“You just lay out a circle with wood blocks and you just wind the thing up, layer by layer. Tradition says wood needs to sit for 6-12 months in order to have it properly dried but with the Scandinavian way, your wood stack can dry in 3-6 months. We recently added the Gauge Firewood Storage Box to our furniture collection. “I build up to the point where I can get out safely, then build it from the outside so you’re just building around it. You get the professional woodcutters coming up saying ‘that’s awesome mate’. For example, if a big, turn-of-the-last-century villa in a damp valley with high rainfall has two wood burners, they’re probably not for show. You’ve got this airflow, you can stand on the other side of the wood in the wind and you can feel the air coming through it, so it dries really efficiently.” Then all the awkward bits, the gnarly-shaped bits, you just chuck in the middle as you go so it’s nice and stable. What: 1.2ha … But Jason’s favourite book is about chopping, stacking and drying firewood. Norwegian rounds are a space-saving wood stacking technique that will keep your wood dry, author Lars Mytting shares the secret with an extract from his book Norwegian Wood – Chopping, Stacking and Drying Wood the Scandinavian Way. Now I’ve got a round and it’s sitting in half of that space but it’s neatly packed and it probably contains more wood. Canadians like their wood stacks straight and square, eh. That was the point of moving somewhere rural, it’s something completely different to the office job. • Pallets on the base keep the bottom dry. He realised it was time to get serious about firewood. When the wetter weather sets in, you can protect your pile with a 12 ft tarp. Every day you go down the drive and see it, it’s that sense of achievement from building something. “Lars says in the book it has to be loose enough that a mouse can run through the middle. Jason’s weekends are now very different to his city days. You will want to go out and collect, chop, and stack wood while reading, even if … For most people it’s a pretty dull topic. Placing wood in a radius pattern is the best way to stack firewood because it allows the wood to dry more rapidly. 5 REASONS JASON LOVES ROUNDS A friend who worked in forestry said ‘I’ll help you with the first one’. I deal with consultancy projects and there’s a lot of stuff where you can’t really see the result, so it’s really quite nice to get out of the office and think ‘alright, I’ve got to chop some wood, and then build it’. • They’re free-standing, no need to lean wood against anything, meaning it can be put anywhere and isn’t confined to leaning on a wall. Round 1 was a bit too small and as the wood seasoned and shrank, it has had small partial collapses. “ When you’re building you have to keep standing back and looking at it and going round and making sure it’s in a circle, but that’s half the fun.”. Check it out as an alternative to both stacking styles! Jason Price and Corporate Dog Bella are very proud of their Norwegian rounds. “They’re the only heat source… it’s no longer a luxury feature, it’s actually my primary source of heating the house.”. Layer the last circle at an angle, including - if possible - pieces across the centre of the pile. So good firewood stacking means you get drier, seasoned wood and a happier warmed home.Though our fellow Canadians may hate us for saying this, our vote goes to the Scandinavians. $44.95, The secrets to stacking wood like a Norwegian, Contact Us  / Newsletter / Advertise With Us  / Subscribe, A guide to growing gooseberries in New Zealand, Recipe: Ruth Pretty’s Raspberry Jelly-Tip Pavlova Roll (GF), Inside Paloma Gardens: Meet the couple who spent 45 years planting their tropical garden in Fordell, How to recognise and treat respiratory problems in chickens. Jason admits when he moved from the hilly, leafy suburbs of Wellington to his dream block a couple of years ago, he had a lot to learn. Jason’s three masterpiece rounds sit on a corner of unused land as you come up his driveway. Keep stacking layers around the perimeter of the circle. Tips on this best way to stack firewood: Pick the sunniest spot on your property with good air circulation. The round stack is an outstanding form of woodpile once widely used in Norway but now almost obsolete. “You could get two, two and a half years’ wood supply in your city garage; you could buy wet wood for next year, buy the cheapest wood one year ahead, and then dry it yourself.”. It won’t sue for divorce. But what’s quite engaging about the book is he’s focused on the stories of individual people. When you have the huge volumes of firewood that come out of the remains of three 20m-high gum trees, you need to stack it and dry it. “The mechanism for building it is you get some pallets, four small pallets and you make a big square.