Luke used zeo to describe his fervor to tell others about the great rescue mission of the Deliverer Jesus. 22:21; Ex. The other is a rebuke to all self-seeking and fleshly ostentation on the part of those to whom the LORD has entrusted any special ministry for the edification of His Church. Ten will attend Bible teaching, and one hundred Sunday preaching, to two or three who "in prayer steadfastly continue": but be thou of that two or three; for they prevail, and to them Christ reveals Himself; and they become channels of blessing to countless others (Ed: Lord teach us to pray! For example, imagine that you are a shift supervisor at a restaurant and you become a candidate for promotion to manager. If we have truly presented ourselves as a living sacrifices, we should be growing in these graces (and they can only be carried out by His empowering grace). It is one thing to say, "Christ is a Saviour"; it is quite another thing to say, "He is my Saviour and my Lord." So the question we all must ask ourselves is, am I treasuring stuff and laying up treasures of stuff on earth, or am I treasuring Christ and laying up treasures in heaven by generously giving to promote His kingdom purposes? Present circumstances cannot remove supernaturally enabled rejoicing because present circumstances cannot, in the long run, impact our future hope of the glory of God, which includes the redemption of our bodies (Ro 5:2-note, Ro 8:19-note, Ro 8:23-note), for this hope is built on nothing less than Jesus' blood and righteousness. (Romans 12 - The Expositor's Greek Testament). (Exodus 2:20; Judges 13:15; 19:17,20,21) In the New Testament hospitality is yet more markedly enjoined; and in the more civilized state of society which then prevailed, its exercise became more a social virtue than a necessity of patriarchal life. 4:9-11; 3 John 5:-8 See: Guest; Strangers. 1) swiftness of movement or action, haste, speed. Then we’ll look briefly at how to determine to whom you should give. I was from the outside and didn’t have all of the cultural and economic context. So in verse 13 Paul is saying. In other words when a believer's hope is fresh and full and focused on Jesus Who Himself is our Hope (1Ti 1:1), this believer's hope will be like a rain falling on a barren heart, bringing forth the fragrant flower of joy. in Greco-Roman literature and ins. At the judgment, hospitality will be one mark that we are Jesus’ true disciples (Matt. Philia is affectionate love between friends and storge refers to the tender affection among family members. (2) Evaluate how you’re doing at hospitality. 25:34-35). But our protection is not to do evil to others in self-defense, nor to be worn down into despair, but to “overcome evil with good” (Rom. By remembering the promise in prayer, hope will be sustained and then joy is sure to spring from it.” An open Bible and a bowed head create a powerful atmosphere in which God’s will is brought to bear upon the distresses of life. Charles Haddon Spurgeon said: By perseverance the snail reached the ark. Amplified: Contribute to the needs of God's people [sharing in the necessities of the saints]; pursue the practice of hospitality. Debt goes hand in hand with greed, because it feeds off greed by giving us what we want now, rather than making us wait for it or work for it in advance. Storge is “an attachment sealed by nature and blood ties,” and is especially represented by a mother’s innate love, benevolence, and devotion toward her children. Quite a contrast with the world's way (Torrey's Topic Selfishness) and therefore a mindset or lifestyle that serves as "salty salt" (cp Mt 5:13-note) in a world that is given over to blatant selfishness in these last days (2Ti 3:2-note - note what "heads the list" of evil attitudes and actions! Lord (2962) (kurios) means lord, master, owner or the one who has absolute ownership power. More Than Socializing - Church can be a great place to get caught up on the latest football games, golf scores, family news, health concerns, or just to visit with friends. Are you merely socializing? He writes (Php 3:1), “Finally, my brethren, rejoice in the Lord. (Calvin's Commentary), Now, if my heart is filled with a calm gladness because my eye is fixed upon a celestial hope, then both the passive and active sides of Christian ‘patience’ will be realised by me. You may not agree with all of it, but he will make you think! This requires discipline, of course. The person asking the question said no, they were ashamed of the issue and didn’t talk about it together. You cannot make yourselves glad by, as it were, laying hold of yourselves and lifting yourselves into gladness, but you can rule the direction of your thoughts, and so can bring around you summer in the midst of winter, by steadily contemplating the facts—and they are present facts, though we talk about them collectively as ‘the future’—the facts on which all Christian gladness ought to be based. A commentary on Romans 12-13 by C. E. B. Cranfield, 1965, Oliver & Boyd edition, in English As His slaves we are allow our will to be "swallowed up" in His perfect will. Honey, We Need To Talk. Paul says that we should contribute to the needs of the saints (fellow Christians), but even that is not easy, since the saints may be needy for a number of reasons. (Eerdmans). 12:12; 13:6; Col. 4:2. Don’t think you have the wisdom, the moral stature, the breadth of knowledge, or anything else needed to discern God’s will by yourself. In the patriarchal ages we may take Abraham's example as the most fitting, as we have of it the fullest account. These we are to love, and show our love to, not only by directing and advising, but, if need be, by giving them food and raiment, and lodging them: this is a duty incumbent on ministers of the Gospel, and on private members, and on all who are in any capacity to perform it; and which should be done cheerfully, and without grudging; and what persons should use, inure, and give themselves to, yea, should seek after, and call to objects of it; as Abraham and Lot did, who thereby entertained angels unawares, and is what the apostle here means by pursuing and following after it. To fail here is to be worse than an unbeliever, as we’ve seen. Others render antcipating and excelling. Romans 13:13 The night is almost gone, and the day is near. Can that faith save him? Mark 6:25 Immediately she came in a hurry to the king and asked, saying, "I want you to give me at once the head of John the Baptist on a platter.". Prophecy—”to proclaim a divinely imparted message” or “to bring light to something that is hidden”[2]—is the ability to apply God’s word to dark situations, something desperately needed in every workplace. 58:6, 7; Matt. Paul's list of commands describes a lifestyle of setting ourselves aside. The Oriental respect for the covenant of bread and salt, or salt alone, certainly sprang from the high regard in which hospitality was held. We bear the imprint of the Potter’s hand. To glorify our gracious God, we need to be motivated by His mercies to be generous and hospitable. 12:6a) he notes, and when he names a few of them, we see that they are forms of work: prophecy, ministry, teaching, exhortation, generosity, leadership, and compassion. “Joy and patience are curative essences,” he said, “but they must be dropped into a glass full of supplication, and then they will be wonderfully efficient.”. The fervent life of Christ's servant is lived more like Apollos and less like Casper Milquetoast." Be "hot" for Jesus...just don't burn everyone up everyone around you. Second, biblical joy is not a matter of happy circumstances. All others who believe, This is fitting because the entire letter revolves around a problem in the church—the conflict between Jewish and Gentile believers. 13 For I bear him witness that he has a deep concern for you and for those who are in Laodicea and Hierapolis. We cannot drag our way through life, moaning and groaning. goggusmos- as in Php 2:14-note).