of cards with similar effects, like Temur Ascendancy or Akroma’s Memorial, but being an enchantment means the ‘can’t be countered’ clause is going to be in effect even after assorted sweepers. In a similar way, it was also one of the enablers of the "defender matters" strategy, a second-rate build that lost all steam once Arcades, the Strategist rotated out last fall. or the mainset mastery will be also start new level zero?? Fixed! The Standard rotation is coming! To leave your comment please log into your Cardmarket account or create a new account. I’m especially pumped about tribal Goblins and/or Elves, maybe a more Knight-heavy Knights tribal deck, and Boros Mentor. And there is not a more natural candidate for a return visit than the yearly Standard Rotation. Magic is his favorite hobby, and he’s looking forward to seeing you all on Arena. Hydroid Krasis: Every good ramp deck needs a rewarding payoff, and this cycle's Simic had one of the best to ever grace a Magic battlefield. The next Standard will have to work extra hard to match their accomplishments. That’s why we expect Standard rotation to happen on September 24th, 2020. It's kind of ironic, given that Rhythm of the Wild's whole purpose was accelerating the aggression in the following turns, while protecting the aggressors themselves from being countered or removed at sorcery-speed before they could connect. GET YOUR VALUE. Of the fifteen decks I looked at, ten of them lose key cards and/or lose so many cards to rotation that they either are completely non-viable, will likely need cards from Ravnica Allegiance to make them viable again, or are likely to make it through to GRN Standard, but with a significant different list of cards. It stayed relevant and present in the metagame for as long as Orzhov Midrange was viable — which unfortunately was not too long. Unique Promo Card! All rights reserved. The card's a formidable hatebear that was designed to turn off, among other things, Urzatron, delve, cascade, Moxen, and Force of Will. Grief Factor: 9/10. Unbreakable Formation: The favored finishing move in White Aggro and related builds, second as mass pump only to Venerated Loxodon. I’ve replaced it with a single copy of Chromium, the Mutable (which gives the deck some fixed amount of inevitability), and three copies of Notion Rain, a new card from GRN that is one of the best (if not the best) single-shot card selection/draw spell in the new Guilds of Ravnica Standard. I’m replacing Gideon with cards that commonly show up in higher concentrations in less Planeswalker-focused versions of the deck, one each of Lyra Dawnbringer, Cleansing Nova, and Blink of an Eye. Buy your Ravnica Allegiance booster box from a participating WPN game store and get your own shiny promo card. Essence Capture: Only one deck has ever been interested in this harder-to-cast Essence Scatter variant, but that deck happened to be wildly successful for a while: Monoblue Tempo. © Copyright 2020 Sammelkartenmarkt GmbH und Co. KG. as the deck is leaning reactive, I feel like more removal for creatures, counters for spells (with counters reserved more for etb effects and reactive need) goes best. Do keep in mind that Cauldron Familiar and Zenith Flare are banned from this particular event. Spawn of Mayhem: A very good beater when cast for three mana and still playable at four, this Demon was a staple of Rakdos and more so Monoblack Aggro. We continue this journey of grief (or perhaps jubilation) by looking at the monocolored cards Standard is going to lose when Ravnica Allegiance rotates out.. Ravnica Allegiance White Losses