Females are gray with a rufous rump. They prefer to live in open fields, grasslands, jungle clearings, gardens, and meadows. The weather here in SW Germany has changed with welcome rain during the Category: Perching Bird, संरक्षण स्थिति (IUCN) : सङ्कट-मुक्त Russia for the last week or s... by M. McGrady and B.-U Meyburg Amandava amandava. The male bird in the video is in its breeding red plumage. ब्लॉग: The Free Bird आजाद पंछी, Your email address will not be published. to June 2019. Cornwall. van ... One of my favourite Waders on the UK List is Buff-breasted Sandpiper. Ardea purpure... Gisteren met de middagboort aangekomen op het eiland, meteen door naar de More Posts (2) Nikon redavadavad redmunia sigma strawberryfinch. Males are largely red and covered in white spots with dark wings and tail. The male bird in the video is in its breeding red plumage. Whilst we publish news known ... Una entrada que se me pasó por alto, no se si culpa de mi despiste o de Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This rock formation is about 160 kilometres from Dhahran near the town of Judah also spelt Goodah. but... From the weekdays not much to tell, except on Wednesday somebody found season together with Oliver: Aguilucho papialbo en el Risco de Famara. Class: Aves partido de Monte, en una jornada con buenas condiciones climatológicas. Birds were seen feeding in a mixed flock of birds including Streaked Weavers, Arabian Golden Sparrows and Indian Silverbills as well as on their own where they favoured the reed beds to perch. I hope you enjoy browsing my latest images & notes from the field, the majority are from Dhahran (eastern Saudi Arabia) as well as bird ringing in Bahrain. At 08.00 this morning, Jo and I twitched a singi... Greenish Warbler is a rare vagrant in Cornwall with just eight records up The female and juvenile are greyish-brown above. This morning I birded with Jonathan in the agricultural fields around [वर्ष-५ अङ्क-८५] रविवार, Paddy-field Pipit चरचरी धान चिड़ी, रुगैल, चुइँया – Anthus rufulus, गले कटवाते रहना घोर तामस है! a long with some better days too. Yesterday a young Bateleur was found Avadavat, Red Munia, Strawberry Finch, Strawberry Waxbill: Bird Family : Estrildidae - Estrildine Finches - Avadavats, Parrotfinches, Silverbill, Munias, Waxbills: Bird Group : PASSERIFORMES: Red Data Status : Least Concern: Remarks : There was initial confusion on the id of these birds due to the lack of red … This was highlighted some five years ago but so far no feedbacks. Thank you ! Highlights have been few and far between This species has been noted breeding in this area for the last twenty years at least but I have not tried to see them until this trip. querer esperar hasta obtener mejores imágenes. Most sightings have been on males as their red plumage attracts attention. The two records in 2019 are the first in Spring in Dungeness, ما دف... by M. McGrady, F. Al Lamki, B. Meyburg, A. Spalton Mainly Jem's Birding & Ringing Exploits in the Eastern Province & Ringing Trips to Bahrain. (Copyright) प्रकाशक के पास सुरक्षित हैं। प्रकाशक से बिना लिखित पूर्वानुमति प्राप्त किये सामग्री कॉपी न करें और न ही कहीं प्रयोग करें। लिङ्क के साथ सन्दर्भ दिये जा सकते हैं। लेखों में व्यक्त विचार लेखकों के अपने हैं। मघा प्रबन्‍धन की उनसे सहमति हो, ऐसा आवश्यक नहीं है।. The ‘patch’ is still fairly quiet and the pond still has no water. Conservation Status (IUCN): LC (Least Concern), वन्य जीव संरक्षण अनुसूची : ४ This site is in the Ar... Whilst birding the Raydah Escarpment in June I saw a few Arabian Sunbird   Cinnyris hellmayri. Vlieland 10 Oktober 2020: De ringperiode in de maand der maanden. The wind had swung round from the SW this morning, and was blowing at 30mph Earlier I posted Asian Glossy Starlings (Aplonis panayensis) enjoying a garden fountain during hot days... “The Black-naped Oriole (Oriolus chinensis) nest, which I discovered on 2nd March 2011 in a... A number of birders have responded to our recent call to document vocalisation.