They supplied six ‘standard’ and two ‘large’ teeth. I can remove any size tree stump, in any location and offer big discounts for the removal of multiple tree stumps. Overall I would say they cut faster (considerably), cost about the same as multi-tip and are easier to sharpen. Fast teeth changing – 1 minute per tooth. I am cutting faster than I could ever have imagined." At least 30%-50% faster cutting speed than factory designs. Please note that excessively worn or damaged teeth may not be able to be retipped. Not only did the Rhino cut a lot faster than the factory Green Teeth design but it made a such a difference that I’ve decided to keep my Toro." – Sweden, “I was contemplating selling my new Toro STX26 because the cutting speed was slow at best. Johan A. – Sweden, "I have ground for a month now and damaged only one tooth I have also recently been informed that the distribution of Rhino teeth and wheels will be through Rotatech (formerly Saturn Machine Knives). Contact us and try our demo machine. Strapping tape is recommended. I decided to try the Rhino wheel because of the money back policy. Tel. Contact Us. Home of the ultimate stump grinder cutter wheels, "Holy sh*t. Absolutely incredible. No cutter system today is machined to tighter tolerances and has the best combination of shear and strength with engineering to reduce the power needed to get stumps done fast. (27Nm) Includes 1 Tooth… I run a Predator 450 with the 27hp engine and a 6 point multi tip cutting wheel. ", We are proud to welcome Stump Removal Inc. of Addison, Texas as our latest Stump Grinder Manufacturer featuring the Rhino Cutting System. Some folks notice a 50% increase in productivity. Be the first to get special offers, tips and new products direct to your inbox! I would say the downward cutting is 2-3 faster though the slewing is probably about the same. These teeth cut like a Mad Dog". Office:  256-425-7844     Ted/Owner:  256-603-8150. – Peter F. – Canada. There are no comments yet, add one below. Price. Our stump grinding wheels are designed for best performance on the full range of stump grinding machines from small to large. Please note that excessively worn or damaged teeth may not be able to be retipped.Click this text to start editing. (360) 357-5116 The teeth are massive, to reduce broken teeth from exiting the wheel. Super smooth cutting because of high tolerance machined wheel and components. Working Climber DVD series 2, cutting and rigging. The rhino teeth have become more expensive - but they can be re-sharpened several times if you don't let them get too rounded. See the order form below for new and retipped Alpine Rhino teeth. Olympia, WA 98512  USA Pricing for New and Retipped Alpine Rhino Teeth, ---New Rhino standard teeth: $27.95 each, ---New Rhino XL size teeth: $32.95 each, ---Standard re-tipped Rhino teeth: $18.50, ---XL size re-tipped Rhino teeth: $21.50. for Commercial, Trade and Domestic Customers, I carryout tree stump removal in Berkshire, Hampshire, Wiltshire, Dorset and Oxfordshire but can travel further depending on the job, so please. If you fit all of your grinders with this wheel, you will be able to interchange all components (teeth, keeper blocks, bolts and nuts). Carbide Diameter: 1/2" Nut Size: 5/16" x 18 Wrench Size: 1/2" Recommended Torque Setting: 20 ft/lbs. We sell new and carbide retipped Rhino teeth giving you a sharp tooth time after time, Average turn around shipping is 24-48 hours. RHINO. I have plunge cut with it & it is amazing!" Operating cost is lowest in the Industry. – Oklahoma, “I have ground for a month now and damaged only one tooth using my 252. – Conneticut, “I have cut 150 stumps averaging 20” and only chipped 1 tooth” – Johan A. We found the debris was cleared better by keeping a pair of old multi-tips in the two inner-most positions and running Rhinos in the other four. Cut your annual teeth cost by  50% or more. Rhino wheels harness simplicity with a 4 and a 12 tooth design that experience less friction allowing you to get the most out of your machine. I've been grinding since 1989 and have never seen such a resilient tooth. They demolished all sorts of stumps including holly and oak very quickly indeed. Your message was sent successfully. There was virtually no damage except a small nick in one tooth, unbelievable!”, “We’ve cut all week on our Vermeer 252 and have not even rotated the teeth yet”, “I have ground for a month now and damaged only one tooth using my 252. We recommend shipping with tracking info. © 2020 Stump Grinders Edge        Office: 256-425-7844         Ted: 256-603-8150.