But there's one vegetable that's not invited. Then it's a lesson in cider making with the Chiddick Cider Circle. To buy his goose, he sells home made products at the local farmer's market. Here at River Cottage HQ, we are passionate about Pigs. This means that there won't be the beef steer Hugh was expecting and his plans for the "ultimate roasting chicken" have been set back.On the bright side, there's a successful day's work catching cuttlefish and shooting wood pigeon. Enjoy expertly prepared local, seasonal produce. After starting the project in his home, it is now based at the Windrush Millennium Centre on Alexandra Road and has gone from producing 100 litres of cider a year to over 3,000. He plans to turn them into a culinary HQ – a place he can use as an outlet for his home-grown food and for hosting dinners for customers. Hugh explains how the river and sea offer the free food - from crabs and cuttlefish to eels and pike. If there are missing episodes or banners (and they exist on TheTVDB ) … But Hugh has banished the pork pies, ham sandwiches and luncheon meat, requiring some creative, and high-scoring, efforts in the kitchen to win over the opposition. The River Cottage Glutton is launched. Lee teams up with Ruby for a bit of competitive cake cooking, before all three comedians go head-to-head in a sausage making challenge. "After a long summer of growing and harvesting, there's nothing better than stocking the larder for the winter siege," he says. Hugh entertains a group of fast food addicted city folk. Hugh has extracted 11kg of honey from his hive. Man Utd defender Aaron Wan-Bissaka limped off during the Champions League win over Istanbul Basaksehir at Old Trafford. So he has an eel trap made and puts it to use in the river.He also spends the day as a pheasant beater being paid with pheasant not money for his day's work. From plundering the sea for whelks to sell on the beach (then dressing up as a lobster for a fancy dress beer race) to recruiting a local biker to help him get asparagus from the ground to his punter’s plates in less than an hour, Hugh shows that it’s the feel good factor that makes local food special and keeps him coming back for more. But his pasta-heavy diet lacks imagination - pasta and ketchup, anyone? Hugh lives in cider country which presents a problem when it comes to one of his favourite fruits the pear. The episode featuring Moss Cider will be shown in episode … However, the wet weather means that wild mushrooms are on the menu. So Hugh whips up some delicious carb-loading dishes that provide plenty of flavour as well as energy. The home of River Cottage online with cookery courses, dining and bespoke events, River Cottage Kitchens and apprenticeship schemes. The programme offers advice and instruction on Hugh believes the way to make organic free range meat fit your budget, is to eat and enjoy cheap cuts rather than cheap meat. But in order to get incontrovertible proof he'll have to rely on Pumpkin Cam. Join Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and the team at Channel 4's popular series RIVER COTTAGE, as they head out into the British countryside in search of tasty wild mushrooms. This week Hugh is faced with a group of self-confessed ready meal addicts. The programme offers advice and instruction in preparing your own wild yeast 'starter' and using it to make sourdough; plus a great selection of recipes and ideas, from amazing parsnip and cheese loaf to perfect bread sauce and a summer pudding. Needless to say, this ends up in the pot, Hugh is invited to an Easter Blossom picnic. Robert, Lee and Ruby might be funny people, but sadly their cooking skills are equally laughable. From learning to make felt from his sheep’s fleeces to trying to revive traditions of tripe eating at the local farmers market, Hugh’s determined that no part of his precious live stock should ever go to waste. The programme offers advice and instruction in preparing your molluscs, crustaceans, and edible plants; plus a great selection of recipes and ideas. Taking part are Philip Glenister, from Ashes To Ashes, Keeley Hawes, and The Good Life's Felicity Kendal - the original poster girl for smallholders throughout the land. He pursuades Anthony to let him catch one and prove it's edible. After a summer of eating veg, Hugh is ready to celebrate Christmas with a renewed sense of the value of meat - but also the wonders of seasonal vegetables. The cider-marinated ham is ready, and Hugh goes in search of a fat goose to accompany it. Hugh has been waxing lyrical about the goodness of home grown grub for years and as summer starts in 2009, he's convinced the tide is starting to turn. Donny van de Beek hasn't started a Premier League match for Manchester United this season but he impressed in the Champions League on Tuesday night. Join the eccentric household of River Cottage in a special edition for the festive season as Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall prepares for Christmas Day.