0000209123 00000 n xref /Type /Catalog Keeping this in mind, the State Bank of India life insurance has designed a pension plan specifically to help the working class to secure a good and regular source of income. %%EOF To extend the accumulation period or defer the vesting date, provided you are below age of 55 years on vesting. Make sure your future is as comfortable as your present with the SBI Life – Saral Pension. About SBI Life Saral Pension A deferred pension plan wherein one receives annuity after a specific period of time Offers death cover during the deferment period Guaranteed addition bonus paid at 2.5% of Sum assured is paid for first 3 years and 2.75% of sum assured for next two years. 0000219061 00000 n Any individual aged between 18-65 years can purchase SBI Life Saral Pension Plan. Option to extend the accumulation period. 0000170776 00000 n Calculate your term insurance premiums online with SBI Life Need Analysis Planner. The prices of the most expensive vehicles in the world are in millions of dollars. 0000128879 00000 n Option to avail additional life cover through rider options. From 6th year onwards bonuses are accumulated till the end of the policy term. %PDF-1.5 REGISTERED & CORPORATE OFFICE: SBI Life Insurance Co. Ltd, Natraj, M.V. By clicking on the “SUBMIT” button, I accept the Terms & Conditions and authorise OneInsure representatives to contact me via Call / SMS / Email. If you are looking for a good retirement plan with a regular income, this plan is a good investment. It provides security, reliability, and protection through retirement corpus, reversionary bonuses, and optional rider. 4 tips to save money in times of Corona Virus. 41 0 obj Oneinsure.com is powered by Robinhood Insurance Broker Private Limited, IRDA Direct Broker License: IRDA/DB 407/08 | Code: 386 | Valid till : 13/11/2023 | CIN ‐ U67200MH2008PTC180492, Principal Officer : Ajay Bansal (Contact No. They are discussed below. 0000008369 00000 n 116 0 obj Enter your number below. Grace Period - You are entitled to a grace period of 30 days from the premium due date for yearly/half-yearly premium and 15 days for monthly premium. /Length 627 Features of SBI Life Saral Pension Plan. To utilize the entire proceeds to purchase a Single premium deferred pension product. A OneInsure representative 0000127800 00000 n 0000207181 00000 n Guaranteed Simple Reversionary Bonuses for first 5 years for inforce policies; @ 2.50% for first three years and @2.75% for next two years. 0000216798 00000 n SBI Pension Plans. /Names << /Dests 33 0 R>> The SBI Life Saral Pension Plan is an individual participating non-linked traditional pension plan which comes with Guaranteed Bonuses for the first 5 years and Simple Reversionary Bonus thereafter throughout the policy term, if any. 0000226505 00000 n The nominee will have the following options: Get proceeds as lump sum and use them for buying an annuity. endobj Why should you buy SBI Life Saral Pension plan? Premiums are paid during the policy term. >> Note: All product related information has been sourced from the official website of SBI Life. By pursuing your navigation on our website, you allow us to place cookies on your device. 0000132815 00000 n About SBI Life Saral Pension. This number appears incorrect / invalid. An additional prefered Term rider is available in SBI Life Saral Pension plan. Utilize the entire proceeds of the policy or part thereof for purchasing an annuity at the then prevailing rate. 0000000017 00000 n The nominee can collect the proceeds in one of the following two ways: I hereby authorize OneInsure to communicate with me on the given number for my Insurance needs. Entitled to receive simple reversionary bonuses throughout the policy term. 0000015078 00000 n Get ₹. Know Claim Process of SBI Life Saral Pension. This Page is BLOCKED as it is using Iframes. CIN: U66000MH2013PTC243810. 40 77 As you already know, the fact of paying with a credit card can bring you some benefit, such as having insurance for certain circumstances, but… Read More »What insurance does my credit card include? 0000015116 00000 n Saral Pension Plan of SBI Life is a pension plan for individuals to secure their life after retirement. Policy can be revived within three years of the due date of the first unpaid premium, Regular premium: Surrender will be provided after 3 years provided the premiums are paid for the said period, Single premium: Surrender will be provided after 1 year provided the premiums are paid for the said period, Customers are eligible for Income Tax benefits as per the IT Act, 1961. 0000011078 00000 n 0000127358 00000 n SBI Life – Saral Pension Plan. 0000007483 00000 n 0000225705 00000 n They will calculate it from the date of commencement of risk or from the date of revival of policy. Once the deferred policy term is over the individual can choose to take maturity benefit of approximately Rs 845000 in either of the following options: If the insured dies during the policy term, then the nominee receives total premiums paid accumulated at 0.25% compounded annually + plus accrued bonus or 105% of the total premiums paid. SBI Life Insurance Company is a joint venture between State Bank of India and BNP Paribas Assurance, a French Multinational Bank. Coverfox Insurance Broking Pvt. A sum assured carries a guaranteed interest rate of at least 0.25% p.a compounded annually on the total premiums. Log in. 0000017969 00000 n 0000129778 00000 n Top performing investment plans, better than mutual funds, Copyright © 2020 coverfox.com. Saral Pension Plan by SBI Life Insurance is a traditional deferred pension plan which helps to accumulate a retirement corpus over the duration of the pension plan.