Whether it is for VBS or Sunday School, the religious crafts kit includes self-adhesive foam pieces and a wooden craft stick so every child can make their own parting of the Red Sea image. Cool blog you’ve got there, girl! Comments (3). You need a T-shirt, a lace and a few bottles. I filled ours right to the top and then popped the lid on. I used this for a white elephant recycling themed gift exchange for my cub scout. Add some decorative tape, and viola, a fun swing set has been made! Sprinkle it with coke and wipe with a rag. Hopefully it works…. Seal the bottles in a bundle with tape. Hi Diana, I wonder if there was some residue in the bottle that caused bacteria to form, or somehow, while making it, bacteria entered the bottle. I used canola. Comments (14),
Attach the bottle to the shirt as I show. I absolutely love this idea! It’s up to you weather or not you want to risk the bag popping. Do not rush to throw them away - they can be useful. It’s simple science. Puff Pastry Recipe First prepare a cookies cutter: cut a strip from a plastic bottle and make a heart out of it. Do you leave any air space? Swing sets and fun play ground equipment are every child's dream, so do check out the budget friendly swings, slides and seesaws from tesco to add the real thing to your own backyard, and for some quiet time, building a fantasy park for little plastic people (ours are Playmobil) can be a fabulous creative activity. © 2020 OTC Direct, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Swirl it around. That might be the reason, Mae. This is just WAY cool! Comments (2), Reblog The Red Sea Craft - Moses parted the Red Sea for the Israelites to escape Pharaoh's armies. I’d give it a shot if I were you. Hi Jackie! 1/3 water, and then fill up with oil, Dorothy. I was also thinking about buying small plastic sea creatures and/or small shells to add a few in. And if you're looking for some more ten plagues ideas, so take a look at my ten plagues placards from last year, or any of the other crafts in my Passover archives. Thank you! Is it normal for it to look cloudy after a day? After the food coloring and water are shaken, the instructions say “Now, simply top up the bottle with oil.”. It was SO easy to make, and you likely already have everything you need on hand. I tried it with my toddler and he was completely amazed by the ocean in a bottle. var query = window.location.search.substring(1); I’m not sure where you are, but if you have it there (in your grocery stores), you could use those bottles. Help! The way the waves roll cascade inside the bottle is just beautiful, and watching the big blobs of colour swoosh and fall through the yellow oil is really fascinating. could the food colouring work with paint? If you want to explain the scientific details to your child, pop over and check out this article explaining why oil and water don’t mix. Just not quite sure on bottle types and if putting in sea shells would work. | You have to see it in action. You could give one a try and see how it turns out, April. You restore Thirst by drinking water from various sources. That could prevent the oil and water from behaving properly. Comments (4). On the other side of a coin, I’m already planning our Cub Scout Blue and Gold Banquet for next year. I’m so glad you love it. Does your cat uncoil toilet paper? I’m wondering what happened? | An assortment of colours would be awesome! but instead i used a small coke bottle and eyeballed it! Step 4: Make a plan regarding making the next piece of playground equipment together, and slowly add to your park until it is something which will make everyone proud. Park Sculptures Made By Kids To Encourage Recycling! I made this myself and the oil became cloudy after first use, it was pretty fresh. a sharp yarn needle or metal skewer for making holes in plastic tops, a bottle or two of red ketchup bottles with plastic labels that are easily removable, plastic bottle caps: either from regular soda bottles, wide mouthed juice bottles, or bottles like vinegar bottles, a thick needle or sharp item, such as a hat pin or those metal things you use to hold poultry together for roasting (employed by an adult only). If you'd like to make some frogs that you could actually throw around, for some added excitement, try my pom pom frogs from last year here.