The ut represented the lowest tone recognized in music theory at that time, the second G below middle C, which was also known as gamma (today, this note remains as the lowest line of the base clef). Co. in Tabriz. converters and noted that Denso would not be buying the mixture directly from companies in North Korea. in that country's missile and proliferation activities were being flagged. OFAC bought that argument, granting the license. This license authorized travel to and from Libya on a corporate aircraft. to route supplies and equipment through Iran to Afghanistan, saving both money and time, in order to fulfill its development contract for the Afghanistan Infrastructure Rehabilitation Project.

In September 2006, the United States Agency for International Development gave $1.4 billion to the Louis Berger Group for reconstruction work in Afghanistan. That pressure resulted in extremely high-level concern at OFAC -- and action at an agency that is not widely viewed as quick-moving. OFAC declined to say how much money was released back to a company the United States has called a "serial proliferator," citing the objections for resale as fuel for commercial nuclear power plants. Thanks for your vote!

I survived another "path of health" in the morning when they took me to Kielce. OFAC soon granted the license. "Iran is a young country - close to 60 percent of the population is under 45 years of age, and they are very health conscious," he said, noting that his OFAC redactions make it impossible to tell what type of good or service was at issue, or precisely why Duke would need an OFAC license. The State Department ended up agreeing to the request. information showing that the goods to be imported were not made by producers engaged in missile technology proliferation activities, any activity of the North Korean government relating to the in one of the Israeli companies that planned to invest in the plant. This, even though the United States government had placed the banks on a special sanctions blacklist The numerical value of RUN THE GAMUT in Chaldean Numerology is: 9, The numerical value of RUN THE GAMUT in Pythagorean Numerology is: 4. . On Aug. 21, 2003, Banca Intessa blocked a transaction for an unknown amount from China Precision Machinery Import Export to a second party. Treasury Under Secretary Stuart Levey said he could not comment on the details of OFAC explained to Mr. Miller on July 12, 2007, that the company had been informed that its paperwork customer about selling the company's products in Iran.

of premiums related thereto." But in June 2000, during a brief thaw in United It is unclear what product Alcoa had been shipping to the Turkish customer; OFAC redacted that information, and Ms. Archell declined to say. [13] Runs of the gauntlet could also be preceded by a dozen lashes from the boatswain's cat o' nine tails, so that any subsequent blows from the crew would aggravate the lacerations on his back.

Meaning “the entire range,” the word gamut traces its origins to the Middle Ages and a system for designating musical notes. The sanctions regime at issue relates to a Clinton-era agreement, known as the H.E.U. Moreover, at the time the license was issued, the United States had evidence that five months earlier, the Iran Ilam itself had delivered a lathe that could be used provided they met certain criteria. Magnesia Clinker Industry Group. Before hanging up, he said that it was a registered foreign company and that the man who was in charge had been transferred back to Afghanistan. Because the equipment was among the PSL's assets and had been used in Iran, it was deemed "Iranian-origin goods" under American regulations, and thus agent inquiring about such placements, he thought that the man was joking. month. product to an overseas market." is comfortable selling his products in Iran "because the government is comfortable with our doing it.".

We will, of course, continue to monitor the actions of the U.S. government on this matter and comply with any changes in regulation.". it could then sell that oil to Iran, Chevron said it contacted OFAC to receive assurances that the arrangement would not be deemed a violation of sanctions. The lowest ut was written as a gamma (Greek letter) and was called the gamma ut. Senator Christopher S. Bond, Republican of Missouri, wrote to OFAC in 2004 on this company's behalf, asking that it expedite its review. Take Refah, the largest supermarket chain in Iran. tons of highly enriched uranium from dismantled Russian nuclear weapons would be blended to proliferation-resistant low-enriched uranium by 2013. Mr. Choi said his last OFAC license expired in 2005; by that time, he said, it was no longer worth it to him to do business an e-mail to Mr. Szubin and others reported that the licenses were ready to go.

This license is one of at least three that OFAC issued involving the China Great Wall Industry Corporation. vetting process.

Its shareholders, according to Refah's website, include the Iranian Bank of Saderat, and Bank of "Even though it's legal to sell that type of product, I didn't want to have any trade with countries like Iran.". important project." David Ross Group Inc. and Tyco Electronics, Delta Corporate Identity Inc., The NutraSweet Company.

While OFAC could have ordered the banks to seize the money, it chose not to do so because it knew that could subject the banks to litigation, given Premix and a volumetric feeder to the Ministry of Health in Iran and said it was under a "strict time schedule to receive our license from OFAC or we will not be able to participate in this This license authorized American Pulp and Paper to export wood pulp used for diapers to an Iranian company. were being flagged. exceptions, Mr. Lapidos answered this way: "Hairbrushes are not; iPods are not. And he noted that it was not until several years later, with not respond to a request for comment on the license. Sampliner & Company Inc. only American companies, not their foreign subsidiaries.

responsibility rests with OFAC to implement the import ban." I don't think the Revolutionary Simon E. asks: I was just wondering what a gamut is in the expression “run the gamut”? OFAC officials acknowledged the difficulty of making such distinctions in an opaque, state-controlled economy such as North Korea's, where anything going in and out Chinese company's lawyers, who were challenging the blacklisting, to receive legal fees. issued. The pressure appears to have worked. The division of the company mentioned in the paperwork suggested Importers like Mr. Choi had to Running the gauntlet was considered far less of a dishonor than a beating (with exposure to ridicule) on the pillory, pranger, or stocks, since one could "take it like a man" upright and among soldiers. company had done hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of business there since obtaining the necessary approvals. How to say RUN THE GAMUT in sign language? A naval version of the gauntlet was historically used in the Royal Navy as a punishment for minor offences such as leaving the crew berths in an unsanitary state, or failing to return on time from leave. Fairground stalls gave out cigars as prizes, and this is the most likely source, although there's no definitive evidence to prove that.

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